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Robb & Miles go to Erasure @ The Grove in Anaheim

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I'm so sorry you didn't get pink scrunchies. They were handed out during trivia on the mini-Europe trip. And well, you decided it was best to leave us after Spain and go do some work thing. That'll learn 'ya!


** On topic **

I LOVE big, gay Robb!

And I'm jealous that he got to take in a fun concert with Miles!

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I'm so jealous you got to go see Erasure during this tour. They came to northern cali with the True Colors tour last month, but didn't schedule a show of their own.


I guess I will have to deal with just seeing Pet Shop Boys at the Hollywood Bowl in Sept.

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I was a teenager in the eighties, so I love eighties music.

Especially Depeche Mode and Devo.

Saw DM a few years ago here in Antwerp and it was unbelievable.

Btw, Devo has made the best cover ever (Satisfaction).


Nice pics and great to see that Erasure is still alive (didn't know they were still touring).

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Wow! What a great time you must have had at that concert, Rob! I love Erasure as well, but to be honest, I haven't really kept up with their new stuff all that much. After "Cowboy" I kinda stopped buying their stuff. I guess I should look back into them.


Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys and New Order are still bands I drool over and keep buying their records.


Of course, Im totally a Morrissey fan, still.

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I too LOVE no smoking at concerts! It makes it so much easier to see, and I'm not hacking and coughing after a show. I'm looking forward to the smoking ban going into place here in Baltimore next year.


Quoted for truth! 90% of the venues around here are non-smoking - but if they are purely a bar they can allow smoking. I went to see Ozma (kickass weezer like band) in a smoking venue the other week and it totally threw me off since so few venues in Florida allow it anymore.


As far as photography/video goes, it's pretty much up to the bands these days.


It also seems up to the venue as well - I have hit a few concerts recently that allowed photos at one show but at the next stop in the tour in another venue they did not. It gets pretty confusing!


Great TR Robb! I can't believe how many folks don't know Erasure!

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Thanks for making some of us old guys feel a little better Robb.



I like your five, close to mine with a little adjustment



1. DM went to all 4 local shows (including SD) last tour.

2. Boingo

3. Cure

4. Erasure

5. OMD/Pet Shop Boys/Tears for Fears

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Depeche Mode is amazing, their shows are still fantastic after all these years. I'm more of the hard rocker type but I really enjoy their music.


And as for the camera thing, a lot of bands have their own individual camera/taping policies these days, and some venues are a lot more strict about it than others. I've had some experience in the department of uhh..."stealth audience recordings."

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Everything about that TR was awesome, except for the fact that you mentioned "Margaret Cho" and "funny" in the same sentence without the word "not" in front of the word "funny."


I expect better from you, Robb.

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Don't know how I missed this thread. Erasure is one of my FAVORITE bands ever. The Advocate magazine refers to them as a "supergroup" and I have to agree. They have A TON of albums out, and as a gay boy from the 80's, they were a big part of my musical entertainment growing up.


Andy Bell has a fierce solo album out called Electric Blue. It's great. I didn't get to get up to Atlanta to see them last month, because all of my vacation time is earmarked for the Midwest trip next week, so thanks Robb for sharing.


Louise - I'm going to see the Cure in Atlanta on September 15! Before my Erasure craze, I wanted to BE Robert Smith in high school. The pictures of that hairdo are hilarious!



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Depeche Mode totally rocks live, even with their Exciter Tour in 2001 when I saw them, they totally made "Dream On" hip and fast.


Isn't the Cure working on a new record? I thought they were.

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Glad you like the new stuff Robb. Most people only really know the stuff from the 80's up until Cowboy which is where many believe they lost it. But the new album contains some of their best songs yet.


They're really are amazing live. Roll on September 25th when they're playing the Royal Albert Hall in London

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