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Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon

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Well, what do you want in a waterpark? I'd personally recommend Blizzard Beach, because it has a lot more to do. Typhoon Lagoon only has a giant wave pool and that's about it. I'd definitly try to make it to both though, through more trips to Disney. Keep the questions coming!

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I have only been to Blizzard Beach so I cannot say anything about Typhoon Lagoon.


Typhoon looks pretty good. The theming and all looks nice.

But I think, if you are looking for Thrills, Blizzard Beach is better. It has Summit Plummet, really huge waterslide. 120ft, I think. It also has other great slides.

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I've never been to Blizzard Beach, but I have been to Typhoon Lagoon. The wave pool can be very fun and there is a fair amount of things to do. But it is really a relaxed kind a water park which is a great place to lounge around at on days you need a little down time. The sheer amount of tropical plants is great and I remember the lazy river was amazing, really making you feel like you were in the center of a jungle.


Blizzard Beach does have more stuff to do though.

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I've been to both, and to give you an idea of how much better one is than the other, we were in Typhoon Lagoon for about 2 hours and I went on everything and we were at Blizzard Beach for about 6 hours and I got on everything. There is a LOT more to do at Blizzard Beach, but Typhoon Lagoon has Howmunga Cowabunga and the Master Blaster type coaster. But, I think BB is a better park with Summit Plummet (my number one slide), Downhill Double Dipper, and the mat slides. Slush Gusher hurts, don't go on it.


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^Slush Gusher is awesome! You can get massive air off the last hill.


I'd go to Blizzard Beach, but then again I haven't been to Typhoon Lagoon in a while and I don't really remember it.

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I personally prefer Typhoon Lagoon because of the themeing, and the atmosphere. It is like being on a tropical beach, a very busy tropical beach, lol.


It has a few good slides and rides, the huge wave pool is good, and the beach areas are nice, if you can find a space.


If you are looking for a more fast pace day at a water park, I would go for Blizzard Beach for all the slides, but if you want a slightly more chilled out day, go to Typhoon Lagoon.

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I liked Typhoon Lagoon looks wise, I wasnt blown away by the slides though. I though the ones in the rings were quite tame. I have since found out they have added speed bumps as they were too fast!

This year while I'm there Blizzard Beach is open instead of Typhoon so I'm really looking forward to seeing the difference. I am definately more excited about this park though.

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I've only been to TL (BB was closed during our stay).


I really liked TL's theming. The lazy river was great. The waves in the wavepool were gigantic and really awesome. Slusher gusher was still under construction during my visit so cannot comment.

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I pretty much echo what everyone has said.


Typhoon Lagoon is NICER, but does not have as much to do as Blizzard Beach. It's a hard call now though since I really love TL's wavepool and now crush and gusher.


Hopefully BB will get a new slide sometime soon as well.

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Both great parks, but TL wave pool is the most fun thing ever invented! Get as close as you can to the front wall, then when the wave comes, turn around and swim like the clappers! You'll sail along on the top of the wave when it reaches you. It's a real blast.

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Blizzard Beach hands down. There is nothing cooler (no pun intended) than riding a chairlift up a ski hill in the middle of central Florida. I love the rides there as well. The river is unbeatable. They have a family raft ride that lasts for MINUTES, and Summit Plummet rocks my socks. However, If you are looking for something more beach-like you may want to check out Typhoon Lagoon. The wavepool is first of all HUGE with 6.5 foot tall waves and a huge sand beach. Also, you can snorkel with sharks for free, making you feel like you are at the ocean. If I had to choose 1, it would be Blizzard Beach for sure!

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Here's a list of rides with a description and rating.


Blizzard Beach



Summit Plummit - One quick drop at 120FT, 60MPH, amazing rush. 9/10

Slush Gusher - 3 Daring drops, immense speed, airtime, 110FT. 10/10

Teamboat Springs - Long, twisted, great drops, speed, wetness. 9/10

Runoff Rapids (single rider) - Enclosed, fast, unexpected, soaking. 10/10

Runoff Rapids (multi-person) - Twisted, fun, family ride. 7/10

Downhill Double Dipper- Underrated, amazing, airtime, fast, fun. 10/10

Snow Stormers - Fast, twisted, mat, wtf-ride,racing. 7/10

Toboggan Racers - Mat, fast, airtime, racing. 8/10

Lazy River - Tunnels, fast, relaxing, wet, interactive scenery. 9/10

Wave Pool - Not really waves. 6/10


85 out of 100


Typhoon Lagoon



Wave Pool - Huge, immense, awesome, crazy, wild, wet, fun. 10/10

Crush N Gusher - Fast, twisted, uphill water coaster, airtime. 10/10

Humunga Kowabunga - Enclosed, speed slide, fast, wedgie, fun. 8/10

Shark Snorkeling - Cold, weird, fun, free. 7/10

Mayday Falls - Twisted, unexpected, painful, wtf-ride. 8/10

Keelhaul Falls - Nice relaxing, fast, fun. 8/10

Family Raft - Fun, fast, too short. 7/10

Sitting Slides - Long, wedgie, pain, wtf-ride. 7/10


65 out of 80


Since Blizzard Beach has more to do, I would recommend Blizzard Beach, I think both parks are an awesome experience though, I just like Blizzard Beach better personally.

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