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Nickelodeon Universe (MOA) Discussion Thread

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A group here in the Twin Cities that uses drones to film just released a video for the Mall of America and it has a heavy presence of NU in the piece with some really cool shots and angles of the park

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I don't think that it was that bad as it was a few weeks ago and Ripsaw has been open for the past few days as far as I can tell. But I do remember seeing that machine haning over the track and thought that it would be a nice headchopper for the day. Turns out that it really would have been a head chopper.

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Update from Looty


OK so:

*The first thing i noticed today was that they added another column wrap by the TT. This one is Fairly Odd Parents (i believe) which makes sense seeing as how TT will now be Fairly Odd Coaster.

Also, TT is down for its annual rehab and some computer-smart people were there with monitors and such installing the new On-Ride video system (similar to most other ones out there).

*The east retail store is nearing completion and workers today were finishing up some painting. Word is now that it'll open by the beginning of March.

*Tumbler continues to undergo painting and themeing. Some paint and a few other decals were added to the outside of the pump room to make it look more "Jimmy Neutron-ish" Also, throughout the day, the light bulbs were being replaced from orange/red/yellow to clear. At night it really looks great and the paintjob really sticks out with the clear bulbs. The individual gondolas now have neutron decals and some sort of radar-grid decal as well on the clear piece.

*The construction walls on the north retail store have been taken down so you can now get a good glimpse of what's inside. It's not all too close to being finished, but hey, it's looking good...i guess.

*Ferris Wheel now has a giant monkey attached to it (im told it's Boots from Dora). The entrance sign for Skyscraper Ferris Wheel has been taken down and replaced with a new sign, "El Circulo Del Cielo" The spiral centerpiece on the wheel is also gone and should be replaced with a giant sun face (according to the artwork).

*Construction of the Rugrats kiddie bumpers took a huge leap recently. The back walls are now covered in various Rugrats characters and a few of the actual "Reptar Mobiles" were also sitting out.

*As for Spongebob...many of you know that it has been testing recently (I heard that it had its first human riders on it last night). There were people all over this today doing various things. Franz Maier himself was here again today overseeing a few things. Fencing was being added along the midway, queue railings were being welded, and workers were ruining...i mean painting whats supposed to be a "coral effect" on the bottom of various supports.

The main entrance sign was also being painted and it currently is a foe of pink & blueish-purple.

*The Little Shaver had its new tractor center piece added to the lead car and looks really neat IMO.

*The food court is a work in progress and is currently being painted...you guessed it...green! I'm not sure if I've mentioned what kind of food will be served there, but you can expect to not find your typical amusement park food (pizza, hotdogs, and other lovely dishes). Instead, Nick Universe will be offering gourmet wraps, salads, hoagies (spelling?), pasta dishes, & a few other "healthier choices".

*Along with Ferris Wheel, various other ride signs have gone up including new signs for Truckin & Red Baron.

*Avatar was testing today (not when I was there with my camera of course) and from what i'm told, looks great! Other work was going on including queue railing installation and other fun theme stuff.


That's all I have for you right now so enjoy the pics. There's another meeting on Monday so I'll let you know if anything interesting happens. The sign posted about it said "Wear old clothing...slime can be hard to get out"








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UGH! Everything looks nice except that crappy Naked Brothers Band signage on the bumper cars. Every time that show comes on my television screen I throw something at the television. I detest it. The only thing I detest more is that Fried Dynamite crap on Cartoon Network.

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I too detest that Naked Brothers Band show, every time someone watches it, somebody dies. I agree with that Fried Dynamite crud too, its horrible! Why cant they just go back to Fridays! Now onto the park comments, the "coral" color to spongebob looks bad! And thats all I can really say at this point.

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