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A thread for the night owls that find themselves checking out the TPR forum board! What's keeping you up so late? Just got back from the club and trying to come down off all those Red Bull and Vodkas? Caught a late-night movie and thumbing through the forum at your local coffee joint? Having a slumber party and showing everyone your 'way-cool' construction photos of Tatsu? Or, maybe just lonely and hunting down some pics of Lou, Elissa, or that Hoffman girl (or...maybe Robb?).


For myself, nothing near that fun (or stalker-like). It's past midnight here in Euro-time, and I'm stuck at yet another night shift at work. TPR is one of the few websites not blocked by the internet fun-Nazis here, so I definitely find myself here a lot when I need to pass some time. If they do block it, I'll be forced to do things like schoolwork or even...the work I'm supposed to actually BE doing


Anyhow, what brings you here during the late hours?

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The latest I've been up on the forums would have to be like, 12:30 AM. That usually happens if chat was extremely interesting (which is rare these days).


Chances are, if I'm extremely bored and I can't sleep, maybe once in a RARE while I will post here during the graveyard shift. Other than that, me at midnight is usually asleep or watching f***ed up crap on either [adult swim] or Conan.

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I post here every now and then late at night. But that'll all go away as soon as September 5 comes around (stupid school) then I'll be posting at Midnight or Later on weekends.


But during the summer, when I pull a late nighter I usually check for updates or any new responses in threads.

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