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Photo TR: Yet Another TPR Spain/Mini-Europe One

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To start off, if you want to know what the beginning of my trip was like go read the first few paragraphs of RaptorBoyASU (Kyle's) photo TR. I did not take any photos on Day 0 because I was so tired, so out of it, and pretty ticked at not having my luggage. Throughout my photo TR I noted some unique cultural differences/different laws than what is known in America. So without further ado, here's my attempt at a photo TR. Enjoy!


I guess I'll close out this TR with a photo of Black Mamba.


Funny story behind this photo. (Read Below)


James, that's my house.


Just like Tibidabo, I might have been the only one who found these animated fairy tale displays in the back of the park near the lake. Quite charming stuff that I enjoy checking out.


So Jay's like, "I get the king bed." And I'm like, "I don't care cuz I get the top bunk!" This is at Hotel Ling Bao at Phantasialand. The same scenario played out at the hotel at Port Aventura as well.


I pulled the Trojan horse to Toverland...piece of cake.


Yep, that's us biotch! (At Toverland)


Um...here's the outside of the Silbermine dark ride at Phantasialand, yeah.


This was actually at Klotten Park but I loved how in Europe people were able to take their dogs for a walk at theme parks just as if it were a city park. Well, not in America! The poor things have to be left either at home or in a kennel. :(


It's only the best coaster in the world.


Here's the entrance to the dark ride that I didn't get to go on BECAUSE IT WAS CLOSED!


A cigarette vending machine in the middle of Holiday Park. Again, not in America since they are sold from behind the counter here.


"Hi, I'm Expedition GeForce and my trims are on a bit too hard but you'll still like me."


And this picture is for all the guys out there. This is from the Bathtub themed flume ride.


This picture is for all the girls out there.


Sweet! Boob ashtrays and wine too. Once again, not sold in American theme parks!


I LOVE this sign! I want it in my house.


Boy, look at that clearance. Not in America!


On the lift of G'sengte Sau. I feel like JFK for some reason..."Hello good citizens of the world."


"Don't bother me! I'm taking a dump." This cool guy was at Tripsdrill.


Yeah, this is what I was going for. :)


I like how this goat's all "No don't touch me, go away."


WIDE OPEN SPACES! (I don't know what that's from but I heard it somewhere.)


Ooh, I like puppet shows!


Here's the awesome Klotti Coaster at Klotten Park! Airtime and insanity galore!


And there's Germany. Yes, new country credit!


Got my foreign McDonald's credit twice! Yay!! This is back in Madrid.


God, look at that!! It's also ok to wear bikini tops (and bottoms too) in a Spanish theme park. Not in America! (See a recurring theme here.) And because it fits, I'm gonna steal that catchphrase "I love Spain!"


So here we are at a Spanish theme park where it's ok to wear hot pants. :o Not in America!


WTF is Snow White doing here?!


Now we're at Parque Warner Madrid and this is Stunt Fall. It's funny that Stunt Fall became my first Deja Vu credit and probably the hardest one to get!


And this is how I gained notoriety...


The outside of the Labyrinth of the Minotaur. The best non-Disney dark ride I've ever been on!


Damnit! Missed credit and new type of ride.


"There it is. Take it." (If you know where that quote came from, kudos to you.)


This friendly cat followed me around the Benidorm hotel for awhile after Breakfast.


There's your Draky photo. This ride was way overrated! ;)


We went to the beach and the water was actually warm. However, there were no topless ladies to be found. :(


Next we arrived in Benidorm to ride Draky and go to Terra Mitica. First we got to explore the city of Benidorm. Yes, we went in there and they pretty much had everything under the sun related to sex. In my naivety, I thought there'd be prostitutes in the back of the shop. But much to my dismay, there weren't.


Gofres...these were so damn good! It's a waffle smothered in chocolate syrup and whipping cream. I had two of 'em.


Back at Port Aventura, Tommi and I just had to drive this Jeep!


Now I might have been the only person that found this little museum at Tibidabo showing off old animated displays that used to be out in the park. It was pretty cool!


I just really liked this house. I could live there...


Freakin' Don! Jumping in the frame at the last second.


Here's a view of Barcelona from Tibidabo. (And that, my friends is a boring caption.)


Here's the wicked coaster at Tibidabo.


See, Spain has these awesome old historic castles scattered throughout its countryside unlike America.


Ah yes, the waterpark. It was small and we did it in about 2 hours.


There, there's your coaster shot. You're gonna take it and you're gonna like it!


Once again, love the themeing. Oh and this is Grand Canyon Rapids.


I dunno, I just liked this sign. I love old west theming, it's the best!


Day 3 and the beginning of Port Aventura.


Psychedelic mirror photo taken at Zaragoza - Myspace style!


They had a scary dark ride there too.


Holy crap! Exclusive on-ride POV shot of the kiddie log water ride at Zaragoza. It's certainly a unique ride you'd never see in America.


Mmmm, that's a tasty looking lake.


