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Win a trip to Holiday World, including gas money

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I'd enter, but after reading some of the fine print, I doubt I would have time to head up to Indiana to pick up my prize of a nice stay at IB or HW, a cheap MP3 player, a gift card to Circle K, and some camera.


However, I'll try writing an entry here.


Why I should win a Great Indiana Getaway


Hello Indiana,


I sit in a room with 4 walls and a window gazing out at the so called "paradise" that is Florida. There is one place I have always wanted to go to and that place was Indiana. I want to go to a place that is the setting to a Gene Hackman movie. I always wanted to cross a time zone and spit in Ben Franklin's face over Daylight Savings. I have also wanted to see rows and rows of corn paralleling the highways of your fine state. But the reason why I want to go to Indiana was for its good wood. Why I should win a Great Indiana Getaway is because I want to ride good wood at Holiday World. In Florida, wood is usually dry and boring. However, in Indiana, the wood is fine and healthy and doesn't seem like it is jacked up on Viagra. So, as I stare out my window looking at a lifeless Florida, it makes me yearn for a Great Indiana Getaway to ride wood.

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Yes, Florida needs some good wood! The only good wood is the Dania Beach Hurricane. Triple Hurricane is pretty nice. Gwazi has gone to crap! I haven't been on the rebuilt Starliner yet.

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