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Best Movie Car Crash!?


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Blues Brothers! Watching that police car get launched into the semi trailer is absolutely funny! All the car chases in that movie are outrageous. From the car chase inside a mall to the huge police car pile-up. They must have crashed 30 to 40 some cars while making that movie.

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Carpool, an old movie where this guy runs a carpool because his wife is sick, and he gets this guy who steals his car while trying to rob a bank because he needs money to run his carnival, while the man has an important meeting, and the kids need to get to school.


Car Scenes-

Car into mall out second story window, into garden section.

In the back of a frozen foods truck.

Down the highway (going the wrong way) with a scatter scene

A metermaid car with rockets (seriously) crashes through an outside restaraunt, scatter scene, and flips her car.

Police car pile up in an elevated parking lot.

A harpoon gun (seriously) attaches to a car and drags along like wakeboarding.


This movie has provided the great quotes like "Are we there yet are we there yet...STOP SAYING THAT...When will we get there when will we get there"


And great scenes like the 2 minute pee scene


I recommend it! Yet in most places it can only be found in older movie stores, i.e. Movie Gallery, possibly BlockBuster, and many more.

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I was going to say Alias, then I realized oh yeah, that's a TV show.

So I'm gonna have to agree with Death Proof.

20 minutes of talking builds you up to not expecting it, and the music just adds to it.

Also, the Da Vinci Code made me jump out of my seat.

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