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Nickelodeon Universe (MOA) Discussion Thread

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Even before Nickelodeon came in I always thought that the Kite Eating Tree looked like a jellyfish. They could have painted a detailed jellyfish top and the swings would be all the rays and spongebob would be riding the top...but it looks like it will be just another swing...and it seems they have there heart set on striclty themed areas, if they didn't GB could be a Danny Phantom ride.

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SYE is about 90-95% painted as of today (all purple). No word yet as to when they will start applying the more detailed themeing. Also, painting has started on the Tree Swing. It is currently a mix of green, pink, and orange. Painting should take some time on Tree Swing due to the extensive detail. Also, to my surprise, The Mighty Axe has been painted as well. The arm structure of the ride is now blue...in fact, the only red part left on it right now is the platform. Also, a few SpongeBob banners have gone up by the Euro-Fighter area as well. A lot of electrical components for the Half Pipe have arrived and are waiting downstairs. The word from management is that track and supports for all three of the new attractions (Half Pipe, Euro-Fighter, and Drop Tower) should begin arriving on Dec. 16th.

Thats all for now

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Ok, here is a complete list of the new names for the rides (Current Name-New Name):

Pepsi Ripsaw - Orange Streak

Paul Bunyan's Log Chute - Green Slime Falls

Timberland Twister - Fairly Odd Coaster

Screaming Yellow Eagle - Danny Phantom's Ghost Zone

Bumper Cars - Naked Brothers Crazy Cars

Kite Eating Tree/Tree Swing - Backyardigan's Swing-Along

Treetop Tumbler - Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Collider

Americana Carousel - Nick Oround

Mighty Axe - Tak Attack

Camp Bus - Diego's Rescue

Lil' Shaver - Barnyard Barnstormer

Speedway - Swiper's Sweeper

Frog Hopper - Wonderpets Flyboat

Truckin' - Nick Jr. Big Rigs

Red Baron - Blue's Skidoo

Skyscraper Ferris Wheel - Dora's Ferris Wheel

Balloon Race - Boot's Balloon Fiesta

Bloomington Express - La Aventura de Azul

The Bounce - Pineapple Poppers


and the new rides coming...

Euro Fighter - SpongeBob Squarepants Rock Bottom Plunge

Half Pipe - Avatar Airbender

Tower Ride - Splat-O-Sphere

Kiddie Bumper Cars - Rugrats Reptarmobiles

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^^^Looty said earlier that they are not going to repaint Timberland Twister for right now. Maybe if they have extra time before March, they can paint the track pink to match up with the Fairly Odd Parents theme. Once construction really starts to pick up on Spongebob, Avatar, and Splat-O-Sphere, I'm sure everything with painting and what not will come to a halt until vertical construction is done, which shouldn't take more than 2 months.


Approx. time to build each new ride.


SSRBP: 1 to 1 and 1/2 months; TT(same style track and supports, same length and about same height as Spongebob) took one month to complete.


Avatar: 1 week. There is only about 300 ft. of Track on this one. Even less if it is smaller than the full-size model. See Photos


Splat-O-Sphere: 1 to 2 days; It is just 60 ft. of basically track sticking straight up.


100 ft. Model


smaller sized Half-Pipe

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Here are some more pictures from Looty that he posted at ThrillNetwork.


Some Notes He said about the park


-TT old picture pickup/retail store will be replaced with a "Meet & Greet" location.


-There are going to be numerous spots around the park where characters will be scheduled to meet kids and take pictures.


-The giant axe on top of the Mighty Axe will be removed and replaced with a giant illuminated crystal thingy for Tak Attack


The new verison of the Mighty Axe. Looty said that the axe piece will come of and some sort of crystal from the show Tak Attack will be added in it's spot.


The Tree Swing. Please come back awesome kite paint job. Please




The "new" Screamin' Yellow Eagle

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I'm sure it's been said multiple times, but I just find it odd that they are naming and theming some serious rides after children's shows. I mean, it's good that they have the rights to such well known and popular shows, but I can't imagine a great deal of the kids that watch Sponge Bob are going to be terribly eager to get on the Sponge Bob coaster once the see it.


Again, sorry if that's a broken record. Either way, I'm really looking forward to it all. I hope to get back up there one day soon to check out the changes.

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^I emailed the park about a month ago to inquire about them. Yes, I told them they were crazy to increase prices by over 120%. They said, "Yes, with the new amusement park coming, prices have gone up a little." A LITTLE?


They go on sale March 1st.


Personally, I'm hoping they realize that not many people will pay that kind of money and make an adjustment after a couple of months of sales.


I wonder what this means for individual and all-day pricing-- with the current price of $24 for unlimited you would have to go just a little over four times to make it worth it (like most places). If that theory holds true, we're looking at around $60 a pop for an all day pass.

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