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SFOG's Goliath's New Terrible Locker Policy

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The point is that Six Flags charges 4 times as much as Busch Gardens and Cedar Point. And that parks like Disney (at least DCA) and Universal (at least Universal Orlando) give you the lockers FREE for the first 3 hours ($5 an hour after that).

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Anyway, as for the double standard, alright here you go: The two times I have been up to Cedar Point, I was frustrated by the locker policy on some rides. Luckily they only cost a fraction of what Six Flags is charging, but nonetheless I did not like it.

How is it only a fraction? I posted from the Cedar Point website that they are also charging $1 - $2 for a single use locker.


Isn't the charge for the Goliath's locker $2?


Has anyone actually seen in person or taken pictures of these lockers that charges you $5 per hour that people keep complaining about?


And, in reality, has anyone that's used a locker at a specific ride actually left there stuff in that locker all day long?


I really do not understand how this thread has gone on for 11 pages. I'll say it again, I think you all are making WAAAAY to much of a big deal out of something that parks have been doing for YEARS.



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Attached is the sign for the locker policy at Six Flags America.


Note the sign says for Superman riders only, however, they aren't sitting there waiting for you to come out of Superman. You could use the locker for the full three hours if you want without paying the $5 per hour "late fee".


Of course, if you don't want to pay the fee, there are alternatives. You could ride another ride, put your stuff in a locker at the front of the park, leave your stuff in the car, not buy a souvenier cup (not sure of the values of these anymore since they are now $11.99 with free refills that day only), wear cargo shorts that have deep pockets, zippers or buttons and stuff your stuff in their (my hat and small camera fit in mine).


Everyone seems to forget, if Six Flags really wanted to rip people off they could go back to charging season parking pass holders parking for each and every park.


Less than .75 per hour seems like a very fair price to me for a little bit of piece of mind and insurance.


Locker Policy

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^ That actually makes sense to me. They are trying to avoid people leaving their stuff in those lockers ALL DAY LONG. If people did that, then there wouldn't be any lockers for legitimate Superman riders to store their stuff.


I don't see this being a problem. It is CLEARLY marked how much the locker costs and if someone leaves their stuff in the locker over the 3 hour mark, then they really can't complain about the cost.


Overall, the entire complaint of this seems to be over the cost of the locker not the actual policy since many parks do this.


IMO, and I've said it before and I'll say it again, I do not think that $2 for a locker is that much more being that most parks charge around $1 to $2 already.


And if you have an issue with paying for a locker DON'T BRING A BAG TO THE PARK!!!!


--Robb "Please make this thread end!" Alvey

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I am going to stick with my opinion on this one. These lockers are simply an easy way for the park to make money. Everybody I ask says they were put in place to speed up load times. That can't be true. They would be free in that case. Also, the workers are slow in general. It has nothing to do with loose articles.

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if i go to the park and cant use my goliath bottle in line, ill be mad

J got thru with his bottle but the nazi was preoccupied sending others to the concentration of lockers (camp)

hot day in line + no drink = sux and angry people

i will hold off on other comments on this till i do my experiment since i dont take stuff into the park anyway, other than my bottle

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I think everyone's point is that Cedar Point has the same policy on two of their coasters and they charge for the service. Six Flags has the same policy on Goliath, Superman and Wild One and are charging for the service. Why the double standard. It doesn't matter if Millennium Force and TTD load and unload in two different stations.



Ok. When a ride has two stations, you can't place your loose articles in bins to pick them up after the ride, because they won't be there. Therefore, you have to have lockers in front of the ride for people to store their loose articles. If the park wants to charge a dollar for necessary lockers, that's not a big deal.



I do think it's a bit stupid to charge more for lockers that aren't necessary and force people to use them. If you want to provide lockers on a ride where they aren't necessary and make them mandatory, they should be free for a certain amount of time (a la Universal). If you have to charge more to get in the park to make the lockers free (also a la Universal), so be it, I'm buying a season pass anyway. Plus, higher ticket and season pass prices would help to keep some of the riff-raff out.

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I would hope that they would allow fanny packs. I for one have to carry one - I have allergies that require an EPI-Pen to be close and a lot of people with Asthma need their inhalers. I know an inhaler is small, but a epi-pen is different. I wonder if they make exceptions for these reasons and how it would be handled....

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According to screamscape, SFGADV's policy is more reasonable.


(8/13/07) Looks like there has been some confusion over the lockers at Kingda Ka. I don’t know if they were ever free in the past, but most of you have confirmed that currently they are charging $2 for the first 4-5 hours and then $1 for each additional hour. However, these are mainly just used for large items. Small items can usually still be left in the station for the most part.
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That's stupid. Usually I have a wallet, a camera, and a bottle of water. But where the heck am I going to put a bottle of water? Honestly, there is NO reason for this rule. Bins in the station keep the loading process at a fine speed. I hope this doesn't migrate to any other SF park.

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