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List the parks you visited in 2007

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2007 so far has brought me to...


Lake Compounce

Six Flags New England

Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags Magic Mountain


Disney's California Adventure

Adventure City

Knott's Berry Farm

Universal Studios Hollywood

Casino Pier

Morey's Piers (3 parks)

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I'm not going to even try to do how many times. These are the parks we have hit so far this year:


The Park @ MOA


Worlds of Fun

Silver Dollar City

Celebration City

White Water

Six Flags St. Louis

Hurricane Harbor St. Louis


Coney Island Cincinnati

Wonderland Park

Kings Island

Boomerang Bay Kings Island

Cedar Point

Geauga Lake

Wildwater Kingdom

Kalahari Sandusky


Holiday World

Splashin' Safari


Como Town

Six Flags Great America

Hurricane Harbor Chicago

Mt. Olympus

Timber Falls

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April - Dollywood

King's Island (Homepark)


May - Holiday World

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

Cedar Point


June - King's Island


July - Six Flags Great America

Little A-Merrick-A

Timber Falls Adventure Park

Mount Olympus Theme Park

Knuckleheads, (whoring it up on the kiddie coaster!)

Indiana Beach

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom


September - Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom


October - Cedar Point for Halloweekends

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Dates when I have them, or remember them:

7/9/2007 Dutch wonderland

7/7/2007 Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid

7/6/2007 Terra Mítica

7/5/2007 PortAventura

7/5/2007 Festilandia

7/4/2007 Tibidabo

7/4/2007 PortAventura

7/3/2007 PortAventura

7/2/2007 PortAventura

7/1/2007 Parque de Atracciones de Zaragoza

7/1/2007 Parque de Atracciones Madrid

6/30/2007 Isla Mágica

6/29/2007 Parque De Attraciones Madrid

6/26/2007 Keansburg

6/26/07 Funtown Pier

6/26/2007 Casino Pier

6/25/2007 Astroland

6/24/07 SFGAD

6/24/07 Blue diamond

6/24/07 SFAmerica

6/23/07 Deno's Wonder Wheel

6/23/07 Boomers

6/23/07 Adventureland

6/23/07 Rye Playland

6/23/07 Krazy City

6/22/07 Quassy

6/22/07 SFNE

6/21/07 Great Escape

6/20/07 Sylvan Beach

6/20/07 Seabreeze

6/19/07 Canada's Wonderland

6/17/07 Martin's Fantasy Island

6/?/07 SFGAM

5/?/07 Kings Island

5/?/07 Indiana Beach

4/?/07 SFKK


36 visits 32 Different Parks

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Wild West World

Worlds of Fun

Cedar Point

Soak City(does this count?)

Magic Kingdom



Islands of Adventure

Universal Studios

Busch Gardens Tampa


Old Town


In that order I think


Visited each park once except Cedar Point twice.

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^ That's not pathetic. You're 12, when I was 12 we hardly did ANY parks, we didn't even do Carowinds every year.


Carowinds (multiple times, home park)

Ghost Town in the Sky (construction tour)

Ober Gatlinburg

NASCAR Speed Park (Pigeon Forge)


Geauga Lake

Cedar Point


NC Zoo (hey, they have a carousel!)

Busch Gardens Europe

Kings Dominion


Still to come...Ghost Town in the Sky.

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I removed my trips to SFOG and I got this...


7/11/2007 Phantasialand

7/10/2007 Toverland

7/10/2007 Phantasialand

7/9/2007 Erlebnispark Tripsdrill

7/9/2007 Holiday Park

7/8/2007 Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten/Cochem

4/22/2007 Dollywood

3/30/2007 Wild Adventures

3/18/2007 Disney Epcot

3/18/2007 Disney Animal Kingdom

3/18/2007 Disney MGM Studios

3/18/2007 Disney Magic Kingdom

3/17/2007 Sea World Florida


man. it's been a slow year for me. At least that is a pretty quality list of places! ... apart from Wild Adventures

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Ummm... Darien Lake. Maybe once more. Possibly but probably not BGE.


I don't exactly have a way to go to whatever parks I want, my mom isn't much of a parkgoer. Next year though, I'll be increasing my parks substantially, because I'll have my license.




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Busch Gardens Africa

Animal Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

MGM Studios


Six Flags St. Louis

Six Flags Great America

Holiday World


I guess I'm not doing as bad as I thought I was. I'll probably hit one or two more which probably either Cedar Point, Kennywood, King's Island, Six Flags Kentucky Krapdom, Beech Bend, or Six Flags Over Georgia.

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