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Great America Report

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I got back from Great America Monday and I am ready to post my second park report for Midwest Trippers.


The Park

The park is still really big and really fun. However, the layout can be very deceiving. For example, if you're in County Fair and you want to go on Batman, it's just across the way but you have to walk all the way around.


Raging Bull

What can I say? A very huge, very smooth, very exciting roller coaster. Big drops, twisting turns, and a crapload of airtime, especially in the back seat.


Deja Vu

For those Vekoma haters out there, get ready to have your minds blown. Deja Vu is an incredible ride experience. It's fast, very intense going backwards, and SMOOTH 'shock'. Definitely worth a ride.


Batman - The Ride

This is where the inverted roller coaster started. They started off on the right foot! Very intense, very exciting and some great footchoppers.



Robb is right. This is a very exciting woodie. Tons of airtime all over the ride, especially in the back. Watch out for ejector air over the last hill.



This classic Arrow is actually kind of decent. As long as you sit in the back and have a long neck, like me! Airtime on the first drop in the back = OMG!


American Eagle

A very rough, classic ride. Some decent air, but some of the worst shuffling I have experienced. Your back, legs, your whole freeking body will ache. Avoid unless you REALLY want to ride.


Iron Wolf

Why do people hate this ride?! It's a hell of a lot of fun! Just keep your head firmly to one side and you will have a great time!


Ragin' Cujun

This is a VERY evil ride! It spins like a top on crack! No knobs to pinch your ass like Opa. But be careful when you get in line. It moves extremely slow.


Vertical Velocity

Intamin goodness! My classmates think it looks lame, but OMG! It is so fast and spinny! More spin in the front, more intensity in the back.


Superman - Ultimate Flight

A very interesting experience. Not incredibly scary, but a very cool ride. The pretzel loop is tasty!





Iron Wolf






Raging Bull


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Ragin' Cujun

This is a VERY evil ride! It spins like a top on crack! No knobs to pinch your a$$ like Opa. But be careful when you get in line. It moves extremely slow.

I would like to make sure everyone knows the line moves as fast as it possibly can given the rides circumstances .

Cajuns not an ordinary mouse, unfortunatley:

Max 3 adults per car, resulting in lots of "groups of four" cars being sent out with 2 people.

PLC allows 1 car to be on the lift at all times, theres pretty much always a car waiting in the dispatch zone that sends once the one in front of it has cleared the lift.

Due to a complaint of whiplash, no more than 1 car can stack in the brake run now (there are 2 sets of brakes for stacking in the brake run) so the ride can run no more than six cars even though its designed for 9. Even though the crew is fast and it never stacks, its still too big of a risk to add more cars because the ride might set up.


The spinning also greatly depends on what car your sitting in, 2 of the cars are still running nylon wheels and flying like no-ones business, the rest are all pretty good, then car 2 is much slower than the rest.

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I was at SFGAm today and just got back. Over all it was a great day. I have to agree on the first drop airtime on the demon is amazing from the back seat. i wasn't expecting it and my knees litterally came to my chest. Not even exagerating. As for Deja Vu. It is a great ride if you can get on it. It is a guessing game with a lot of luck to see if the darn thing is running and if it is hope that the line does not last 2 hours. If you do get inline expect it to break down at least once during your wait. I got on it today after some luck when they reoppend the que late in the afternoon and happened to be able to get on the second run after open. Iron wolf however is another story. If you like to play human pinball using your head feel free to enjoy otherwise enjoy. I am sad to report that the first B&M is probabaly the worst and i will only ride if the line is under 20 min.


Other then that have a great time to all the people on the midwest trip!!!!

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