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Nickelodeon Universe (MOA) Discussion Thread

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Even my 8-year-old stepdaughter (who is a Minneapolis-based coaster nut) thinks the idea of a Sponge Bob Eurofighter is lame. She was excited about the Avatar theme.


Plus, the Timberland Twister has a sunny orange color scheme. We can safely assume that the Sponge Bob coaster will be yellow or similarly cartoonish. A darker, more sleek-looking coaster at MOA would have been nice.


Still, I'm really psyched that the Park is getting a major revamp. You can only ride the Twister so many times and the Pepsi Ripsaw frankly sux.

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Well, it's not quite Peanuts, but at least it's better than "The Park at MOA."


There's virtually no chance that Ghost Blasters will not become "Danny Phantom's Ghost Blasters." and the Ferris Wheel will almost definitely be "Dora's Treetop Lookout" or something. I really hope they don't change PBLC's theming too much.


I for one am WAY excited about the Euro-Fighter and the Half Pipe. Who cares about the themes?

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Here are some pictures from Thrill Network.com of the construction. They also mention Ripsaw closing for a few months so they can remove some track to build some of the rides where the fountain once was. They are also going to paint it and redo the station and trains.


Spongebob on top of the Moose on the log shute






What was left of Mystery Mine as of last week.




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I heard a rumor that the log ride was going to be removed to make way for the Eurofighter. I sure hope this doesn't happen since that's one of the best rides in the park. Now if they could integrate it with the log ride and give it a mine theme like Mystery Mine, that would be pretty neat. Also, I pray to god that this will not be a Spongebob themed coaster. I have no problem with the TV show, just theming a full size coaster to a show like that is just going to far to add to the Nickelodeon theme.


Looks great this is really gonna be an awesome (looks like better) park.


Does anyone know if the park will gain any room when this massive expansion is completed?


I doubt it since it's surrounded on all 4 sides by shops.



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Um, the log ride is on the other side of the park from where theEuro Fighter is supposed to go. The Euro Fighter is going by the old Mystery Mine kind of by Ripsaw, Mighty Axe, and the dark ride, which will probably be rethemed just like everything else in the park. I am kind of wondering what Timberland Twister will be re-themed to.

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I dont think anyone should be concerned about what the coasters are going to re-themed to. Think about mighty axe, and PB log ride. Those are going to be hard to re-theme, and ight be attractions that get removed.


Mighty axe should def. not go, as its the only rie of its kind left in the states.

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Hey, I've never been to the place, sorry I don't know as much as you do.

It's pretty much in the exact center of the mall. It's surrounded my a lot of clothes and hoards of 13-year-old girls who have gotten too excited and passed out.


Oh, god, TT's going to be pink and green, isn't it?


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