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Nickelodeon Universe (MOA) Discussion Thread

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I don't know what the yellow barrel is, but the Eruo-Fighter that is going into that spot is Spongebob Squarepant's Rock Bottom Adventure.


BTW, does anyone (looty) know if the Half Pipe will go slightly under the ground so they can have the full 100ft. model? That foundation looks pretty deep.

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Levy Restaurant's will be in charge of food at NU next year. Having had their food at Lambeau and Wrigley field, I can say that it is good food.


The Mall of America said Monday it would contract with Levy Restaurants for its food service and eateries at Nickelodeon Universe, the mall's new theme park.


In January, the Business Journal reported that Nickelodeon, a cable TV network for children, negotiated an exclusive branding-rights deal for the Mall of America's indoor amusement park, formerly known as Camp Snoopy.


The redesigned, seven-acre theme park is scheduled for completion in March 2008.


Monday, officials from the Bloomington-based MOA and Nickelodeon, which is owned by New York-based Viacom Inc. (NYSE: VIA), said Chicago, Ill.-based Levy Restaurants would build quick-service dining destinations in the park, including the general concessions areas and portable carts and catering.


The group's menu offerings will include organic, natural and locally grown foods and dishes, as well as "new twists on theme park favorites and ethnically diverse tastes" a press release said.


Levy operates more than 15 upscale and casual dining restaurants primarily in Chicago, and also runs a handful of dining spots in four other markets, including Walt Disney's Disney World resort and theme park in Orlando. Most of Levy's sales, though, come from running food service operations at more than 75 sports stadiums, convention centers, and race tracks, including Green Bay's Lambeau Field and Wrigley Field in Chicago.





Thrill Network fourm member Woodie4-07 posted a rough copy of what SSRBP might look like. It looks about right and includes 3 inversions: a loop, cutback, and corkscrew.


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I wonder what the hight requirement will be?

There might be a lot of disappointed kids out there. Seeing a Sponge Bob coaster and then not being able to ride it because of it's vertical drop and inversions.



Has anyone heard anything more about this coaster? Any other pics of a possible layout?

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According to Looty, the Screamin' Yellow Eagle's bottom is now painted purple and in a few days will have it's entire paint job done. The Kite-Eating Tree has also been prepared for painting with sandbusting already done.

You can see it in the webcam pic. It also looks as though SSRBA may be going vertical soon as there is a lot of cranes and sky-lifts around the construction zone.


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I'm really excited about the unveiling of this park. 5 roller coasters inside one building could be some sort of record!


The only thing that baffles me is the Spongebob coaster. I'd say that the projected audience for SBSP is the 7-11 age group. Rollercoasters with 95 degree drops and multiple inversions might be more in the 14 and up crowd. Although, Spongebob has a serious cult following that people of all ages are guilty of taking part in. My grandma loves Spongebob, and she's 79!

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Screaming Yellow Eagle is just about finished with it's paint job and the Tree Swing has a complete white top, with a pinch of orange on one side, perhaps it's new color scheme.


Purple Paint Job on Screamin' Yellow Eagle-top left.


Tree Swings mid way through it's new paint job-Right Center

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