Picture of Ramses with Don's head!


Picture of the entrance with Tommi's head!


Look at the guy standing up in his car, pretty gnarly!


OK, so on the way to Parque de Attracciones Zaragoza there was this car accident that I just had to get photos of!


Cave of the Tarantulas, the pretty cool suspended shooting dark ride built underneath Tarantula.


Turbulencia! Yay!!!


Oop, Day 2 and we're already at Parque de Attracciones Madrid.


Nice shot of Shaguar in the distance.


Here's a coaster pic of Tren de Potosi for you all...blah, blah whatever.


A cool pirate in the queue for Captain Balas, the shooting dark ride at Isla Magica.


Day 1: This is some of the lovely Spanish countryside we saw on the train ride to Isla Magica.

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Onto the story that supplements that photo above: So I'm in Phantasialand in the Wuze Town building just taking photos. I go through an exit in the building which said Ausgang (exit in German) and I start to walk down this stairway. I suddenly notice the lack of themeing as it looked kind of like an industrial, backstage area. I turn around to go back into the building but the door is locked on the side I'm on. Oh crap! So then I quickly snapped that photo of some German homes and start wandering around backstage Phantasialand in mid-panic trying to find an entrance back into the park. I wandered for a good 10 minutes before I found a park employee. I told the employee "I took a wrong turn out of the Wuze Town building and need to get back into the park!" He then politely directs me out of the backstage area and back to the main entrance where I was easily able to reenter the park with the ticket I still had. Whew!


And now for some favorites...

Top 5 Coasters of the Trip:

1. Expedition GeForce

2. Winjas

3. Klotti Coaster

4. Tarantula

5. Superman


Now I'll have you know I'm not jumping on the bandwagon with GeForce. Out of the 110 coasters that I've ridden it was the best. But it's closely followed by Xcelerator as my second favorite overall coaster. I'm also a big fan of spinning coasters so that's why Winjas and Tarantula are on there. They're just so much FUN and no two rides are gonna be the same. Klotti Coaster was just insane and Superman was a really great B&M. Loved the Zero-G and the corkscrews on the latter.


Favorite Parks: Tibidabo and Tripsdrill (It was the beauty of these parks that did it. Well, another thing I liked about Tibidabo was that hot ride op by the name of Crisa I talked to at the Airdiver thing.)

Best Dark Ride: Labyrinth of the Minotaur (Awesome Sally shooting dark ride at Terra Mitica.)

Best Drop Ride: Hurakan Condor (Enough said there)

Best Flat Ride: Ciklon (Disko at Isla Magica)

Best Water Ride: Rio Bravo (Parque Warner Madrid - Great themeing and a totally unexpected bit of airtime.)

Best Hotel: Benidorm (Enough said there)

Biggest Disappointment: Furius Baco (Not once did I have a good ride on this thing. Everytime I rode, the vibration of the ride just gave me this awful migraine feeling in my head. Loved the theming, queue, and pre-show so I'll give it that much credit. But please Intamin, just stick to having people ride on top of the track!)


Other Highlights of the Trip:

1. Exploring the city of Benidorm which included: Pizza Hut, sex shop, the beach, other random shops, and James getting his metal booger piercing.

2. Talking to a lovely Spanish senorita by the name of Rosario on the plane ride from Madrid to Dusseldorf. That was fun!

3. Getting my luggage after Day 1 at Isla Magica. I know it wasn't as long as some others on the trip but I still know what it feels like.

4. I also hit my 100th coaster on the trip which ended up being Rasender Tausendfussler at Tripsdrill. (Eh, no biggie.)


Scariest Highlights of the Trip:

1. Deka going off on Don.

2. Deka going off on James. (which probably should've been me, but thanks for taking the abuse for me James)



Now what more can be said about the retardedly hot women of Spain. They're hotness probably has to do with them all being my type of woman (brown-eyed brunettes with slightly browned skin, and thin curved figures to match). I mean screw American women, I want one from Spain speaking broken English with a Spanish accent. Simply irresistable!



Jay: Thanks for being a cool roommate. I'm glad I didn't end up with a jerk.




And I'm spent.

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And yeah Snow White at Tom Y Jerry was really odd... All the girls with her had shirts with her face on

Yeah saw that, I guess she could've like lost a bet or something and therefore had to wear that and her friends are supporting her or then she's a local spanish star which her 'friends' or stalkers idolize or then she might really be Snow white eitherway.


Nice TR Ben!

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Very nice Photo TR and funny exit story. This could have happened easily to me, too.


Since you were looking for pictures with yourself in them, I searched through mine and found one of that swing thing at Klotten. I'll just post it in here. If you want a better version of it just send me a pm or e-mail.


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This is a typical rush hour scene in South Florida. And when I come home late at night from partying, I slow down because there's no telling if you'll come across this before the rescue crew does.... a friend had to swerve around the bodies on the highway!


(just a tip for those who plan to party in south florida)


All the pics is making me anxious for the Midwest Trip next week.



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