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Trip Report - Canada's Wonderland - New Construction!

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A friend of mine and I are staying in Toronto, Canada for a week and I decided to include a trip to Canada's Wonderland as part of the week. I had not been in a long time and the park is still very nice.


I am glad to see Cedar Fair starting to change over some of the uniforms. The new paint jobs on the coasters were excellent. A lot of the lines moved fast and the park attendants were knowledgeable and friendly.


So now that I have rambled enough, lets get on to the TR Photos, shall we?


Lines everywhere!


The entrance. The long lines you see are security lines, they moved slow.


We begin as everyone does in the Parking Lot

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Cedar Fair must be starting something new. We kept seeing these "Crew of Excellence" pennants hanging up on certain rides. We could not figure out what the colors meant, but the more pennants posted on a ride the faster the line moved! The Vortex had the most pennants of any ride in the park and I swear we never stood still in the line until we chose which row to sit in!


pretty colors!


Blue one

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Cedar Fair must be starting something new. We kept seeing these "Crew of Excellence" pennants hanging up on certain rides. We could not figure out what the colors meant, but the more pennants posted on a ride the faster the line moved! The Vortex had the most pennants of any ride in the park and I swear we never stood still in the line until we chose which row to sit in!


Actually Paramount has been doing that at Wonderland for at least a couple years now.


I think it's just a Canada's Wonderland thing.

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So here is the rest of the story....and on to the coasters.


The Bat rocked as always.


The Fly was good fun, gotta love those wild mouse rides.


Thunder Run was cool and refreshing to get us out of the 100 degree heat.


Vortex was by far my favorite, smooth and fast like this type of ride should be, unlike Iron "snoozer" Dragon at CP.


Skyrider is good but took forever to get on as to the nature of checking the restraint system. The ride op was hot!


The Italian Job was great fun and the fire effects were working. The beginning took my by suprize! The "cars" that you ride in are Cooper Minis and the doors even open (like a car door). I was really impressed that when you go through "traffic" it really felt like a car swerving.


Canadian Minebuster made me laugh (look through the pictures you will see why) and was much smoother than Wild Beast. I do agree with an earlier posting that the new track takes out some airtime.


Wild Beast was like riding on square wheels. I physically hurt when I got off the thing and I rode in the 3rd car. Ouch!


Tomb Raider was my first Zamperla and what a cool ride. Fun and fast zooming around on your stomach. I also enjoyed watching how it loaded people without ever really stopping. As a side note, this ride should be called the butt view ride. The ride op gets to stare at everyone's butt all day when they get up into the ride!


Top Gun was a typical Vekoma SLC complete with the headbanging through the corkscrew, but still fast and fun.





Sky rider


Entrance to the torture chamber


Boar Butt anyone?

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More coaster pictures...


The Bat


The Bat


Secure my what? This was graffitti on the inside of the train on the Canadian Minebuster. I laughed so hard!


Notice where the red arrows are pointing in the middle picture! This was on Skyrider and made me laugh.

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More pictures (sorry to post in mulitple posts like this, but the internet connection in my hotel times out if I attach more than 7 or so pictures).


Tomb Raider


Tomb Raider


More themeing


Nice themeing but what does the actual ride have to do with Tomb Raider?


Tomb Raider


Track goodness...


People waiting for the ride to the top. Notice the cute guy all the way to the left.


Tomb Raider


Flying around a curve...

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More pictures and I move onto flat rides...


And he was nice enough to try to take my picture while it was moving, I am under the black arrow.


My friend did not want to ride, so I had him take pictures instead. I am under the white arrow.


Its really pretty.


Mondail goodness.


This ride rocked and it was my first Mondail. I just wish it did 3 full swings instead of one.


Mine train...

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More flat rides and miscellaneous stuff...




Love this ride! Shockwave.


The Oribiter...I mean Puke Machine...


Spinning Ride


This must be the new thing besides on ride pictures. On Vortex and Top Gun they actually video tape (with sound) you on the ride and you can purchase the DVD!


The only thing is that there are places where the waterfalls are no more, see the arrow. There used to be waterfalls there...


The entrance is beautiful with the waterfalls and gardens.


This is what $13.50 can buy you for lunch...yummy....NOT!


When we were in line for Thunder Run and we spotted a gum tree! (yes those are actual pieces of gum in the tree!)

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More pictures...


This was taken in line for The Italian Job. They were playing music videos all day that would occasionally skip, must be they have too many icons on their desktop!


Water Park built around the Canadian Minebuster...coolness today (it was hot!)


SledgeHammer...this ride was fun, just wish it went up and down more in the program.


None of the rides had their secondary queue lines open today.

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Ok...when we were in line for the Italian Job, I spotted what all of us Coaster Fanboys love...new footers. And footers can only mean one thing, a new coaster of some type.


While in the queue, we even saw a Park Employee and 2 Construction Supervisors looking over the grounds. We asked them what they were building and the guy just smiled and said he did not know...yeah right!


When you look through the pictures, notice the water element...wonder if its going be another Intamin close to the ground with water like Maverick?


By the way, they did not have any signs up stating new construction nor did they try to hide it in anyway.


The pictures did not post properly, if you scroll down, I reposted them.

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For those of you who followed the Spain TR, you know that there was a group of guys they donned the Pink Panthers. The other half of the fun at a park (besides great coasters) is people watching. Canada is full of plenty of hot, cute and sexy men. Here are just a few of them that I happened to capture on film...


Must be something in the water....


Love the lazy river...


He turned just as I took the picture..I tried to get the front of him later in the day but could not.


Look a couple! They kept looking at us and smiling but did not talk to us.


(insert national anthem music here)Oh Canada!!!


This guy turned around just before I took his picture..


It was hot and lots of guys had their shirt off...I love Canada!



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Overall it was a wonderful day and I really enjoyed the park. Kudos to Cedar Fair and I cannot wait to see what they do with the Paramount Parks next year. I live near Carowinds (actually I drive by it everyday on my way to work) so I can keep everyone up to date with anything happening there.

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