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Nickelodeon Universe (MOA) Discussion Thread

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So far I think the park looks great. It looks like on the "mountain/corral reef" decoration at SpongeBob's Lift has mounting brackets on it. Maybe for Jelly Fish???


I'm pretty sure those are just where the metal brackets were bolted to the volcano. They'll probably cover them up with a sign or something, however.

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^ Your answer is right here.


Looty has said over at Thrill Network that you will be going really fast and get some serious air on Spongebobs hump after the loop. The zero-g is also supposed to give you a little hangtime as well.



Spongebob was testing numerous times tonight. I didn't have my camera, but my friends took some pictures with his phone and is sending them to screamscape within the next couple days.

I can't get over how quiet Spongebob is. It truly is the quietest roller coaster I've ever seen...especially considering that it's indoors. That small hump after the loop looks to provide some serious air! All of the water dummies were flying up into the harnesses every time it went through a circuit. Also, the zero-g roll looks like it'll provide a nice moment of hang time as well.

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What are they doing way up by Avatar's Webcam?


I have never been to MOA but it looks like there might be a support column for the roof there and they might be putting up a Nick Toon Banner. If you look it is right in line with the other posts.

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