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Cedar Point Trip 2007! Photos up!

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Hey guys!


I am really excited to tell ya that I will be up at Cedar Point August 2nd (thursday) and 3rd (friday)!!! Anyone want to meet up? I will be bring back a TON of pics and videos. I already posted a thread in the Ask Alvey section about questions I had.



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Bumping because I will leave around 7AM tomorrow. PM me if you wana meet up so I can give you my contacts! I guess I will wear a TPR shirt tomorrow, just to represent and say hey to the ops that are there.


See ya at America's Roller Coast!


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Pic TR time! So before we start....there was a party for KI employees the night before.


This was me at 12:45AM 8/3/07 haha


The same day at 12PM, I arrive at Cedar Point!


I found you, CP webcam!


Demon Drop is great! CF should reconsider what they are selling.


Raptor is the first coaster you encounter upon entering CP


Raptor swoops down to get it's prey...Derek wishes he was just that.


Oooo, pretty floralry.


Wow, that's a LOT of bird crap.


Mantis, Millennium, and ID are all on the west side of CP


Dragster sticks further out than fanboys on a coaster forum.


Corkscrew spins over the midway. I didn't ride.


Draggin' Iron has some awesome mist! Feels great on a hot day


Top Thrill Dragster was the first stop of the day. Everyone loves a 30 minute wait!


Up up up up....


And....under? The finish line! The dude in the front was totally doing the robot.


No, not #1.....but first ride of the day! Back seat of Gold Train


Oh boy...haven't been on this for a while. Here we go!


Incase you were wondering wtf happened in the last 17 seconds.


Magnum was a walk on. Some people don't like Maggie, but she gives a great ride!

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^Nope, still same wheels and spoiler gone!


Some nice Dragster Sunburst


Hmm...Millennium does look tempting, but on to better things first....




You've been waiting for it......



So Cedar Point has this new Intamin masterpiece....and credit #61


The line is about one hour to get on and off. I thought the qeue was small.


Sexy sexy themed trains...


The station be up there.


One of the qeue houses. AWESOME wild west music playing throughout.


Some random theming


Cool TV that shows the building of Maverick, TV spots, and povs.


And up the stairs into the station! I think this train is BART....which stands for BAD A$$ RUNAWAY TRAIN!!!!


Maverick Review!

The look:

I was really impressed with the ride structure. It's a LOT bigger in person. The trains are so quiet when the speed by, it wouldnt be heard if no one was screaming! I love the wild west theming. The qeue house and station is very nice and gives and old/worn look.

The trains:

So my first ride was in row five of six. The trains are great! The seats are almost by themselves, room between the person next to you so you dont bump arms! The seats aren't down in the train, they are elevated. I like how they fit theme of the ride color wise. They are colors an actual train would be, not green or purple or something.

The restraints:

I like them and yet they are ok. I'm 5'8" and can put my hands up without hitting the shoulder harness. I love that freedom! But the lap bar isn't grooved or fitted for your legs, so it's like a flat bar...and with Maverick's 4 ejector air hills, it's quiet uncomfortable. The should harness part is kinda squishy...it's an innovative restraint, I guess.

The operations:

The ride ops did a good job getting the line moving and the trains unstaked. This one op was great! She spieled on and on about crazy things that wouldn't happen on Maverick, like: "Alright riders, we'll launch you up a 105ft hill and toss you down, sending you underwater 9 times and inverting you 16. Hold you breath and enojoy your ride on Maverick....see you in 3 days! ......just kidding." It was funny to see people go "wtf?! underwater?!" LOL!



Once you are strapped in and sent out to the lift, life Dragster two by two. You either immediately start climbing or wait. 3/4 times, I launched. It was a little surprise being taken up that fast! It's 22mph I think the ops said and only takes about 7 seconds to get to the top. You have little time to look around before you drop....FAST! Since I was in the back, I got YANKED over that drop and holy crap, that is ejector air ladies and gentlemen. It's a quick jolt, but enough to make you go . But you sharply turn right into the canyon. With a snap to the left (and if you are prepared) a small headbang, and then another jolt to the right. Out of the canyon you fly and then speed upward, and then SLAMMED down with some crazy airtime! Then fly by the train and into the first Horseshoe Roll...it's quick but there's some airtime! I think I got the biggest smack against the shoulder harness there......then into the second inversion and get the same feeling, but no smacking. With a quick U-turn past the entrance you get a little pop of airtime and head into the tunnel. Since I was the first train 3/4 times, I launched immediately and didn't really get a chance to see what was going on. But the other ride, you slowed down to about 5 mph and crept to the launch. You hear the bells of a train comming with dim lights to the left and right, finnally passing a broken R&R sign. Then you launch to 70mph and speed by some HOT lights...it's like they have been burning all day! Or they trying to convey the heat of the train lights and the engine? (no fog in tunnel)Oh well, you fly out of the tunnel then up and over the pond, with a smack against the shoulder harness you dive back down as the water bombs go off and FLY through that S turn. (like everyone else said...holy crap! A heartline roll there?! Are they trying to kill us?!?!...oh yea, no water over the canyon) Then, you head up to the first Stengel Dive. Wow! That's a great element! The turn back around as you duel the train in the canyon. But then you speed up to the second Stengel Dive, and WOW! OMG! It's like you are being ejected from your seat and thrown back down in less than a second! And incredible feeling! And then you finish off the ride with a VERY nice airtime hill and turn into a smooth slow down in the brake run.


