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Disney Orlando / Universal Studios

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Hey all. I am going to Disney Orlando/Universal from Aug 4 to 17. I'm planning to buy the 5 day pass for Disney and the 2 day Universal. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what days I should go where and which Disney park i should go twice? Thanks guys.

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Hey there,


My first advice would be to try searching for "Disney Advice" or "Orlando Advice" or "Orlando Questions." This exact same question has been asked over and over and I know there is a lot of really good information that might not get repeated, but I know exists on the forum.


When you search for keywords make sure you mark "search for all terms" and it will narrow your search down a bit more.



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In terms of the Disney parks, perhaps try to avoid a park on a day when it features Extra Magic Hours, as that park is likely to be busier than normal on such a day, what with the influx of onsite visitors.


Locals tend to visit parks at weekends, especially the Universal parks, so perhaps avoid Universal on Saturdays and Sundays.


And in my opinion, I would use your fifth day at Disney for a return to Epcot. It is certainly the largest park in terms of walking required to see it all, and also, it virtually classes as two parks in one anyway.


Hope you have a great trip!!!

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I agree you should have a return trip to EPCOT, that has so much you have to see, i.e. one day just go for the thrills and if you have extra time, look around a bit, but ride everything, and then the next day you come back, maybe ride Test Track, and look around the World Showcase. Here's a tip. When you get to EPCOT, run to Soarin' get a fastpass then go in line for Test Track. This will use up time for you to be able to use your fast pass. Ride Maelstrom, as that line gets up to 30 minutes in a day, then you have the leisurely walk where you can ride 3 Calbalyeros (sp?) Mexican Tour, and Finding Nemo, you'll have extra time to look around at the aquarium and what not. So the first part of the day is kinda like a mad-dash to rides, then relaxing throughout the day.





For shows I reccomend these


Magic Kingdom - Laugh Floor

EPCOT - American Adventure, Chinese 360 Theatre

Animal Kingdom - Finding Nemo Show (like KaTonga)

MGM - Lights Camera Action Stunt Show


Universal - Fear Factor Live

IOA - Sinbad



Closed Rides


I know for a fact Haunted Mansion is closed due to renovations this summer, The rest of the rides will depend on if they have them running that day.



Caleb Stone

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I agree with not missing Mexico.


When I went to Disney in January, we ate at the San Angel Inn in Mexico. Thankfully, we were on the meal plan as the price for the two of us was close to $200. Be prepared to spend a lot on food if you like eating at more than a pizza/burger stand.

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If you need to do a park on Saturday, I would look into doing Epcot. You can hit the rides that have the biggest lines first -- Soarin', Test Track, and Mission Space. The park is big enough to spread people out.


As for Universal (and the other parks, IMHO), arrive around 8 am because the gates may open at 8:30 if everything is open. IOA in particular is a park you would want to arrive early. If IOA opens at 8:30, you can do the rides on Marvel Super Hero Island (Hulk, Spider-Man, and Fearfall) before 9 am. The lines for these 3 rides tend to grow very quickly.


For food at Universal, try these:

IOA table service: Confscio's, Mythos (you got to have the bannana gooey cake for desert!)

IOA counter service: Fire Eater's Grill, Burger Digs, Cafe 4, Enchanted Oak Terrace, Thunder Falls Terrace


USF: Ritcher's, Monster Cafe

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Ooh yeh, Richters at USF, Theres another one, I dont know the name, but next to the mummy exit is an arcade if you walk through there, there is this really good pizza place.


Yes I agree do not miss the Mexico plaza, and definitely do NOT skip Norway it has Maelstrom, that ride is so cool, I dont know why its just something about those little (suprises) that make it so cool, and dont worry you dont get wet unless your in the front row (its a water ride.)

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^Lol, every single time I've visited USF, I've eaten at that pizza place. My younger brother and I would always eat quickly so we could get two to three more rides in on Mummy before starting our daily marathon on MiB.

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This is a guide for best chance of getting on rides at the Disney Parks


For best chance of rides,go to Epcot,but get sure that ride Mission:Space,Test Track and Soarin in the extra magic hours or at least an hour before,when people are going to leave due to that many rides in Future World are closing in 7 PM.Go to Living With The Land and Honey,I Shrunk The Audiance early or late near to closing of these two rides.Mealstrom should you hit before 7 PM,due to the closing of many rides in Future World,some staying people will flock to World Showcase instead.


Animal Kingdom:

It`s pretty easy to get on Primeval Whirl all day,it`s pretty unusual that the queue goes over 20 minutes (I wonder why they put Fastpass in it).Expedition:Everest could be much harder,but the best chance may be sometime late near closing.Kilimanjaro Safaris is not much crowded around 4 PM,but DinoLand U.S.A may be very crowded around noon,so get there sometime in the afternoon.Kali River Rapids may be crowded the hole day,depending on the weather and temperature.Make sure to hit Kali River Rapids when the temperature has fallen,or else the lines would be very long.


Disney-MGM Studios:

Star Tours is best to hit early,due to it can be crowded later in the day.Rock,N,Rollercoaster and The Twilight Zone:Tower Of Terror may be very crowded all day,but maybe not long before closing,due to that people are about to leave or that they are going to watch Fantasmic!Lights Motors Action Stunt Show should you hit early or late,depending on how busy the park would be that day.Make sure that hit Indiana Jones early,too.


Magic Kingdom:

A good choice is to hit Tomorrowland and Space Mountain sometime early,due to that it may be packed later.Fronteirland and Adventureland is good to go when it`s starting to be late,if you go earlier,you may encounter long lines.Fantasyland and Liberty Square may be also good later in the evening.

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