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Matt Damon's TPR Mid-West Photo Trip Report!

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Well, today was the first official day of the Theme Park Review Mid-West trip! First off everyone on the trip seems great, and even in a small park like Coney Island it's possible to have an absolute blast.


There was a fair number of us who came into Cincinnati one night early and stayed at the Microtel Inn. It was decided ahead of time that we would go to Hooters for dinner since it would be a good American experience for all us internationals. To say the least it was one heck of an interesting night.


Anyways...onto the pictures.


Thumbs up approved!


Can't wait for Holiday World tomorrow!




Don't be fooled...this small thing will still kick your arse


Giant Slide shenanigans


Are we having fun yet?


Hooters crew in the Mini Ice Cream Parlour


A Rock-O-Plane. By far the most insane thing I've ever been on.


The only credit, Python. More on that later...


To say the least the water park was packed. 95+ degrees will do that.


The Hooters group!

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Day Two! The internet continues to not agree with me...so I'll try this again!


Holiday World was amazing! Voyage absolutely blew me away, my #1 coaster steel or wood. At night it was absolutely incredible, you could hardly see the track and couldn't see some of the elements AT ALL! Raven was great too, and Legend was fairly decent, although way too intense on the laterals.


We had some awesome perks today too! An early morning walk back to Voyage via the woods of Raven, and also a photo tour of Voyage later on in the afternoon.


Anyways, it's 2am and I still have ANOTHER update to do...so that's all for now. Onto the pictures!


Holiday World gets a big thumbs up!


The Hooters group with Holidog!


Holiday World having a Cedar Fair moment.


We got lots of waves


signature shots!


photo courtesy: Thomas Dekker


Onto Voyage...what you've been waiting for!


cookie brownie sandwich!


the free drinks came in VERY handy today! 95+ degrees...ugh




"DOWN syndrome! Bad boy!"


photo courtesy: AJ De Jagers


Gobble gobble gobble!


photo courtesy: Erik Penders


Through the tracks!


Raven across the lake during the walk back


TPR invades Holiday World!

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Day Three...Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom and Beech Bend!


Another amazing day with the TPR gang! This trip is beyond incredible. If you are even debating about doing a TPR group trip...just go, it's impossible not to have a blast.


SFKK was great! The park is not your "normal" Six Flags park. The staff was beyond friendly, operations were good, and they went above and beyond in every respect for our group! We had ERT in the morning on Chang, Twisted Twins, Greezed Lightning, T2, Deluge and the rest of the water park, even the kiddie coaster was open exclusively for TPR for awhile! I quite enjoyed Chang (credit #50!), found it to be really forceful, which is perfect! Deluge was incredible too! Deluge was great too, one of my favourite water slides, the LIMs are wicked. Kentucky Kingdom is definitely worth a visit!


Beech Bend is a pretty random park. Very old school, seems like a group of rides set up in a field. The looping star was pretty crazy, better than expected. The Wild Mouse was rough and lacked spinning, and the kiddie coaster was, well, a kiddie coaster. Kentucky Rumbler was awesome! It now sits in my #2 spot for woodies behind Voyage. The nighttime ERT was wicked! Nothing like getting on 10 rides in an hour!


Picture time...


Air Time!


Watch out for more tomorrow!


Typical Robb and Elissa!


"Special" credits number 100 for Div (left) and number 50 for Drooler (right).


Way to make it a kiddie coaster guys!


Winning a giant slide race is like being the smartest kid with down syndrome. Either way, you're still "special".


...Matt Damon. ;)


The ride-ops really love their jobs here!


Time to move over to Beech Bend and Kentucky Rumbler!


More statue degradation...


Deluge! Definitely a one of a kind, have to ride it, kinda things.




Dutch Simpsons!


The proposal! She accepted!


watch for video of this from Robb...


photo courtesy: Anthony Howell


Kinda speaks for itself


TPR with a giant cock!


Twisted mess of steel


Chang! Better than Mantis...or Mantits!


TPR at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom!


Photo courtesy: Erik Penders

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Day Four...Indiana Beach!


We had a LONG time at Indiana Beach today. Had more than enough time to do all the coasters, and all the rides. It's a really unique park in North America. It's right on a lake and the rides are stacked on top of each other just like Blackpool Pleasure Beach.


Corn Ball Express was filled with ejector air, Hoosier Hurricane was a bit rough and not really my taste. Galaxi was better than expected, didn't actually re-adjust my spine. Tig'rr was pretty cool too, we tried our best to earn a rollback on it, but we just barely failed on that. Lost Coaster was beyond wtf.


Overall a good time was had, just could have left the park a couple hours earlier.


Onto the pictures...


The Hooters crew finishes off another day on the Mid-West tour!


Another idea of how packed everything is


Absolutely insane...you have no idea what's going on!


*so close* to a rollback!


Nadia gets the giant hot dog credit!


Hooters representin


Reminds me of the famous river at Canadas Wonderland


Another splashdown


The dutch boys riding off into the sunset


What park is complete without a ferris wheel?


"nice kitty"...too easy.


Don't fall out!


The view from the suspension bridge leading to the park.


Time for TPR to take over another small park!

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Great TR. Looks like y'all are having a great time! What is funny is that you are from Toronto and I just got back from there. Visited Canada's Wonderland while I was there. Trip report (not as good as yours...): http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=37830&highlight=


Thank you for sharing your pictures! Love the hot dog one! (Still laughing....)

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Great TR. Good to see Canaba is still represented well on these TPR trips.


I was there for IB, and will also be at Kennywood this saturday.

As will we!


Great TR so far I believe I have a much more vested interest in reading everyone's different TRs from this trip than the Spain trip for some reason.

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^ Larry, are you still mad at me for not showing them to you before we left Spain??


I told you, next time we see each other, I will let you see the super hot and sexy Spain bikini pics!!!!


Peace, Big Mike


But some Nadia bikini pics would be nice to see.

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^ No Nadia bikini pics coming from me.


Anyways, it's raining like crazy here at Cedar Point right now, so I finally have a minute to post an update. I'm putting days 5 and 6 together since they were split up into doing different things around the Dells area.


Mt. Olympus was pretty good, but a bit of a disappointment for me actually, I expected alot more out of it. The go-karts were good, but the coasters were a bit of a let down. The SCAD tower next door absolutely blew everything away. The drop on it seems SO long...it just keeps going.


Timber Falls was neat. The skyscraper was awesome and Avalanche was pretty good too, but over hyped in my opinion. We were really lucky to get to ride it though! The ride ops did a kick ass job of rigging the ride up for us to get it running after it had been struck by lightning!


Onto the pics...


More of our "special" crew!


Hooters crew representin'


Stairway to Heaven?


Pegasus excited Andrew so much he wet himself!


The two best things at Mt. O


Gerry rigging the ride to make it run just for us!




Did I just ride a scad tower or have sex?


Tough to tell.


look out below!


Casey and Robb crammed into the toboggan coaster!


Watch for the hilarious video in the future


The toboggan of death!


*actually not that bad of a ride*


We were given a "sneak preview" of Meteor at Little A-Merrick-A before it officially opened!

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