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Nickelodeon Universe (MOA) Discussion Thread

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Nickelodeon Universe Trip Report


Went to NU today. First time since Shredder's opening day. The park was pretty dead today, as it was Vikings-Packers at home.


What I looked for today...


- Area above arcade

- Flyover America

- Shredder Operations

- Free Wristband Line (MOA has deal where if you spend $250 in the holiday season at MOA, you get 2 free ride wristbands. The wristband redemption line gets crazy long - 1 hour. The wristbands also have an expiration date in March.



Also, if you want a really good video tour of NU, I attached one by The Legend of In The Loop.







Backwards Swing!


Is that an Intamin I see? At a 7 acre park? Really?


On-ride photos on something this small? This ride needs to be re-themed. The show got cancelled 8 years ago.


Yea- Bumper cars without a wire! This has awful decor tho.


Adorable Theming - Show was canceled long time ago tho.


Weird ride. I can't flip. Don't really care for it.


Good theming. The ride is going to Canada's Wonderland next year. It could become CF's Larson looper.


Fun. Fun. Fun. Upcharge. Upcharge. Upcharge. If you do this, do everything on it.


Gerstlauters get shaky fast. This is shaky. I think it will get replaced sooner than later - 6 years or so.


SallyCorp! You have to do better! Having only 40% of your targets work is not OK!


Un-Bouncy Bounce House. :(


2 Eh rides in 1!


Eh. Boring ride for person w/o joy stick. Has foot restraints. There's one going to Six Flags (LaRonde?) next year.




I was too lazy to walk up the stairs.


Who else would it be made by?


History: Knotts Berry Farm used to own NU as Knott's Camp Snoopy. Cedar Fair bought Knotts. Then MOA took control of NU. Anyways, one of these rides are rare and only found at the 2 parks - Knotts took there's out.


This ride is too high up for little kids. It makes them scared. Bad desicion by NU.


Best Ride in the Park! Very similar to Knott's. 2 Big Drops.


Fun ride with spinning. Parks best coaster.


Forgot to get a shredder pic, so one from opening day! That's it. Decent park. Couple of good rides. Needs another coaster - get one above arcade!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Went to Nickelodeon Universe for a few hours today and had a good time getting in some offseason coaster rides.



Took my first ride on Shredder's Mutant Masher, the park's newest ride.


Excellent ride. While the arm doesn't swing as high as similar models I've seen, it pulls some decent Gs and has a few airtime pops.


Waking down the midway.


Fairly Odd Coaster is one of the best family coasters out there in my opinion.


Avatar Airbender is always a blast.


Near the Ferris wheel.


SpongeBob was running much smoother today than when I last rode it. :)


I wish more parks had rides like Shell Shock.


FlyOver America construction.


SpongeBob looping.


View of the park from the third floor.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Nickelodeon Universe finally redid their website. I think it's a great compromise of the overly ambitious one they had opening day and the bare-bones one they've had for the last few years. I love how they're incorporating the slime again since the orange splat was phased out with the new logo a few years ago.


Also note "El Circulo Del Cielo, Closed 1/18 – 1/23" - do you think this has anything to do with that new staircase on the western side? What's going on with that project anyway?


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From Screamscape: screamscape.com/html/nickelodeon_universe.htm


Mall of America News - (1/27/16) A reader sent in a couple of photos from Nickelodeon Universe taken this week, showing off an area where they used to have a few private party rooms and some office space, which has now been leveled out to make way for future attractions. From what I'm told this is all very near to where the Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Collider ride is located... an attraction which is expected to be retired in the near future as well.

I'm a bit torn about the possible retirement of the Collider, as it's very well could be the last "Zierer Hexentanz" flat ride (also sometimes called the Witch's Dance) in the USA. The Collider's cousin at Knott's Berry Farm (Tampico Tumbler) was probably my all time favorite flat ride before they removed it.


Anyone know what's going on here? Maybe this is why they are adding the new staircase to the west side of the ferris wheel, a more direct route instead of having to go up and around, plus whatever changes they are making to the eastern second level.

