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Weird SFMM Question

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Okay, so people are probably going to be wondering why I'm going to be doing this at SFMM. But I really don't have a choice.


Heres the deal: My girlriend and I have been together for a long time.


The next time I'll see her is on August 8th when we drive up to SFMM.(She's currently up in Fresno with her father)




So I bought her a beautiful promise ring, which I plan to give her the next time I'll see her. Unfortunately this almost certainly has to be done at SFMM.


Anyone know of any semi-romantic spots to do this at? (I don't expect much, cause this is SFMM)


Thanks in advance

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I would suggest...


-To the left of Batman's entrance and the right of the corn stand, there is a large park-like plaza, with a statue in the middle. Nobody is ever over there and it actually looks decent, surrounded by trees. The only concern is the occasional roar of the two adjacent B&Ms.


-As Wes mentioned, the SkyTower is a prime location, with lovely views in all directions--also a perfect place for something like that. My only gripe about it is that the interior is blandly carpeted and inside of the windows just isn't that pretty.


-Yes, the fountain is also nice, although the waterfalls dont work. But I dont suggest doing it right in the front plaza, as that's very public. However, the to the right of the fountains is the Plaza Cafe and it has a small terrace on the back-side of the fountains. It's actually very pleasant back there and no one ever is over there. If you can do this at night around closing time, it's even better as the fountains are colored and there are now strobes that make the hill "sparkle".





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Fresno!?! ACK! Why Fresno!?!


Aside from Jokes, I wanted to wish you the best of luck with your treatment, and you have thought up an excellent plan for your lady. I hope all goes well for you, and I think I speak for all of us when I say, hope to hear from you soon! I Expect a PTR!!


Take Care Man,



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Okay, so now we've changed our minds and are going to KBF, what are some good spots there for her to recieve the promise ring?


I was thinking the waterfall by Mystery Lodge. But I'm not really sure.

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Wait in line for Calico Mine Ride and act like you "found" the ring in the waterfalls, that would be some points for creativity! "Hey what's that over there..." I'm glad to hear your condition is improving and I wish you the best of luck.


Let us know how it goes with the lady!

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