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Is it pay per ride or can you buy a wristband ?


No, it is pay per play only. No wristbands, which is a huge let down for me but I think the reason for this is because different rides are owned by different people.

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Just back from the UK where I got to visit New Pleasureland at Southport. Gauntlet is coming along well, they had the loop started and also the lift hill was nearly complete and the new colours are looking good just freshly painted.


Most of the track parts are in the old car park at the rear of the park, just out in the open. No security at all I was able to walk straight in. Should have tried to take a gift or something. Imagine if something went missing they6 would be left with a half finished coaster.


Also there will be 4 credits once Gauntlet is finished for all the credit whores out there. There will be the new Gauntlet, Caterpillar coaster, The Drachen coaster is just a clone of Caterpillar with a Dragon instead. Also there is Ghost Chaser, small kiddie coaster and they have squashed this one in at the side entrance near the go-karts.


The park was very quiet on Monday evening when I visited, but I sure it kicks off a bit later. Ride ops looked very bored all just sitting around. But I was impressed with what they had there, although it is very squashed with the rides on top of each other.


Once I get the photos edited I will post them here.

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I never need to see another photo of the top of a Pinfari looper again!


Seriously, though, thanks for posting these pics! The whole "rebirth" of Southport is very interesting to me!


Minus the Fun House (any word if that will come back?) the rest of it looks better NOW than it did previously.



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The whole "rebirth" of Southport is very interesting to me!


See, Thats REALLY how I feel. Its just WAY interesting...Why Tear It Down. Then Rebuild? But then again, maybe thats what this "Park" needed.


It just kinda seems like a "Beech Bend" to me. Carnival rides on concrete everywhere...minus a GCI Woodie of course!


It will be interesting to see how this story unfolds.

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Here are some photos from New Pleasureland, which I took last week:-


The loop is taking shape.


Drachen kiddie coaster, close to Nessi.


View of Drachen kiddie coaster.


New kiddie coaster, Crazy Chase.


Sections of the track located in the car park at the rear of the park.


More of the loop.


View of the lift-hill.

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No, almost all the old stuff is gone. I went in the Fun House a few weeks ago, it's a real shame not to see the wheel there. I'm faintly hoping that one day they'll build another, but realistically that's just a pipe dream.


I was speaking with they guy who used to operate the wheel a couple of weeks back. He was back working the Fun House after they reopened it with the new attractions inside. The Pleasure Beach wrecking crew left it a real mess after they cleared the site out, which seemed totally unnecessary, unless this was their way of trying to eliminate the "competition" that might arise should the park start up again.

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I'm guessing some are going to stay there as they have only been installed recently. Like the new Gauntlet, it will be a few more weeks until this opens and the schools will be back before this, so the park might just operate on evenings and weekends until the winter I guess.


Some of the other flat rides are due to go off to some travelling funfairs but they have enough there to cope. Wonder when they are going to start spending this £100 Million.

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So is the plan that at the end of the season all these rides come down, or are any of them a permanent fixture for next year as well?




I couldn't give a definite anwser that one.


But I'd like to think that they've not just made the effort with rides that will only be there until the end of this year. Big stuff like the coasters, the travelling Chance pedulum ride and the Log Flume will hopefully stick around.


For the most part, I think the rides have come from several different showmen, as there is about two of the same thing on the site. There's about 4 crazy houses! So the smaller rides are probably mroe likely to come and go as they my be booked or needed elsewhere.


The people who've bought the site an 18-month lease on it, and that will run out at end of next year. So hopefully the major rides will be around till that lease is up.

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Norman Wallis (leasee of SNPL) is attempting to renew and extend the lease, long term.


2008 will bring the parks first static installations, and work has already begun on ground work and overall site clearence.


future machines WILL include a cyclone clone, and a further mega wooden coaster, ( subject to lease extension, which at present is looking favourable. )


The travelling machines were there to act as a stopgap, to get SNPL back into the publics eyeline again, some of these machines are booked to appear next season to bulk out the park a little. as well as new machines lined up from new operators.


a few pics from the past couple of weeks.













Whats left of the traumatizer station, after PBB limited, borrowed their coaster for PBB.



Photos copyright Rick Codona, North west Coastal Resorts 2007

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Okay work is all but complete, the train has found its new home on the transfer track and painting the remaining parts of the structure is underway.









Mark Manders Waltzer is another new arrival to the park.



and the unique UFO is begining to take shape.



Thats yer lot this time round kids, to see the full sets and so much more visit.



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Coaster set to open 22nd September 2007.


Along with additional attractions,



Freak Out,

Thriller Express Matterhorn.

Energy Rush Waltzer.


Plus all the usual park attractions and returning favorites.


A few shots from the last week, of the soon to open coaster.









Photos copyright Rick Codona 2007. NWCR : Dreamstorm Ltd.

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