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The Official "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows&quot

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I loved it. I loved the ending. It ended properly, the way it was supposed to end. You cant finish an epic with "All was well." if all wasn't well. It was charming to see her put so much sentiment into the book. I feel like the deaths were on the heavy side, admittedly--well, I didn't think so until Fred died. To see the embodiement of "fun" die got me choked up more than any other character, for some reason--so did when Harry is walking into the Forrest at the end and tells his mom, "Stay close to me." That made me shiver.


But yes, I loved the book. As I was telling some friends, I felt rewarded for investing the past 7 years of my life into the books.






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Just finished the book and all I can say is after reading this thread, who needs to read the book when you can read all the spoiler alerts


It was admitedly a challenge not to turn to the last pages to find out the 'key question' i.e. did HP die or not? - no SPOILERS here though.


I thought generally, the book was worthy of a concluding series and tied up a lot of loose ends. Although it was chunky at least every page had new material rather unlike 'The Order of the Phoenix' which regurgitated a lot of previous storyline.


It's fun - it's not to be taken seriously (IMO) and it has ended - Hurrah for IOA and roll on the new theming and rides for 2010.

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If finished it this afternoon, and..... I really loved it!!! The end is so amazing, so great!! The last chapter (when they are in the station) is pretty cute, and I think it's cool that it ends "softly".



I'm a bit proud of the fact I resisted the tentation to read spoilers or too let a look at the end^^ I even forced myself not to read the chapters lol.


I'm very glad to have spent so much money in this book (I was in London for the launch, the queue party at Waterstone was so great! I met so great peoples!)

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Harry Potter Blurb and beer comment


Hey I enjoyed buying that foam-topped beer for you! They'll be more in the future don't worry! Maybe even some fanta!










I think my reaction was a "bit" sudden, but the book still let me down so much! The ending was incredibly short and stunted. I expected Harry and Voldemort to have an epic battle where Hogwarts was torn apart (even more) and it all ended on the Lightning Struck Tower and Voldemort died over the edge, like a parallel to Dumblebore dying.


Oh well. There's "holes" in every story, eh George?

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I thought it was a nearly perfect ending because............













Everybody who you really wanted to see live (assuming they were alive at the end of book6) were still alive and well. Yeah they killed off a lot of people, but in my opinion, it wasn't anyone that I had that much of investment of feelings for....(except maybe for Weasley).....and I was happy that Snape pulled a Darth Vader ending....awesome.

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