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Fort Wilderness Amusement Park (Formerly Wilderness America)

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Along with my Hersheypark project, I'm going to work on another park, but this one kind of is a creation of my own. Wilderness America (formerly named Wilderness Adventures in the screens) is going to be a combination with realness and fiction put together. Here's what I mean...


The location the park is on is a real place and is not that far away from a raceway in Maple Grove, just south from Reading. Since the nearest park is like 30-40 miles away, I thought, "What if Reading got their own theme park?"


Located along Pa route 568, it is in the middle of a farming and housing area. The land that was formerly a farm was sold to a multi-billionare and he wants to build a hotel, indoor water park, theme park, and thrill park on the land and the land ajasnt to it. The owner also want's it to have a wilderness theme to it.


So far, a road which leads into a parking garage underneath the park, a mini hyper coaster which will kick off a themed area to mythical animals and places has been built called Bigfoot, and a restaurant have been built.


The goal for this creation is to make it as realistic and as perfect as possible. Stay tuned for more.


The park so far. A road will be connected around it.



The main entrance. The billboard will be changed soon.



Bigfoot is a B&M mini hyper coaster. The station still has to be finished.



Can't get any more detailed than this. Bigfoot Souvenirs and Ride Photos. An Arby's Xpress restaurant next door.



A catering area, but it's mainly a seating area for Arby's Xpress.



Bigfoot at night. I like this pic.



Stay tuned for more!

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New Update.


To add some realness to the park, some rides will have company sponsors. Next to the main entrance is a new first aid station and restrooms building. Going down the monorail midway is the wilderness Rail, and new, Jeep Off-Road Challenge.


This ride puts you through an off roading course with log bumps and 2 hills while going through a miniature forest. It's a cool family ride.


Across from that is the Fire Tower parachute ride. This takes you up a tall tower and gives you a great view of the forest-to-be.


To the left of that is a Burger King, a gift shop called Mother Nature Inc. which also has an ATM. At the other end of the building are lockers. There's also a Dippin' Dots cart in the main midway.



The Entrance Sign



Mother Nature Inc. and Burger King.



Lockers and a photo booth.



The entry plaza. The new Restrooms and Wilderness Rail at the top of the pic.



Wilderness Rail and Jeep Off-Road Challenge.



The entrance.



Stay Tuned for more!

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I'm deciding to change the landscape of the park. This means that I'm starting over. The reason is that most of America's forests have mountains and stuff, but the original layout was flat. Doing this will a character to the park. Expect something even better in the next 2 to 3 days!

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The new park landscape has 4 areas. The Northeast with rides built into and on a replica of the Appalachian Mountains. This is going to be themed with TONS of pine trees, log cabins as buildings and also a touch of mine theming.


The second area which is below is going to be (you guessed it) themed to the southeast or everglades. This area will be swampy with bushes along with a few water ways. The main ride will be a Swampboat tour going through the everglades. Animals might be included.


The next area will be themed to the southwest or in other words, western themed. A replica western town will be built with hands-on exhibits and a working saloon. A railroad will be constructed with a tour of what the south looked like.


The last area is the northwest with its snow capped mountains and vast tree-filled landscape. This area is going to be the most beautiful out of the 4 areas. There will be a chairlift that goes to the top of one of the mountains which will give a panoramic view of the whole park. The other way to get down is on an alpine toboggan run circling the mountain.


On a seperate landscape map is going to be a combination wilderness themed hotel/water park/ indoor theme park. This will be released as a bonus.

Stay Tuned for screenshots!

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This looks really good. I'm excited to see what happens next.


One thing, though: you only seem to be representing wilderness from the corners of America. What about the Heartland? Minnesota has one of the most beautiful wilderness areas anywhere, the Boundary Waters, and it would be really cool to see that as an amusement park.

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New Update.


If nobody's read the post a few posts above, I've started over. It was a good choice too and I've started work on the NE section.


This area is partly built on a replica of the mountains in the northeast. Some parts are steep which means that tunneling will be a good idea. The rides are Calamity Mine River Falls which is a flume that travels through an abandoned mine and has a few drops along the way.


The next one is a chairlift that leads to the top of the mountain. At the top is a disko called Over the Edge since it's built along side a cliff. A thrilling experience.


