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Universal Orlando Announces "The Thing" Maze...

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Hey everyone!


Today Theme Park Review was able to speak with T.J. Mannarino, Universals director of art and design and Michael Burnett from Universals prosthetics department to get a sneak peak at one of the new mazes for Halloween Horror Nights 17 based on horror classic movie "The Thing."


The story for the maze will take place 25 years after the film left off and "Visitors will come face to face with some of the creatures from The Thing. Fans of the film will have an emotional connection with some of the film's characters."


When asked how much homage they will pay to the film and if it may tie into an upcoming new series TJ responded "The film will have a great buzz with the 25th anniversary. We will re-create the theme even though our storyline is different." "We went back and spoke with some of the guys on the original film," Michael added, "and you will recognize some of the characters. You will KNOW what to be scared of."


We discussed new scare technology versus old....


"Every year is like a roller coaster ride" says T.J., "some years you go back to the old school. This year with the overall carnival theme we are going vintage. Even with our signage, you'll see less digital signs and more art coming from our paint shop. So this year we will take a step back from emerging technology and we're going back to 'creepy.'"


While T.J. and Mike weren't able to tell us too much about where the maze will be located or what exactly would be inside, they did mention environmental effects (remember much of the original film took place in Antarctica), and that the maze would be "authentic" to the original theme of the film.


As for the rest of Halloween Horror Nights 17, we were promised that there would be more conference calls set up to give us additional details and T.J. and Mike added that they "are very excited to work with the New Line characters."


Halloween Horror Nights will return to Universal Studios Florida for 23 select nights running from Sept. 28-29 through Oct. 4-7, 11-14, 18-21, 24-28, and Oct.31-Nov. 3. Visit www.halloweenhorrornights.com for more information.


Theme Park Review will feature Halloween Horror Nights during our annual October updates so stay tuned!


Universal’s prosthetics team works to create custom pieces for one of the haunted houses guests will experience at Halloween Horror Nights 17.


The Thing – Assimilation will continue the story from Universal Pictures’ 1982 horror film “The Thing.”


Universal Orlando Does It’s Own “Thing”

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Oh wow, this will be awesome, especially with the antarctic thing, if they do that and make it cold, it will be that kind of chilling creepy thing, it will add to the effect so well, I think they should make most of there houses cold, to add to the affect of the scare-factor. This will be amazing to see, especially with all the creatures from the thing, if they re-do the Tarantula Im gonna freak cuz' I hate spiders. Man I am so excited for this year, and im glad there going back to the original creepy, instead of advanced, its much better, I hope they make it as good as year 15, that was the best yet!

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And winter equlas good here in Florida, for the parks are still open, due to the fact that we never get snow, and everyone is at home by there fire place, while Im out riding Hulk and Mummy watching the construction of the simpsons ride, woot. Though the sad part is Ive never seen snow.

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Though the sad part is Ive never seen snow.


When I was a kid living in Niceville, Florida (pan handle) we got snow on Christmas day. First time I'd ever seen the stuff.


Snow can be a cool experience (no pun intended there). There's something that brings out the kid in everybody when you watch it fall, especially at night. It's peaceful and soothing, and it turns the everyday scenery into a work of art.


One of my best memories was driving home in a blizzard late one night about 10 years ago. To see the snowflakes pass through the street lights without another car in site, and tuck into the thick blanket on the road was magical in a way. Though I only lived a few minutes from work, because of the bad conditions, it took almost an hour. That drive really was pretty and almost spiritual. I was very relaxed and had a slight smile the whole way. Almost didn't want to get out of the car. So quiet and comforting. Great zen moment.

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The ''thing'' terrorizes the students at hogwartz in wizarding world!


Even though WW wont be done taht soon, you have to admit, that that would be funny. Wait Voldemort will probably be one of the cast members in a few years. That is one of the only people that scare me!


This looks like it will be another great HHN!

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Sounds very cool indeed! The Thing is definitely one of John Carpenter's best films...Less not forget Rob Bottin's incredible special effects which were way ahead of their time. If this maze is done right, this could be one very scary and claustrophobic house. It's hard to belive this movie is 25 years old already....Man I feel old!

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This is REALLY good news for HHN! All the houses they have lined up, including the rumored ones, sound amazing!


I watched The Thing Thursday night and it was a really good classic movie.


Like I said in the other HHN thread, I can see...

Their Shacks

The Outpost

The Kennel


The Generator Room.


It's rumors that this house will be in one of the tents out back. Now I'm thinking that rumor may not be true because of the Fire/Ice effects.

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^Jason's house is in the Jaws queue.

Freddy's house is in a soundstage.

Leatherfaces House is in Earthquake queue.

Dead Silence is in a soundstage.

The Thing could be in a tent.

The Clown House is in a tent.

The Vampire house is in Narzaman's.

The new spin on PhyscoScareapey is in a soundstage.


All those houses are pretty "solid" rumors, and so are their locations.

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Like I said, my husband and I are already booked at The Portifino Bay hotel and we are going on Sat and Sun(the 27th & 28th) to HHN. As soon as it was rumored that they were going to have a house based on 'The Thing' I booked my trip with my travel agent(which is my husband's aunt).That movie is a classic! Like I said in the other HHN forum, the special effects in that movie hold up well to this day. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out. Scares the crap out of me to this day. I can't wait!

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Very cool, indeed--I like the old 1950s version, too. (Adding a "giant carrot" monster to the maze as a gag would be hilarious.)


I remember being quite freaked out when the thing bit that poor guy's arms off.

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