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Guess who's building again!!! Thats right, I'm currently working on another classic woodie with some pretty unique, but realistic supports. This ride will feature a Crystal Beach Cyclone style first drop, a cross-over, and the legendary 'whirlpool'. Construction has started and the drop is about 60% complete. The multi radii supports are working great and look awesome. Unfortunately, construction will probably be quite slow due to the fact that I'm still trying to hang out with my friends and enjoy summer. Fortunately for you guys, a lot of my friends will be busy for the rest of the summer so at least some progress will be made. Here are some pix of what I have.



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It's slowly coming together. The drop is done and looks great. Next comes the crossover. I will also work a bit on the lift. There will be a batter brace, but I don't know what size to use. I have the bigger size built a bit to show what it looks like, but the smaller size will be half as wide. Here are pics:



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I got the crest and pullout finished. Now I have to start the crossover. The only problem is I will be gone until the 19th, so construction will be on hold until the 20th.


I know the transition from flat to banked looks horrible, but thats what you get when you don't heartline. Does anybody like the new batter brace? I think I need to make it higher. Any suggestions?


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