My Opinion:

I could barely talk from yelling so much through out the ride! Holy $!%#!! This ride is freakin' insane! It's all speed and action from start to finish. There's airtime on all levels EVERYWHERE! Maverick has it all: Airtime, Speed, Inversions, Turns, Special Elements, and SMOOTHNESS! Allthough my first ride got abit vibratey coming out of the launch. I was expecting a fun headbanger with an insane element taken out. But wow, this is an amazing roller coaster. It's deffinately a Top Ten, and I bet you will agree! It just proves that you deffinately don't have to build the tallest and fastest with most inversions to be the best! But it's my 61st credit and Number One on my top ten!


Enough text, onward to pics.


This part is incredible!


Insane layout with crazy airtime and inversions


No stacking at all!


Blink and it's gone. This thing is lightning fast from start to finish.


Water bombs were cool....didn't notice them during the ride though.


Down 95*!


Out comes Maverick at 70mph!


Nothin' but blue skyies and ejector airtime!!!!*

*with minimal lap bar uncomfor


Skloosh Sklooosh go the water bombs as Maverick flies by


Weeee!!!! Down into the canyons again!


Oh yea, the water looked pretty nice.


That train is all "OMFG YEAAA!!!!!!"


Oh yea, CP has other great attractions too.....


Like Pet the Cock


Oh and then there's this funny guy...."Attention pathetic humans of Cedar Point. We will cover this place in bird droppings if you do not supply us with 100,000,000 Elephant Ears" Ha...yea right.


Oh well, time for Millennium Force!


I didn't remember the final overbank yanking you back through!


It's one of the tallest and fastest, but delivers one of the best rides!


Very good final airtime hill. Kinda like Mavvie's but not as good airtime.

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More Day 1 pics!


Mmm....sexy blue curves....


Yea, it's very close to the line.


SROS wishes it had these trains.


MF's station. Awesome techno music is here.


Mmm....sexy trains fit only for the world's only Giga Coaster


Sorry MF, but even after an amazing backseat ride Maverick is #1.


Millennium Force is good stuff!


That there dun be da biggest loop de loop i gon did see. Mmmhm.


Look out for the TRIM!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!1


But really. It was on harder than the MCBR...it hardly makes the loop. I didn't ride because it made a scary loud KKKKKKKSSSSSSSSSSSTTTT CHUN CHUN CHUN!!!! noise


I love the skyride.


Time to ride Raptor!


[Like this caption is needed....]


Mmm....zero-g. Anyone notice how skinny MF is? Kinda like when you look at it funny, it almost dissapears...just like nicole richie...


Raptor climbing the lift. I thought Raptor was alright....too much headbanging. Top Gun:TJC >>>>>>> Raptor


For all those BS fans out there. It's a great woodie. In my top 5.


Yea, I rode WT....no line for backseat.


Dear God....call the fried dough factory, they are gathering!


And after that, I rode PT and then a dusk ride on...MAVERICK!


That concludes day one!



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Very good trip report and photos , I understand why Cedar Point is considered as the best park of the world . When I see your photos , I guess it rest place for new coasters in the future .


I have a question : What is the price for a room at one of Cedar Point's hotels ?? I want the cheaper price for a room with two beds ( because going to the USA from France is already very expensive ) .


Thanks !

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Very good trip report and photos , I understand why Cedar Point is considered as the best park of the world . When I see your photos , I guess it rest place for new coasters in the future .


I have a question : What is the price for a room at one of Cedar Point's hotels ?? I want the cheaper price for a room with two beds ( because going to the USA from France is already very expensive ) .


Thanks !


Depends which hotel you stay at. Hotel Breakers is the most popular choice as it is on the peninsula, and you get reimbursed for you parking.


Breakers Express is cheaper but also you have to drive to the park (<2 minute drive) and have to pay for parking.


All Cedar Point owned hotels give you early entry(ERT on Millennium Force, Maverick, Raptor)




You can check availability and price on that page and make reservations if you wish.


Earlier in the season you can get better prices, as when I went in May I could find rooms at the Breakers and Breakers Express at similar prices.

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Thanks for the comments guys, and here are day two pics! I also found out for to do an extra zoom on my camera, but it doesn't have that great of quality...


8:45 AM, at Cedar Point for day two. Kinda funny you can hardly see the best thing there.


Mmmm....first ride of the day with a 20 min wait.


A nice, smooth, slow finish.


The single rider line works fine. Too bad you don't get to skip much of the line.


Maverick dueling through the canyon and stengel dive


Maverick speeding through the final turn and airtime hill


Through the airtime fulled second inversion


That's one nice ejector air hill.


The whole set up of the twisted horseshoe roll


Coming down and turning up to the second inversion


Mmm...just look at it.


The train FLIES through it....it's orgasmic.


Close up of the happiest riders in CP


Can't get enough of that Stengel Dive


don't forget about that insane airtime hill


That's a nice stengel dive too.

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Mmm.....my favorite shot.


Enough of Maverick...back to Millennium Force!


That's one big overbank.


Somewhat of an overview of MF. Airtime and overbanks....at insane speed.


The airtime hill and turn before the boring straight away....


Power Tower was fun...haven't been on anything other than Intamin in a while.


CP's 16th coaster. My number 3.


What an adrenaline rush!


View from the station.


Mmm...very nice trains. I like the front WAY better than the back.


Dragster shot. Yup.


Gemini is wayyy underrated.


This one's for RapidsNerd! Wow.....you get DRENCHED on this ride...but wait....




Man, I am so sneeky texting on my phone....aw, late on the water bombs again....


MF sticks out through the trees.


I liked this shot...so I took it.


And this one too


I didnt remember the floater air being as strong this time around.

Go for the back seat and only the back seat!


Raptor mid loop......


Holy $@%$@#!!!!!!!!!!! Yea, every ride had a 2 hour line or more.....


Words of advice.....DONT GO TO CP ON A SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!



And that's all, folks. Thanks for reading/looking! TPR, you will have one HELL of a ERT! GO RIDE MAVERICK!!!!!!!!



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