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TR: Cedar Point and Kalahari 7/26-7/27

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Just wanted to make a few notes about my experiences. I thought Cedar Point was a very well laid-out park with plenty of truly excellent rides. However, I was disappointed with a lot things, too. I was disappointed that the park was so dirty. There was trash on the ground, the paths were dirty, and the bathrooms were the most disgusting things I have ever seen. I was also disappointed that they shut down all major rides in the slightest bit of rain, and have to send 10 trains out post-rain. Overall, I really enjoyed my time there, however. We went on Millennium Force twice in the back row. First time was an hour exactly and the second time was more like 45 minutes. TTD annoyed the heck out of me. First of all, we waited 2 hours in the queue for them to send out about a dozen trains. We gave up. We went on Power tower the down side, then Maxair. Maxair was great! After a short, cheap dinner ($4.50 for hot dog and fries), we went to Magnum. That was a lot of fun with no wait. After Magnum, we did Gemini for another great ride with virtually no line. From there we waited for Maverick for 2 hours (15 minutes was due to a Mechanical shutdown. That ride was absolutely fantastic. I have never laughed so much on a ride in my life. From there, we went back to Dragster to give it another try. This time we got on in under 30 minutes. The launch was incredible, that is all I can say. After dragster we decided to hit up Iron Dragon, which had a boring 1st half but a fantastic finale after the second lift. One more ride on Millennium Force, Power tower (the up side) and finally Raptor. I have been on Batman: TR, Dueling Dragons, Montu, etc. I was blown away by Raptor. That ride was incredible! Overall here are my ratings for the rides we rode:


Gemini Red: 8/10

Iron Dragon: 7/10

Magnum: 8/10

Maverick: 10/10

millennium Force: 10/10

Raptor: 10/10

Top Thrill Dragster: 10/10


Maxair: 10/10

Power tower up: 8/10

Power tower down: 9/10


Also, we went to Kalahari in Sandusky. What a blast. Perhaps the best indoor waterpark I have ever been to. Their Zip Coaster was by far the best ride, and it delivered great speed and airtime too!

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Strange about the dirty paths, because I seemed to think they were very clean.


But you are right about the bathrooms. They renovated a few but most of them are bad.


I think their weather/ride shut down policy is a little excessive as well, except on Top Thrill Dragster and Millennium Force.


Still easily my favorite park though.

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Oh my god! I wasn't overly excited about Maverick, until I rode it. Never have I had so much fun on a Roller Coaster in my life. WOW!


I agree, when Cedar Point first announced it and uploaded the animated POV on their website it looked fun, but nothing special. But it didn't do the ride justice at all, easily my #1 steel.

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