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Nickelodeon Universe (MOA) Discussion Thread

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Wow, great vids-- thanks for sharing!


It's SO quiet, I can't wait to hear some screaming people on there mwhaha.


I seriously got goosebumps seeing it go through the zero-g roll because it looks to be just about the same speed that Mystery Mine takes it-- which was soooooo fun it made me laugh every time. It's like doing a kartwheel, in a roller coaster car.


YAY SpongeBob!

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Update from Looty


As I mentioned earlier, I got to ride Spongebob tonight! It really is a fantastic ride and is a great addition to the park. Make sure you get here and try it for yourself. Anyways, there was a lot going on here today so i snapped some photos.

*Camp Bus (Diego's Rescue) is complete. It has a new backdrop along with a new paint scheme. Also, a lot of the new height signs are going in. They look very six flags-ish with the red/green line.

*Water dummies are now on Avatar and testing continued tonight.

*The new Guest Relations is just about complete and should be opening tomorrow. IT was installing the monitors and other technology so it should be ready to go at some point tomorrow.

*Splat O Sphere's sign is installed...looks good if you ask me.

*El Circulo ferris wheel is nearly completed as decals have been placed on each individual gondola. Also, there is a new statue of Dora on the first floor by Diego looking up at the wheel.

*The exterior of the Ripsaw entrance is just about complete as well. It's very blue...nuff said. I wouldn't hold my breath on the Ripsaw paint job. It's been talked about, but I really don't think it'll be done in time for grand opening...perhaps after the spring break crowds.

*Rugrats kiddie bumpers is complete. Painting looks to be done and the ride panel is wired and ready to go.

*The frog hopper has been painted and decals should be applied to that in the next few days.

*The Naked Brothers logo has been applied to the Bumper Cars along with some finishing touches overall.

*The Spongebob sign looks finished...and it's huge! I like the looks of it though.

*The Mighty Axe paint job is progressing. I personally am not a fan of the new paint job, but I'll wait and see how it turns out.

*The food court took a huge step in construction. A lot of work has been done lately including the installation of the new signs.

*The TT cars are being painted yellow/green for Fairly Odd Parents. One is completed so far. Another one was on the transfer track and looked to be in the process of being painted.

*One of the meet & greet locations received a nice orange/green/yellow paint scheme and looks ready to entertain people.

*Lastly, two new column banners are up now (one was being put up tonight as I was leaving). The two new ones are the Avatar dude and Diego.

Other than that, things are really starting to finish up. There are a lot more people working at night now to make sure everything is ready for March 15.

Let me just say that riding Spongebob tonight really got my attention again. I guess the appeal of everything has wore off a little bit just because I see it everyday and i'm used to it, but tonight was definitely refreshing. People (especially kids) in general looked excited to be here and a ton of people were commenting on both Avatar & Spongebob as they were testing tonight...im definitely ready for March 15!

Enjoy the pics.











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^Go back one page, and the links for the video of testing is right at the top. That photo's old news.


Dang this ride looks like so much fun, and that sign is badass, definitly better than I thought. Thanks for linking us to the testing videos, I was really curious to see how those 1 car trains were going to ride through the circuit.


My favorite part I think is that zero-g cause it hits it so slow, or the little air hill after the loop. Very cool.

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Some one posts the testing about everyday.


Which is why it gets annoying. I personally don't feel the need to see a screenshot of the ride in random different places along the course everyday. Heck, I don't even feel the need to know if it's testing on any given day. After the first day of testing, it's pretty much old news.


I'd like to see what the Ripsaw trains look like with the new shells on them. How is the resizing going?

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Looty, what exactly is going on with the Log Flume? I know it's not going to be done until after the park reopens, but what will be added to it? Will there be anything noticeable? Oh yeah, here's a quick suggestion for the name: Slime River Splash.

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The name will actually be Green Slime Falls. I'm guessing they will retheme it either after Spring Break or after the summer. Basicly, they are taking away the Paul Bunyan theme and making it Nickelodeon with new animatronics. One room may be Spongebob, another Avatar. I don't know. But I do now it will take a couple months to complete.

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Famous Nickelodeon Celebrities will be at the Grand Opening on March 15.


They are as follows:

-Lil' JJ from "Just Jordan" at 1:30pm

-Miranda Cosgrove from "Drake and Josh" and "iCarly" and School of Rock fame at 2:30pm

-Nat and Alex Wolff from "The Naked Brothers Band" at 3:30pm

-Kid's Dance Party with J.Boogie from "TEENick" from 6-8pm


Ashley Simpson will be there at 12:00pm singing and Autograph signing at the Mall's Rotunda. Everybody else will be West Market Square inside Nickelodeon Universe.


Sorry for all you Zoey 101 fans, little mis Jamie Lynn will not be there.


visit http://www.mallofamerica.com for more info.



Join Mall of America® and Nickelodeon® for the grand opening of Nickelodeon Universe®, the nation's first Nick theme park! Be the first to experience five new rides, including the SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge, Avatar Airbender, Splat-O-Sphere and more. Meet your favorite Nickelodeon costumed characters and enjoy a new way of dining at EATS, a fabulous food marketplace by Levy Restaurants. The festivities continue with a live performance by Ashlee Simpson and autograph signings with Nick live-action talent! Finish out the day by groovin' at the Kids Dance Party.


9 a.m.: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

East Entrance to Nickelodeon Universe


9 a.m.-9 p.m.: Virtual Slime Zone

South Entrance to Nickelodeon Universe


9:30 a.m.: SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge inaugural ride with Nickelodeon celebrities Lil' JJ (Just Jordan), Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly), Nat Wolff & Alex Wolff (The Naked Brothers Band)


10 a.m.-8 p.m.: Nickelodeon Character Meet & Greets

Blue Spot and Green Spot


10:30 a.m.: Ashlee Simpson Live Performance



12 p.m.: Ashlee Simpson Live Performance and Autograph Signing



12:30 p.m.: Meet & Greet with Lil' JJ from "Just Jordan"

West Market Square, Nickelodeon Universe


1:30 p.m.: Meet & Greet with Miranda Cosgrove from "iCarly"

West Market Square, Nickelodeon Universe


2:30 p.m.: Meet & Greet with Nat Wolff & Alex Wolff from "The Naked Brothers Band"

West Market Square, Nickelodeon Universe


6-8 p.m.: Kids Dance Party with J. Boogie of TEENick

West Market Square, Nickelodeon Universe


WEST MARKET SQUARE is by the entrance to the Mighty Axe/Tak Attack.

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You know you're desperate when...

1) You start to think anime characters are drop dead sexy

2) You read fanfics and wonder why that can't happen to you

3) You let your mom/dad/legal gardiun(sp??) set you up on a date

4) You watch shitty movies just to stare at the hottness of the secondary character *me: I DO THIS!*

5) You have Ashlee Simpson perform at the grand opening of a re-done theme park

6) You willingly take your younger sibling to Chuckie Cheese in hopes of being able to stare at a hot worker *me: done it*

7) You let your gay guy friend set you up *me: never ever do this. whoever he sets you up with is most likely gay too*

8) You look for significant others in youth group/bible study



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