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Nickelodeon Universe (MOA) Discussion Thread

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You know you're desperate when...

1) You start to think anime characters are drop dead sexy

2) You read fanfics and wonder why that can't happen to you

3) You let your mom/dad/legal gardiun(sp??) set you up on a date

4) You watch shitty movies just to stare at the hottness of the secondary character *me: I DO THIS!*

5) You have Ashlee Simpson perform at the grand opening of a re-done theme park

6) You willingly take your younger sibling to Chuckie Cheese in hopes of being able to stare at a hot worker *me: done it*

7) You let your gay guy friend set you up *me: never ever do this. whoever he sets you up with is most likely gay too*

8) You look for significant others in youth group/bible study



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Okay, so cwsr beat me to it...but here are a few photos from today (3/2).


It hasn't been THAT long since I've been to the MOA, but yes a lot has changed. Even though I've been keeping pretty up-to-date with this thread, it's still shocking/exciting to see it in real life.


When I first got there today they weren't testing, and I was just taking a few shots of the ride...but then suddenly I saw a train go by in my shot. I seriously didn't even hear them send the train or hear it go down the lift hill or anything...nuts! By the time I left (around 1:30) they were giving out rides to employees like candy, so I'm sure Looty got to ride at least 5 more times today if he was around. Basically any employee that walked by they were asking if they wanted to ride (and most said no!).


And some of you may be interested to know that the loop sways a whole lot! Even more so than an impulse coaster; it was funny seeing people freak out about it .


Anyway, on to the photos:


Lookin' good!


New Dora banner going up


Guest Services and a very blue Ripsaw station


Newly painted TT car


I am very convinced something will fill these trenches, or else just painted to look like water, maybe?


Overbanked goodness


Comes so close!


Down the hill






How can you not love the smiley-faced dummy?




Gives you a better idea how it fits in the ceiling


Everyone, for the most part, stopped to watch


More fun


And I honestly don't know why the two photos are showing up so much bigger than the others- I assure you they are all the same size! My apologies.

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I was lucky enough to be able to ride Sponge Bob 3 times on friday. It is an amazing ride for the Mall... It is by far the best looping coaster in MN or any state that touches MN for that matter. I think a lot of things will be cut close for opening. However, a lot of the park isn't even slated for renovation, the former Stadium Club and Steakhouse with BOTH be vacant, and log chute's retheme is pushed back to next year. The park should be cool though.

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By the time I left (around 1:30) they were giving out rides to employees like candy, so I'm sure Looty got to ride at least 5 more times today if he was around.in' good!.


I was there and only got 2 rides today...o well

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Looty Update


Update from today:


*There are new backyardigans statues that are now around the Tree Swing.

*Floor painting continues. They are adding layers of different colors so the floor isn't just orange...looks good!

*Work on TT has really picked up lately. There are, i believe, two more cars that have been painted and there are also star decals that have been placed on some of the supports. The new entrance sign has also been placed.

*The frog hopper (now Wonderpets) has been painted and now has a sail piece attached to it. I believe that there are some rainbow decals that will be placed on the seats as well.

*New signs have gone up for both Rugrats and Diego's Rescue. Also, a new Dora column banner is going up on the east side by Danny Phantom.


*Lastly, I had the opportunity to ride Spongebob two more times today so I took a few pictures of that as well. This ride just keeps getting better each time I ride it. Definitely a must ride for those of you who have been following the construction.



















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They're also painting the floor around avatar.

I'm glad to hear that because it will make the area around it look so much better then just grey.


Also Spongebob looks awesome and I'm happy to hear its a good ride too, because it would have been disappointing with all the hype that has come with this ride.

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