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Glasses/Spectacles allowed on board?


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Good day. I am from Singapore, and I am travelling all across USA next year for months to experience all the coasters I can within my budget. I have sat in coasters before years back, and i remember taking off my glasses.


However, I wish to leave my glasses on this time if I am riding, but I would like to know if it is safe? I saw some POV listed here that pictures one of Alvey's friend spotting a pair of glasses on a ride. I cannot jeopardise my only pair of glasses should it drop during a ride. Also, the ride i saw the guy with the glasses on is riding a normal coaster without loops. If i were to conquer such higher thrill intensity rides, does the glasses wearing ability still apply? Or do i need to get it off on such high speed rides?


Lastly, I am travelling alone, and I might want to bring my DSLR camera for recreational purposes to capture memories. However, since i am not allowed to bring items on rides, is there any place where i can leave my baggage while i ride, without fear of being stolen? Bear in mind i cannot put these in lockers because I'll be snapping pictures every now and then while journeying through the parks. Also kindly advise where should i put wallets. I am afraid that my wallet will drop during a coaster ride, and i cannot afford that.


Kudos to the site members and management team!



Kuok En


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You could always get some straps for your glasses and tie them around your head.


As for storing camera/camera accessories, what are you bringing other than a DSLR? If you have a tripod/other professional gear, you might want to look at the park rules for each park. Some SF parks (I know Six Flags Magic Mountain for sure) have a policy that prohibits professional photography gear/accessories. If you're just bringing a camera, the only safe place for it is in a locker. Sure, some parks may allow you to leave your stuff in at the station, but its quite risky since other guests may steal it.


As for wallets, you might want to buy a pair of cargo shorts. If you leave it in your back pocket, most cargo shorts have Velcro covers that will surely keep your wallet safe.


Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the swift response. I will definitely try to get something done about my glasses. But i assume, with the straps, there is still the possibility of it slipping over my head during loops where most G forces occur. But for most of you coaster regulars, what are the typical situation that you see for people with glasses? I could use some other options if possible.


For my pants, I'll have something done about it, or I'd probably get a zipped compartment for my valuables. Thanks Homer, for the ingenius idea.


As for the camera, I have no intention to bring it on board. I plan to just snap pictures around the park for memory's sake. But i do understand the risks involved. I guess since I am travelling alone, it will be wise of me to keep it in lockers, and forget the pictures. Any other suggestions however, anyone?


Also, if i may, I will be travelling to California, Las Vegas, San Diego and New York. I will be travelling to Six Flags Magic Mountain, Disneyland's 2 parks, Universal, Knott's Berry Farm, Sea World and AdventureDome, and also on some smaller thrill rides in the various hotels in Las Vegas. Does anyone have any recommendations on anymore high thrill rides that I could visit in the proximity of the places that I will be passing?


Thanks for everything.

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As for the glasses, I always wear mine. On some major rides (Kingda Ka, Top Thrill Dragster, etc.) the ops will ask you to remove them, but on most rides you are able to keep them on. Mine always stay on, and I've had them on El Toro, Millenium Force, and other large rides. Like Homer said, you might want to get a strap just in case, it's always better to be safe than sorry!


As for the camera and other belongings, I would definately get a good pair of cargo pants. They're the only pants I'll wear to parks, because the velcro pockets do a great job of protecting my camera, cell phone, money, etc.


Straps and cargo pants. Two of life's simple pleasures.

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I don't know if you want to try, but instead of wearing glasses, you could always try contact lenses. Not all people are confortable with them, but if you try some and you feel ok with them, why not wear that instead of glasses ? It would remove your fear from losing your glasses on a ride.


I always wear contact lenses and I never had any problem on any rides (not even Kingda Ka or El Toro).


It's just a suggestion, but if you haven't tried, you should give it a try !

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As the others have said, get an adjustable strap for your glasses and you should be set on most coasters. Just keep it tight and the glasses should be fine.


Now as for your DSLR, bring a small point and shoot along with your DSLR. Before each ride, put your DSLR in a locker, then use your point-n-shoot until your off the ride.


It's simply not worth risking the loss of your equipment. It's way too valuable. Unless I'm working, I know I'd much rather just take a nice snapshot with a point-n-shoot and still have the DSLR for another day rather than risk the loss of my DSLR and being stuck with a point-n-shoot for every shot for the rest of the trip.

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I think everyone has got the glasses part all solved for you. For the camera however may I suggest you take pictures after or before you have done everything that you have wanted to do? This way you know where some cool picture spots will be and you will be able to take some time and just get some awesome shots without having to worry about going on another ride.

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