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Could this possibly be the station for a new coaster? I could see a launch into the corner and then heading towards the log chute. This could be another coaster that goes all the way around the park.



Yeah, I know. It's a stupid pipe dream and I should find some better meds.

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Could this possibly be the station for a new coaster? I could see a launch into the corner and then heading towards the log chute. This could be another coaster that goes all the way around the park.


If we get another coaster, I too think it will be al across the park. I could see some sort of launched motorbike coaster like at SeaWorld Australia or Darien Lake. I think a coaster is the most likely of any future additions at Nickelodeon Universe, and with a stair case being built to the potential station of the coaster, don't count a large new ride out of the picture.

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Can the second level support an actual ride on its own? From the photos it looks like they're keeping the first level structure in tact, even a pathway to the elevator on the second level. The second pic looks like it was taken from Moose Mountain, if they took that out they'd have a lot more space, especially vertical space.

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Oh man I saw that Tampico Tumbler in the Nick Universe and it brought me back to Knott's! Quite possibly one of the greatest flats EVER made! So much fun with such a simple concept. If I'm not mistake, I think it had a reverse mode as well!


Can't believe so few of them were ever made, it was truly a great ride! The girls I used to ride with liked it a lot too because it provided a lot of airtime, but it wasn't too scary, just a lot of fun.

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Moose Mountain will stay. Much too new of an investment to be taken out. I don't know if that space could hold more than a ride's station as well. I don't think another spinning coaster would be ideal. A really good launch coaster would be awesome. I would be interested to see what approach they could possibly take, as it could be inversion heavy triple launch (unlikely) or a launch motor bike coaster. I don't know what Atomic Collider has to do with this, as it probably would not be involved in the coaster would take place. Maybe another Gerstlauter flat ride? They like that company. Otherwise I couldn't tell you what would be ideal. NU is very bold and different with their flat rides. Maybe something from IAAPA this year that they liked? Comment with your thoughts below:


- What type of roller coaster would you like seeing?

- What type of flat ride would you like seeing?


*Of course, make the rides ideal for the areas height and space.

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The one coaster I could see fitting in really well in NU would be a Vekoma junior suspended in the vein of Freedom Flyer at Fun Spot. You could easily adapt a layout to cross a large portion of the park like Orange Streak, and even though a full-size inverted coaster probably wouldn't fit anywhere in the park, other rides like Orkanen are proof that you can still do some interesting things with this model. It's also got a low height requirement and lacks shoulder harnesses, so it'd be a good fit for the ride selection present at the park already.


As much as I'd hate to see the Atomic Collider leave, I could easily see an Air Race replacing it somewhere down the line.

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Given that every ride Nickelodeon Universe has built since their re-theme has been from either Gerstlauer, Chance, Intamin, or Moser, I feel it would be very likely that one of these companies would be behind any new project. If the Atomic Collider is on the chopping block (god forbid) , it'll probably get replaced with a flat. A Chance Freestyle would be a good fit. Moser has a good set of flats on their website too. I'd suggest a visit to their site, as the music is phenomenal. If a new coaster is going in I could really see a Gerstlauer or Intamin family coaster, possibly with a launch. If we're dreaming then it will be an aquatrax themed to Mrs. Puff's Boating School.

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That space in the park above the arcades has been empty like that for at least a year, maybe two now. Nothing appears to be happening with it at the moment. It definitely isn't a huge area, but if the arcades and restrooms that it sits above were removed, they could make room for something.


I'm shocked they haven't removed the arcade. You'd be hard pressed to find ANY arcades in malls at this point and it has to be taking up valuable space at this point.

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Fellow TPR Members,


MNThemeParks is a very small group that has a big impact in the theme park environment. They run events for poor children in theme parks (in Minnesota) that would not normally be able to go to a theme park. They cover all the costs, fees, everything. Right now they are looking to get tshirts for their leaders. If you go to the link below, you can complete several activities of no cost to you that give dollars directly back to the organization. A great way to support a great charity. Also, if you complete the activities as recognized, shoot me a private message and I'll send you a theme park prize pack. I love this organization and want to help them as much as possible. Thanks!



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