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new coaster for six flags grate america

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ok heres how this form goes so you list a ride that you think should be replaced and the type of ride to replace it


ok well i hate the wizer but its super rare to find those roller coasters so i have to say to get rid of deja vu or the demon and replace it with a euro-fighter u know like typhoon

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^How could you say such a thing!


I wouldn't want them to take anything out, but I really want them to put in an awesome Intamin Giga Coaster like Millenium Force, because that's the highest that they can build. (Sky Trek Tower is as high as the area allows).



If I had to pick one to take out, I would vote out either Superman: Ultimate Flight or DeJa Vu.

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As much as I'd love for them to get ride of Superman: Not So Ultimate Flight, I say if any coaster is removed, it should be Demon. However, I would prefer they do what SFGADV did for S:UF and build their next coaster into the parking lot,(add grass like they did, and not just use asphalt as a theme like some other parks), and if they should get a new coaster(I'm happy with their current selection), I'd like to see one of those crazy bobsled coasters, a euro-fighter, or an Intamin zac spin.(aka ball coaster)

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It was moved into the games because the mods think this is just a joke. No offense to the creator but if everyone did this, it would just be chaos. I mean, there would be hundreds of topics like this. And it is pointless to make up crazy rumors and "ideas".

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