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Nickelodeon Universe (MOA) Discussion Thread

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I just wanted to point out that there are now LIMS starting to be installed on the Avatar ride.


They are actually LSMs but they are almost the same thing. I know they was one stater on Avatar Monday night. I also figured that they probably installed staters on Avatar since Spongebob received no work last night.


There is also some new concrete in the Splat-O-Sphere area.


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I love the color scheme on avatar! I have to make my way to Mall of America when this opens. Question, I forgot but how many attractions are they supposed to be adding?


They will add the Eurofighter (Spongebob), the halfpipe (Avatar), a spring tower (Splat-o-sphere), kiddie bumper cars (Rugrats themed), and a ride called "Blue's Skidoo"

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Just past the crane on the left side is a bit of track up on a support. Whatever else has been done is out of view. That's all at about 2 am.


On a related note, Tiny Tim's "Living in the Sunlight, Loving in the Moonlight" is available on iTunes. That's one of the goofy, yet catchy songs played in one of the first couple seasons of SpongeBob.


EDIT: Will post some pics while I'm up from time to time so you don't miss the changes, Kraken613.







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I give it until the end of January and this thing should be close to testing, if it is anything like TT. I wonder if that is the turn out of the station to the lift, and if it is, it is kind of facing a wierd direction.


Here is a picture with better lighting of what they have done so far.


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Nice pics.

Spongebob should really start to fly in the next week.

I don't know if i mentioned this in the past, but the Park was looking at the S&S Screaming Squirrel and the Maurer Sohne X-Car concept in addition to the Gerstlauer EF when they were shopping around for new rides...i think they chose the better one.

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