Going down to the Central Plains area is the New England Central Senic Railway. This provides a great view of the forests while going down the hill and also the coaster called Deer Chaser.


Deer Chaser is a traditional wooden coaster with plenty of bunny hills and an underground turnaround.


Next to the park entrance is a Carousel.


I won't be able to post any new updates until after Thursday since I'll be on vacation from tomorrow afternoon till then.


Here's a hint on my next coaster. Unjumble the words and you get the type of coaster. (I love to keep people hanging on. )



Here's a hint to the name. Teeth.


The whole park (the lake is the central area.)


The whole NE section of the park.


The summit with a viewing deck, Railway station, chairlift station, disko, and ice cream shop.


The chairlift and trail leading up to the summit.


From top to bottom: New England Central Scenic Railway, Calamity Mine River Falls, Deer Runner.


Calamity Mine River Falls station.


The carousel building has a nice classic look to it.


The park entrance and Guest Services/ Season Pass office on the left.


Deer Chaser. No trees yet.

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  • 2 months later...

I'm running a 2 parks at once schedule, so I've decided to re-open this project and work on it with my HP recreation project. It's going to have a storyline with it.



April 2007- Just today while reading the Reading Eagle I came acrossed an exciting new article.


New Amusement Park to Debut in Pa Dutch Country


It’s been over fifty years since the last amusement park, Carsonia Park, closed in Berks County along with their Thunderbolt wooden coaster. Fastforwarding to the year 2008, a brand new theme park will be built called Fort Wilderness in southern Berks County close to the famous Maple Grove Raceway.


Just off of Pa. Route 568, this amusement park will feature a real fort filled with shops and restaurants; around the perimeter will be a bunch of rides to entertain even the hard-core thrill seeker to the first-time riders. The star attraction will be the 100ft tall Thunderbolt wooden roller coaster.


Being built by Custom Coasters Int.This will be a real thriller packed with airtime hills and tight turns. The maximium speed is projected to be around 50 miles per hour.


Other rides at the park will be from the now-closed Geauga Lake amusement park and Wild West World amusement park; along with few new rides.


At a press conference with the park’s owner and GM, they said that, “ this will be a great addition to the county and surrounding area and will bring in some much needed tourism and get some big income."


To adjust to the new theme park, some surrounding roads will need to be improved. With it’s close access to the Pa Turnpike and U.S. route 222, finding the park will be easy.


Since I live near, looks like I can watch the construction. I just hope that the neighbors won't be bothered with the noise and traffic when it opens.




Stay tuned for an update soon.

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Six Months Later...


November 2007- Apparently right after the announcement was made, construction started. The only rides that got built were Thunderbolt and Americana Wheel which came from Geauga Lake. I really hope that the park gets Beaver Land.

The park entrance, Lot A for parking and the tunnel has been built so far. I can't wait until May 2008!


I wonder why the crane is still on-site? Stay Tuned!


The park office and entrance looks really cool from this angle looking at Thunderbolt.


Just last month, they finished building Thunderbolt and it looks like they are already testing.


Americana Wheel was the first ride to be constructed. Rumor has it that the name could be changed to Wilderness Wheel and it'll get a new paint job.

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December 2007.

At the rate the construction of the park is going, it might not open on time. Back in November, local residents were invited to the park to tour the construction site. Although I didn't get a picture of the press confrence, I did get a few shots of Thunderbolt's construction. They were testing it today and the trains look like they came from Psyclone at Six Flags Magic Mountain. I really can't wait to ride on this opening day!


Work on the new S&S drop tower is finished and it's name was revealed today. The Towering Two- Drop of Doom and Blast Off will launch or drop riders at a maximium speed of 75 mph and it's lighting is fantastic at night.


Track Pieces have been spotted in the parking lot, Any thoughts?


A few days later, I found that part of the parking lot was fenced off and coaster track was inside. Comments please!


I tooks the night ride. From what I've heard, they are going to fix some problems with the lighting on the tower before the park opens.


Early in December, they allowed us in the park again and gave us helicopter rides. Thunderbolt's station is complete. It just needs scenery.


This has to be the best shot so far of the park.


Almost at the end of my ride, I got a good view of the station.


The park offered helicopter rides to tour the park. It gave me a lot of good photo ops like this one.


The station is coming along really well.

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