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Harry Potter 7 Launch Party Photo TR

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Hello guys! It's me black hole here just saying what an AMAZING night friday was. Seriously! My mate pulled a mooney at his own mum, got done by the police that didn't look like a policeman, The first person that got the book stole it ang sold it to a security guard for £2.50 and WE WERE FAMOUS! Anyway, here are some photos from the amazingly amazing night!!


I'm welll exited man!



Say goodbye to harry potter 6, It was nice knowing you! Oh wait, whats that! mmm..... bread.



If you don't live in england then you probably wouldn't have heared that we have had major problams with floods. And I mean MAJOR, Half the country is practically underwater! (well, sort of)



I love my town, it looks really nice and hostoric and stuff.






This is the queue. It was HUGE. It went practically all around my town.



Johnny looks very happy. He's just glad he didn't get done by the police like my other mate did, If i took a photo of my other mate, he would probably have killed me.






Emson showing of the harry potter 3 bookmarks they were giving away. Talk about cheapskate!



The funky bag you got with it. They stopped giving these away at 1AM when they ran out. I know because I WAS STILL THERE.



"Mummy, I need to go to the toilet!" "Pee in this bottle dear."






This is a very interesting caption for a very interesting shop. How interesting.



My sister. Can you guess what she is looking at??



My sister and her friend tory. 5 star caption I think you will agree.



Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this update! Please post comments and stuff. And remember, stay sane unlinke me!




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I guess i'm lucky to be living in the suburbs. I ran to the 24 hour walmart early saturday morning(like 12:30) and the books were right there...it didn't even look like anyone had bought any. The walmart was empty also.

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