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Richard Rodriguez's next Roller Coaster Endurance Record

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This summer will mark my 30th Anniversary on the World Record Rollercoaster marathon circuit, three decades after stepping on Astroland's Coney Island 'Cyclone' to set my first Guinness World Record endurance riding mark...


On behalf of this anniversary, having established 16 endurance riding World records over the past 30 years, I will undertake my most difficult rollercoaster marathon challenge to date. On May 27th, I will begin a marathon competition in England in an effort to reclaim the Guinness World Record rollercoaster endurance riding title.


In what is now called the "International Marathon Challenge 2007" I will compete against two German marathon challengers - Stefan Seemann and Frank Rossler "the Benjinator" - who will attempt to surpass the current Guinness World World Record endurance mark of 220 consecutive riding hours on board Freizeit-Land Geiselwind Park's "Boomerang" rollercoaster in Bavaria, Germany.


For the first time in three decades I will compete as the challenger and will attempt to dethrone a competitor who has anointed himself the new "King of Rollercoasters"... I look forward to our upcoming competition which will ultimately decide the crowning of the new rollercoaster marathon "king"...


For more details on my marathon track record and the upcoming "Coaster Challenge 2007" I invite you to go to my website: (http://rollercoasterfever.com).


Best Regards,


Richard Rodriguez

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I happened to be in Blackpool in 1998 when he was competing for the record (he won). Didn't actually see him as there was a little blue tent over the car he was riding at the time and we were told he was 'sleeping'.


Anyway I whooped it up as I always do on the Big Dipper and it didn't seem to wake him so I guess he is a true champ.


BTW - I have just taken a look at the website - it doesn't say too much but it is worth going on to see the mouse pointer in flames oh and the music is awesome (but not so awesome that you might want to use it anytime soon on a DVD Robb)

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I wonders is he doing the Big Dipper again in BPB, like he done before??


Fair play to him, he has some very impressive records on his site.


Set a record on Expedition GeForce in 2003, although attempting that record would be a pleasure to do, compared with doing the Big Dipper or a Boomerang.

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May 27th...

Surely that must be July 27th ? July 28th according to his website.


Anyway, he's about to ride the Pepsi Max Big One for at least 221 hours.


But why did those crazy Germans pick a damn Boomerang to break the record ?


Also, who has the record now ? Who rode 220 hours on what ?

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I saw him when he was at SF STL riding the boss for 100 straight days during park hours several years ago.

I know i would have a hard time riding that coaster for one whole day, yet alone 200!!

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A ride even more brutal than an SLC is the "Wild Mouse" at BPB, I've rode it 5 times in a row and came off with a head-ache and battered ribs.


I'll like to see someone stay on this for a whole day, let alone 220 hours.


Good luck with the latest record on the Big Dipper.


Anyone on the forum want to challenge him..?

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A ride even more brutal than an SLC is the "Wild Mouse" at BPB, I've rode it 5 times in a row and came off with a head-ache and battered ribs.


Even riding this 5 times in a row would probably be a record. I did it twice and was in bits too afterwards. Great ride to have a laugh on, but it is so brutal.


Don't think PMBO would be too bad for him, as it seems smooth enough. Just the drop to get used too, also it would get pretty cold being up that height at night. But I think this guy ends up sleeping on them.


Would love to try and have a go at a record, if a park let me.

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^ Or Space Invader.



But Space Invader's quite good!


PMBO is a decent choice for a marathon, though it's cold on normal days so I think they'll wrap him up towards the night, as it'll be FREEZING then...


Choice of Boomerang just gives a 'What-were-they-on?' sensation...

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"Richard Rodriguez officially kicked off his 18th rollercoaster marathon Guinness World Record attempt on the Pepsi Max Big One at Pleasure Beach, Blackpool on Friday 27th July at 9.00am.


Amazingly, rollercoaster marathon veteran Richard, 48, will eat, drink and sleep on rollercoasters for the foreseeable future as he takes on the ultimate endurance test. In accordance with stringent Guinness guidelines, Richard will accumulate 5 minutes respite for every full hour ridden to allow him to change clothes, shower, have a hot meal and transfer onto the Big Dipper for night time riding.


There’s an added twist to this unique record attempt – Richard will be going head to head with 2 challengers at Freizeitland Gieselwind park in Germany to reclaim the record he has held for nearly 30 years.


German Frank Rossler, known as ‘The Benjinator’, clinched the title last year by staying on the Boomerang coaster at Freizeitland for a total of 9 days and 12 hours, after a change in Guinness guidelines meant Richard’s previous endurance records were no longer recognised. The Benjinator will be attempting to break his own record on Boomerang once again as Richard rides the Big One.


But American Richard is confident he can beat The Benjinator and his sidekick Stefan Seemann and bring the title back to his favourite theme park in England, however long it takes.


The Pepsi Max Big One, Europe’s tallest rollercoaster, will be the biggest and most intensive ride anyone has ever undertaken a record attempt on, so this really will be Richard’s toughest challenge yet.


Commenting on the marathon, Richard said: ‘I was the undisputed king of rollercoasters for 30 years and I’m not going to watch these German challengers take my crown.


I proved my endurance in 2000, staying 2000 hours on the Big Dipper here at Pleasure Beach. Guinness Book of Records guidelines are a lot tougher these days, but I’m sure the Pepsi Max Big One dual coaster format will add a whole new dimension to this record attempt. Bring on the challenge!’


Amanda Thompson, Pleasure Beach Managing Director, added: ‘Myself and all the staff at Pleasure Beach would like to wish Richard Rodriguez the very best of luck. Pleasure Beach is the rollercoaster capital of the world with 11 classic and modern coasters, so it’s only right that the world record should be held right here in England. It’s exciting for everyone involved to be working with Richard once again."

( www.visitblackpool.com )





He has done this before (on the Big Dipper). Just wonder what you guys think?? Could you do what he is doing? Or would it put you off Rollercoasters for life?? (Remember, he has to sleep too - albeit on the Big Dipper, but hey, it's all jerky and stuff, being an old woodie.)

Plus he must be getting on a bit - he has held the title for 30 years!!!

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Incredible- and pointless. No, I couldn't do it, nor would I want to. Coasters are something to enjoy, not endure.

The only ride I think I could stay on for a long time is a Ferris wheel- stuck at the top, with a potty and some books, I'd be in heaven!

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