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The Official "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows&quot

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Hey everyone!

I thought I would create a thread where you can discuss if you liked the book or not, how long did you wait, etc. I haven't read it yet because my brother is reading it, but we did wait until about two o'clock this morning to finally get it. Also, no spoilers, so you don't ruin the book for people who haven't read it yet!


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I have never read the books (I did read an exerpt from book 3 or 4 and was intriqued, but that was as far as it got....) or seen the movies... just not my genre, I guess, but we did get caught up in the HP Mania last night so I thought I would share.....


My family likes to go out to dinner and then head to the local Barnes and Noble or Borders and just browse and hang out for a couple of hours. We especially like to do this when Samantha is not along, as we don't have to spend all our time sitting in those tiny chairs in the kids section. Last night, Sam had an overnight event at her day care, so we went out to a late dinner (8:30 is late when you are over 40 ) and (and this was MY bright idea) to Barnes and Noble since I knew they would be open late.


OMG!! I have never seen so many children, babies, adults, teens in costume. It was like Halloween. Only much weirder. Some older lady (older than me) had stuffed cats all over her (what is THAT about?). There must have been 1000 people in that store and about an hour after we got there they closed the entrance and they would only let in the number of people that went out. Of course, with the exception of Herb and I, no one was planning to leave, so there was this huge line, easily another 100 people, outside the store and all they way up to the Old Navy store two doors down. You could not find a place to sit, the line at the Starbucks was HUGE and there were all kinds of things going on around the store to keep the crowd entertained. It was quite the experience. I wanted to stay until midnight to see the crowd go wild when the books were wheeled out, but my party pooper husband didn't want to. At least when we left at 11 two more people got to go in!!


It was enough to make me want to read the book.... or at least the last page or two so that I can find out what happens/ed to Harry.....


Shari "I was ready to declare myself a Muggle or something" Shoufler

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I'm on page 268... it's pretty good so far. I'm having a hard time putting it down though as I REALLY want to know what happens.


By the way, for those in Southern California... I just walked into Ralphs a few hours ago and got my copy for $20. Sweet.


Oh, and earlier today I dragged my husband to Order of the Phoenix, it was really good. I think it's the best movie so far.

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i honestly thought that it was amazing! so many tear jerkers in the book!






















I thought it really sucked how so many people died, i mean i dont think that it was absolutly nessesary to kill hedwig... i mean come on!


im seriously wondering how they are going to make this movie PG-13?


i mean, if they do it they'll have to cut out so many things, i mean like the snake coming out of the woman's neck.

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I'm about halfway through the book and loving every minute of it. But c'mon, what 3-4 deaths every 6-7 chapters? ergh, that's extreme....say the least...



But however in general, I'm really glad the books are over. I been waiting for this day and finally it came. THANK GOD.


Now, for the 3rd Eragon book? that's another story....

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Come on people, the deaths are absolutely necessary here to keep anything resembling consistency. It's known thanks to earlier books that when Voldemort was first getting really powerful he killed people left and right without any remorse, and so did the Death Eaters. Now, when he's come back, and he has no only his own greed driving him, but also revenge on Harry? OF COURSE it's going to be worse. There would have been no way to get around having a lot of deaths without the book seeming forced and very fake.


Also, who cares if it's PG-13 or not. Seriously, I find it hard to believe the last movie made that rating. the books have been getting progressively darker, if you hadn't noticed. They've never been really nice anyway.



Anyway, I loved it. I thought the epilogue was a perfect way to wrap things up to keep people from being all "WE NEED MOAR." With the two characters dieing, Im taking it she meant Harry and Snape? Honestly, I thought the Snape thing was AMAZING. I'm so glad she did that. I'm glad he's good. With everything leading up to that from books and books ago, it makes you wonder how much of it she's been planning from the get go. Then, even she hadn't been planning it, you have to give the woman major props for working everything together so well! She really made fantasy novels seem extremely realistic.


OKAY, but the last line before the epilogue made me groan. Such a bad pun, and so cliche and just..... I loved it.

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Really basic spoiler alert.


I've only read 50 pages at the moment... and i'm pretty pissed how the school didn't continue. There could of been a new headmaster, or something, but instead... well i'm actually not sure what's going to happen.

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^ It gets more exciting as you progress through the book.


















Who else besides me thought that was the lamest death ever? Seriously, I can understand Harry surving the Killing Curse once, but twice? It just doesn't make sense! However, I just finished reading the book, and it is defenitly my new favorite Potter. Lots of action but I'm sad because George died. I guess he had it coming to him after his ear got shot off.


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^It makes sense that he survived a second time. First, Voldemort had Harry's blood, which would make the protection of Harry's mother's sacrifice more direct. It didn't make Voldemort able to surpass that protection and like Dumbledore said, having Harry's blood only doubled the bond between Harry and himself. Now, also the wand that Voldemort was using, the Elder Wand, it wasn't his: it was Harry's! It was Dumbledore's, then Malfoy disarmed Dumbledore and it became his, but then Harry had "defeated" Malfoy when he took his wand and others when they escaped from the Malfoy's house, so it became Harry's. The wand would probably be weakened and not act upon it's owner with the same intensity. There's plenty of reason Harry survived.

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