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LingLing goes to Alton Towers and Drayton Manor!

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On tuesday we got up very early at 4 and drove for over 3 hours to Alton Towers! By we I mean me, my mum, my 2 cousins, one of my cousin's friends and my aunt.

Here's are ride count:


Nemesis 1x

Air 2x

Rita- Queen of Speed 3x

Oblivion 3x

Enterprise 1x

Duel 1x

Runnaway Mine Train 1x

Congo River Rapids 1x

Hex 1x

Corkscrew 1x


Here are ride reviews in order of when I rode them:



Cause I have an anual pass I got in the park early. I went straight to Oblivion and loved it. Scary as ever and great fun.



Cause Nemesis was having a technical delay I went to air which had quite a big que. The ride was nice and relaxing. Which was building up for Nemesis.



Very annoyed. We waited in the que for it to open and then there was a techinal delay

So we went to air and came quickly back to nemesis. luckily the que was short. The ride was as ever brilliant. Back seat on Nemesis is amazing I came of with my eyes watering.



We met up with each other and went to Ug Land. Wow! Rita had barely no que! We took advantage and got 3 rides on this! I forgot how fast Rita goes it was awsome!



Only one word can describe this: OW! We came off with headaches as a memmory of our Corkscrew expierience.


After that we went back to air which had a huge que that we waited in

We then got lunch



Freaky! Everyone said they felt high in the sky lol


We rode oblivion some more cause it had no que then went to Duel



I got the highest score out of my 2 cousins, thier friend and my aunt!


Runaway Mine Train

A fun little ride


Congo River Rapids

We got a little wet


That was Alton Towers which was great fun. We then drove for 1 hour to Drayton manor.


Wednesday: Drayton Manor

Ride Count:


G-Force 1x

Shockwave 1x

Stormforce 10 1x

Maelstrom 1x

The Bounty 1x

Apocolypse 2x

The Haunting x1

Buffalo Coaster 1x

Wild West Shoot Out 1x

Excalibar 1x

Pirate Adventure 1x


Some reviews:



It was quite fun but a little uncomfortable. Also the staff were quite rude.



Good but hurt our heads a bit


Stormforce 10

We got quite wet and the ride wasn't too bad



Great fun but I felt a little sick afterwards



Hands down, best ride on the trip (well maybe joint no 1 with rita)

So great and very scary at the top. Stand up with no floor wasn't working today so we kept going on normal stand up.


All in all a great day was had by everyone and that night we went to the snowdome. We did toboganning and adrenalin tubing which were both amazing fun! Now here's the pics:


^Oblivion Drop

^Turn around thing

^Rita early in the morning

^me in front of Nemesis

^G-Force overbank

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