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Price is Right's new host


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Drew Carey! I wondered what would happen to the show after bob left. Show might have a chance now. But might see it move to a primetime show if it doesn't work as a day show.




Genial comic Drew Carey was tapped Monday to replace silver-haired legend Bob Barker on the CBS daytime game show "The Price is Right." The deal was set Monday afternoon shortly before a taping of CBS' "Late Show" with David Letterman, where he confirmed it.


"I realize what a big responsibility this is," he said. "It's only a game show, but it's the longest-running game show in American television and I plan to keep it that way."


The selection attracted more attention than usual for a daytime show because of the prospect of replacing Barker, 83. Barker retired after 35 years in the job last month following taping of his 6,586th episode.


The opening attracted widespread interest, including from comic Rosie O'Donnell after she left "The View."


Carey, 49, spent a decade on his own ABC sitcom and also was host of the improvisational game show "Whose Line is It Anyway?"


He will also be host of a new CBS prime-time game show, "The Power of 10," that will air first next month. He told The Associated Press on Monday that CBS officials first contacted him about "The Price is Right" immediately after he completed a pilot of the other game show this spring.


"My agent called me and said `I was talking to CBS casting today' and in my head I was thinking, `Oh, `CSI' guest star?' And he said what would you think about replacing Bob Barker on `The Price is Right?'"


Asked if he found the prospect of replacing such a TV legend daunting, Carey recalled talking to a friend who knows the game show business who told him, "as long as Bob Barker is cool with it, the fans will be cool with it."


"I'm cool with it," Barker said after hearing Carey's remarks.


Barker said he's not familiar enough with Carey's past performances to offer an opinion on his selection. But, he said, "I understand he ad-libs very well and that he has a very nice, friendly way of working, and I think both of those would be helpful to him on`The Price Is Right.'"


His advice for Carey: "Go out there and do that show the way you think it should be done. Don't imitate me and don't imitate anyone else."


While Carey said doesn't know Barker personally, the younger comedian said he was comfortable that his predecessor would be accepting when he took on the job.


The negotiation process was nerve-racking. While he was talking with CBS about the job, Carey said he got a call from another lawyer in Hollywood who told him one of his clients was offered "The Price is Right" job.


He figured CBS had lined up back-ups if the first choice did not come through.


"If I was going after a second baseman, I wouldn't just talk to one second baseman," the Cleveland Indians fan said. "If I were the general manager, I would be talking to a few second basemen."

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I'm not sure if Drew is a perfect fit, but it sure makes a hell a lot more sense than Rosie hosting. I am certainly proud of him, as he (and I) are from Ohio.


Drew will be on The Late Show with David Letterman tonight - he learned that he was selected to host TPIR just a few minutes before taping of tonight's Late Show.

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I'm cool with Carey as Bob's replacement. I doubt he would have the charm Bob had, but if he remains somewhat funny, at least The Price is Right will remain the only good thing about daytime TV.


Same here. I have to disagree with you Elissa, he seems to have that "fat dude funny charmy typey thingie." But some of his jokes do get pretty retarded...

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I don't like Drew Carey either. Hated his TV show. Thought he ruined Who's Line. Pretty much can't stand the guy.


Although I haven't watched or cared to watch Price is Right in 20 years so it's not like it will make any difference to me anyway.



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I think he will be alright. Not the first person I thought of for people to replace Bob Barker, but honestly, who can truly replace Bob Barker on the Price is Right? I can't think of anyone who would really be a great replacement on the show.


Who knows, maybe it will end up being a disaster like when George Clooney became Batman Val Kilmer did alright, but Micheal Keaton did the best (I havn't seen Batman Begins, but I also kid of think of that as a new line of Batman Movies).

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I love Drew Carey. I think he's absolutely hilarious. I'm glad the Price is Right got a good host. I also think they are trying to steer away from that "old guy who uses the an old microphone" sort of host. If they tried to get a classic host, who got kisses from all the ladies and was just that cool old guy, the popularity would drop. Let's face, Bob left some pretty big shoes to fill, so instead of trying to fill them, they've gotten a newer, different pair.

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I think he will be alright. Not the first person I thought of for people to replace Bob Barker, but honestly, who can truly replace Bob Barker on the Price is Right? I can't think of anyone who would really be a great replacement on the show.


I think your statement pretty much sums it up for me.

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