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JimmyBo's Photo and Video Trip Report: TPR Spain Tour

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Parque Warner

I don't know what to say about this park except that I still can't believe it was once owned by Six Flags. This park had amazing theming and I really enjoyed Superman, probably my favorite ride of the trip. It was a pretty hot day that day but they had some nice water rides to keep us cool. And again, what's with Spain and their awesome water rides...the rapids ride at this park was amazing and you could even fit 9 in a raft! Great times


Before we left, Kristie had to pay one last visit to her hero


Oh yeah, they had a drop tower too that shoots you up and then down


Full of twists and turns and happy Spainards


Tom and Jerry's Picnic themed coaster was fun


Yellow Hat Club had to make their mark somewhere


Spanish Scooby Doo!


Lex Luthers Flip-o-thon-thingy through the trees


Chinese theater!


The main walkway...yeah, it was busy


Western town needed a little work but with Coaster Express back there...what can you do with that area





Let's look at some theming around this park because...well...it was amazing


Hey guys, don't look too excited to ride Spanish Deja Vu


Stunt Fall which is the smoothest of all the Deja Vu's in the world (I still need the one in Goergia and then I have them all!)


Themed very well and trees covered this ride's layout


Next up was Batman with the zero-g roll into the Asylum


And definitely a thumbs up


Superman was yellow hat approved


Here's where if you were stupid enough you could actually touch the grass below...that is if you want to lose a hand


Pretty fun stuff


Interlocking corscrews are my favorite


The Cobra Roll was very intense and just kind of sits out there all by himself screaming for someone to give him some love


Upside down on the HUGE loop


First drop down into the desert valley below


Here's most of the layout. Themed around a desert it still was one impressive ride and we nearly killed a bird on the first ride of the day...stupid birds


Start the day off with this beauty...Superman


Complete with WB water tower


Here's the entrance to the once best themed Six Flags I've been to

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Unfortunately I didn't tkae any pictures for the Mini-Europe trip but here's a little report on what I liked about the parks



Messed Up! Seriously! With all the "do it yoursel" rides this place was amazing. Watching our TPR fat @$$es break the zip line several times was quite amusing. The Klotti coaster was one out of control ride that felt different pretty much every time I rode it. This place even had a little zoo area where you can walk through and play with Bambi. Fun little park



After finally arriving after our bus driver decided to ask a lady at a bus stop directions, I found that this place was a very nicely themed small family park. It didn't have a lot of rides but it had plenty of things to do. Watching Robb and Kidtums operate the coaster was AWESOME! And seeing Old Man Jeff being greeted by his wife (a Grandma) was a great birthday presant for him.

This place had a some stuff that defintely won't pass here in the states...who can forget the death slides and Jow slamming his head on the wall on the Wheel of Doom. Great memories at this park!


Holiday Park:

Even though we arrived late at this park I think we all still managed to get everything down. I saw boobies, rode the chairswing of death, got sent to hell on the log flume, and rode Expedition G-Force which has the best first drop of any coaster I've been on.

Here's the story of Big Mike getting beat by a girl...The woman of steel was juggling these huge steel balls that probably weighed about 30lbs each. The main guy asked for a volunteer and Big Mike raised his hand. The guy started explaining to Mike in German what he had to (basically it was rip a phone book in half in a minute) Mike just stood up there nodding his head and saying Si and Hola the entire time. Then the clock starts and Mike started to try and rip the book and then started waving at the fans. The main announcer guy comes up to Mike and started talking in English.

Announcer-"You have no idea what I just said, do you?"


AWESOME. In the end, Mike didn't rip the phone in a minute and the girl ripped it in half in like 20 seconds. So now we all can make fun of Big Mike that he got beat by a girl until he posts those pictures he promised us about!



TROY! Pretty much sums up the place. Their Booster Bike was more comfortable than the one at Flamingoland and Troy was just amazing! We even got blocks of Troy wood! It doesn't beat hammering a nail into Balder but it is up there on my most memorable experiences.



This place was amazing. The theming and detail was so unique at this park it just made me wish I knew German so I could understand at least of half of what was going on. Black Mamba has moved up into my top ten coasters and after riding it 10 times IN A ROW (that's right...I didn't get off the ride even though they "recommended" we shouldn't ride back to back because it's too intense). Nemesis is still the most intense ride experience I've been on. Winjas has no words to describe it and it is defintely a ride that everyone has to experience on their own.

In the end...it was all about the Dragon Bar!


Thanks again to Robb and Elissa for such an amazing trip and thanks to all the people that I met and caught up with.




You all are awesome and hopefully one day everyone will be able to experience a TPR trip!

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Thanks for the TR Jim, I am glad that you were able to use some of my photos that I sent. Here is one I didn't send.




The Juggling Women that beat Big Mike. Though I was laughing at the Hola and Si that I forgot to take Mike's picture up there.

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Thanks for all the comments guys. Since I didn't have much to report from the first day at Isla Magica I've uploaded a video for you all to enjoy.


If you like this video, and the others in this update, and can't wait till the next JimmyBo DVD comes out then don't forget to purchase JimmyBo and Friends Volume 1 from the TPR store.





02 Isla Magica.wmv

Isla Magica, 108 degrees of hot and sexy fun

02 Isla Magica.zip

Zip file of Isla Magica for all the cool people!

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Hey JimmyBo, great thread with all the pics and videos. It's so much more enjoyable checking out the sight now that I actually know some of the people in the pics and stuff.


A few things:


That galaxy at Tibidabo looks like it's a side friction coaster.


When Rich is getting his splinter removed, it almost looks like he's getting a manicure.


I would have been seriously freaked out approaching the lift when there's another train on it! But, I would have also seriously been counting the cash I would make selling my video footage to CNN and the AP...


What video program do you use that lets you do a window in window like when Jeff is talking about all the credits?

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^ Morgan, I use Adobe Premiere Pro for editing my videos. I like your new Toverland one on the main thread. It makes me want to go back to that park SO BAD!


Thanks to everyone else for the comments

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One more video for you all to enjoy. This time it's Parque de Atraciones Madrid.


*TPR EXCLUSIVE* Melanie's ERT Song!


That's right folks, the infamous ERT song, Abismo, Tarantula, Tornado, the awsome kiddie credits and more rides and lots of fun can be found in this video.




NOTE: This is the last video from the Spain trip I will upload so I hope you all enjoy it!

03 Madrid.zip

Zip file of the ERT SONG Madrid video

03 Madrid.wmv


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That was one of the best videos I have seen to date.

1. The song kicked ass! Good ole Goo Goo Dolls...

2. SteveC got some (most likely unwanted) screen time...give him more I say!

3. My own special segment , for a very special (as in leader of the yellow hat club) person. Thanks Jimmy!!!!


Seeing you in the videos almost makes me miss hanging around with you....except on airplanes, you crabby little bitch

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I like both, but in the first one, with the band playing, was the audio bad? Seen them playing, but would have been nice to hear them too.


I use Avid Liquid 7 at work. At home I got some crappy software that came with my video camera. I have only done one video, but the video it does is pretty nice. I wouldn't dare take it on coasters or anything right now since it is a brand new 400 dollar camera.

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