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Nickelodeon Universe (MOA) Discussion Thread

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Any suggestions for other non-baseball / theme park related things in Minneapolis?


The happy gnome is st paul has really nice food and a great beer selection and the Walker Art Center is really good. they had an artist designed mini golf in the sculpture park nearby, don't know if they do it every year but it was fun.

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Also, I ALWAYS rent a car but it seems sort of stupid in Minneapolis since everything we want to visit and the airport is on the light rail line except for Valleyfair. Does anyone have any experience with taking an Uber to the park? I've still never used Uber but this seems like the time to do it.


I haven't done it at Valleyfair but I've used Uber for several other parks and all the drivers knew where to drop off and pick up. Worst case scenario if they can't find you they will call you to figure out where you are, which I've had happen before using their service. When you first sign up there's usually a promo for a large discount./first free ride too.


I almost always rent a car too but Uber is perfect for the food and drink festivals in Florida and Williamsburg lol


In my experience, Lyft is a much better option then Uber! Hands down!! Similar approach to business but Lyft just delivers a much better product!

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Honestly, either is just fine in a pinch. I try to use Lyft primarily due to personal/social reasons, but I've used both and in terms of service / ease of use, the difference is negligible. Have both apps set up on your phone, though, just in case a driver isn't readily available in one.

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Looks like Mall of America could potentially be adding a water park to the mall.

Mall of America pitches adding massive water park that city would own, finance

Mall's owners said they would lease the land to the city of Bloomington and run the park.


By Paul Walsh Star Tribune MARCH 7, 2018 — 10:51AM


The Mall of America is proposing a massive water park just east of the mall that the city of Bloomington would finance, own and collect the potential profits from.


The mall's owners, Triple 5, who said they have been contemplating adding a water park for years, made their pitch to the city's Port Authority in a memo made public Tuesday.


The document said Triple 5 would lease the land to the city and be hired by the city to operate the park, which would cost $150 million to $200 million to build, measure roughly 225,000 square feet and be "one of the largest indoor water parks in North America."


Port Authority Administrator Schane Rudlang said Wednesday that the project "is in the extremely early stages" of consideration by the city and it would be years from now before the first waves take patrons for a ride.


Triple 5 said the park would like to have a major "international brand" involved such as DreamWorks or Nickelodeon, which already is the brand for the mall's indoor amusement park.


This park would be open to the public, unlike the much smaller one at Great Wolf Lodge near the mall that gives access only to its hotel guests.


The mall owners' memo held up the water park at their West Edmonton Mall in Alberta as a model for what they want at the Mall of America, pointing out that the West Edmonton park has slides, other rides, a large wave pool that hosts evening beach parties and surfing leagues.


West Edmonton's water park "brings in over 500,000 users annually and adds to the vibrancy" of the mall, the memo read.


American Dream Meadowlands, a Triple 5 mall expected to open next year in East Rutherford, N.J., includes a water park schemed to be the continent's largest at 285,000 square feet.


Private financing for an MOA water park was considered, the memo continued, but interest rates for that option would likely create higher payments on the debt than the park's revenue could support.


Because the city can borrow money at rates below what's available to private entities, Triple 5 said its early projections show a potential for $1 million to $2 million in annual profits.


Triple 5 sought to assure the city that it would not have to tap its coffers should the park operate at a loss, pointing to various now-dormant sales and use taxes at its disposal.


For example, Port Authority Administrator Rudlang said, "You buy a Coke at the Mall of America, it would be additional money for the city."


Through this menu of taxing options, known as Additional Revenue by Legislation, "the city would not be putting its property taxpayers" on the hook should revenue fail to cover payment on the park's financing.


In response and ahead of deciding whether to sign off on the project, the Port Authority recommend to the city that up to 10 port representatives visit the West Edmonton water park as part of its continued analysis of Triple 5's proposal. However, Rudlang said, such a trip "is on hold" as the authority continues doing its homework.


The plot of land being eyed for the MOA water park is now surface parking owned by Triple 5. The park is part of an "Adjoining Lands" plan that includes one or more hotels, performance and meeting space and unspecified sports areas.


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I hardly ever say no to more indoor waterparks. We went to the Waterpark of America at the hotel across the street when we were there a couple of years ago, and it was a lot of fun. That was the first time I went on a Flowrider.


I'd be all for another even bigger one. MoA is THE reason to go to Minnesota, and the more they add to it, the better.

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I hardly ever say no to more indoor waterparks. We went to the Waterpark of America at the hotel across the street when we were there a couple of years ago, and it was a lot of fun. That was the first time I went on a Flowrider.


I'd be all for another even bigger one. MoA is THE reason to go to Minnesota, and the more they add to it, the better.


The Water Park of America is now owned by Great Wold Lodge and only open for hotel guests. It is about a 75000 square foot park. The new water park that MOA wants to build is going to be about 225000 square feet! One of the largest in the world. I'm curious as to how they will attach it to the mall itself!

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'Jimmy Neutron' ride being retired at Mall of America's Nickelodeon Universe


It was one of the original rides when the park opened in 1992.




This weekend marks the end of an era at the Mall of America.


Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Collider will be retired at Nickelodeon Universe, with visitors getting their last chance to try out the ride this Saturday and Sunday.


It was one of the original attractions at the park, albeit under a different name, when the Mall of America opened in Bloomington in 1992.


The spinning ride rotates cars horizontally and vertically, giving riders the option of how much they want their cars to spin and in which direction.


It's described by BestKidFriendlyTravel as "like The Scrambler, but on steroids" – the Scrambler being the amusement rides where cars are spun on two separate, horizontal axes.


Young (or old, in fact) visitors this weekend will be able to take pictures with Jimmy Neutron before they take one last spin.


In its place, the MOA told Bring Me The News it's bringing in "an exciting new attraction which will be announced next week."


Source: BringMetheNews.com


...this sucks. We're missing it by a month. I was looking forward to checking it out.

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The only other one I know of was the one that used to run at Knott's. I really hope I'm wrong though and there's another random one out there on the fair circuit or something.


Surprise! This is the one from Knotts!


Well then. So I guess this is the last one in the US.


I tried googling other versions and only found mentions of them on the German and Belgium fair circuit.

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Someone mentioned that Jimmy Neutron actually was the Tampico Tumbler from Knott's. For some reason I seem to recall both operating at the same time when the MOA first opened... I don't mean to doubt anyone (honest- you guys know way more than I would!), but I thought that they both operated during the same time frame for a few years.


And as also mentioned, the only ones out there are portables on the European fair circuit. One of the Hexentanz models has been outfitted with a snazzy LED light show and looks like it is fresh off the Zierer manufacturing floor.


Loved this ride when I visited Knott's back in 1988. It was so bizarre to be spinning backwards while the ride base travelled forwards, and the airtime was crazy. When I rode it in 2010, well, coming off queasy would be an understatement!

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Tampico Tumbler was removed from KBF in 2003. Treetop Tumbler/Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Collider opened with the park in 1992.


Correct. I just brushed up on the history - Tampico Tumbler ran at KBF until 2003, when it was replaced by La Revolucion (Chance Revolution)


From a 2003 TPR TR:

Ahh, the Tumbler. One more reason this place is 10 times better than Knott's Berry Farm!


Knott's Camp Snoopy 1992 park map:

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Yeah, they both co-existed at one point. When Knotts' closed, I also heard it was sent for parts to MoA.


Really bummed that there's no where left practical to ride this ride. I'm not a big spinning ride fan, but always loved this one!

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