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What are your TOP TEN COASTERS

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Here's an updated list from me:


1. Voyage, Holiday World

2. Thunderhead, Dollywood (Tie)

2. Kentucky Rumbler, Beech Bend Park (Tie)

3. Millennium Force, Cedar Point

4. Cornball Express, Indiana Beach

5. Magnum XL-200, Cedar Point

6. Phantom's Revenge, Kennywood

7. Raven, Holiday World

8. Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point

9. Superman: Krypton Coaster, Six Flags Fiesta Texas (tie)

9. Tatsu, Six Flags Magic Mountain (tie)

10.Raging Bull, Six Flags Great America


Although I have only been to these parks:






Geauga Lake

Kings Island

Kings Dominion


Indiana Beach

Holiday World


Cedar Point

Disneyworld (MK, MGM, Epcot, AK)

Disneyland (not DCA, though )

Michigan's Adventure


Beech Bend Park


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I can't believe I haven't replied here:


1. Avalanche-Timber Falls

2. Chang-SFKK

3. Viper-SFGAM

4. Cyclone-Lakeside

5. Raging Bull-SFGAM

6. Deja vu-SFGAM

7. T2-SFKK

8. American Eagle(red)-SFGAM

9. Boss-SFSTL

10.Screamin Eagle-SFSTL


Just missed:




Half Pipe-SFEG

Zeus-Mt. Olympus

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Recently adjusted by some new park visits...


1. El Toro - SFGAdv


3. Thunderhead - DW

4. Nitro - SFGAdv

5. The Raven - HW

6. Boulder Dash - LC

7. The Voyage - HW

8. SheiKra - BGA

9. Phoenix - Knoebels

10. Phantom's Revenge - KW


On the cusp...

Viper - SFGAm

Apollo's Chariot - BGE

Storm Runner - HP



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This is my list from Aug. 2006.. So its a bit outdated... I re-rank at the end of the summer.. So yeah...


1. Boulder Dash

2. Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain

3. Avalanche

4. Thundercoaster

5. Cornball Express

6. El Toro

7. J2

8. Ozark Wildcat

9. Comet - Great Escape

10. Legend - HW

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My updated lists:


Steel Top 10:



2.Storm Runner



5.Apollo's Chariot


7.Dueling Dragons



10.Top Gun-TJC


Wooden Top 5:


1.El Toro




5.Timber Terror

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Here's my list based on the coaster's I've ridden.


1. Phoenix - so much FUN, which is what a coaster is all about.

2. Apollo's Chariot

3. Cornball Express

4. Mindbender (SFoG)

5. Raven

6. Twister (Knoebels)

7. Legend

8. Great American Scream Machine (SF0G) when I was a kid that lift hill

looked like it was a mile high.

9. Lightning Racer (Hershey Park)

10.The Mummy (Orlando)

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In no order; mainly cause I'm at work and dont feel like it


Voyage (HW)

Millennium Force (CP)

The Boss (SFStL)

Magnum XL200 (CP)

PowderKeg (SDC)

Thunder Run (SFKK, though I hate the park...)

Wicked Twister (CP)

Cornball Express (IB)

Riddlers Revenge (SFMM, hmm..)

Legend (HW)

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My coastercount is at 40 at the moment. Not much, but at the end of the year it'll be at 85. I am sure my top-10 will have changed by then. I used to have a top-5 myself, so I had to make up the other 5 in a few minutes.


1. Expedition GeForce (Holiday Park)

2. Black Mamba (Phantasialand)

3. Goliath (Walibi World)

4. Tonnerre de Zeus (Parc Astérix)

5. Loup-Garou (Walibi Belgium)

6. Robin Hood (Walibi World)

7. Winja’s Fear (Phantasialand)

8. Winja’s Force (Phantasialand)

9. Trace du Hourra (Parc Astérix)

10. Vogel Rok (Efteling)

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1.Incredible hulk (IOA)

2.Nemesis (Alton Towers)

3.The Ultimate (Lightwater Valley)

4.Sheikra (Busch Gardens Tampa)

5.Montu (Busch Gardens Tampa)

6.Dueling Dragons (IOA)

7.Mummy (USF)

8.Magnum Force (Flamingoland RIP)

9.Kraken (Seaworld Orlando)

10.Air (Alton Towers)

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My top 10 coasters for THRILLS


1. Top Thrill Dragster - the ultimate rush

2. Wicked Twister - on a good ride, this can be an insane ride. take it in small doses

3. Millennium Force - insane drop

4. Top Gun: The Jet Coaster - never lets up speed through the inversions

5. Thunderhead - never,ever, ever lets up speed...insane laterals and airtime

6. Flight of Fear - the theme is very intimidating...the ride is awesome

7. BORG: Assimilator - flying around and flipping over is pretty intense

8. Top Gun - fighter pilot speed and laterals!

9. Rock n Roller Coaster - music, theme, coaster

10. Mantis - standing up going through inversions over water

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Well I've got to contribute as well:


1) RoS at SFNE - perfection

2) El Toro - insane ejector air like RoS

3) MF - Great drop - better some days than others

4) Dragster - it's all about the launch

5) Nitro - best B&M imo - great floater air

6) Magnum - last year it was the smoothest it's been in years - nice

7) Volcano - don't know why I like this one so much, but I do

8) Raptor

9) Hulk

10) Boulder Dash

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1 - Millennium Force (CP) - the perfect coaster

2 - Dueling Dragons: Fire (IOA) - wouldn't rate as high without theming & Ice

3 - Dueling Dragons: Ice (IOA) - wouldn't rate as high without theming & Fire

4 - Raging Bull (SFGAm) - overlooked exciting airtime machine

5 - Montu (BGA) - killer layout & mix of elements

6 - Top Thrill Dragster (CP) - for the anticipation & rush

7 - Magnum XL-200 (CP) - still the best bunny hill air

8 - Mr. Freeze (SFStL) - an exhilarating launch & inside top-hat

9 - Kumba (BGA) - would be even better if the corkscrews weren't so fast

10 - Flight of Fear (KI) - disorienting inversions in pitch black darkness


Wow. I just realized that there are no woodies in my top 10. Throw Kentucky Rumbler (BBP) in as a tie for #10.

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1. Yankee Cannonball

2. APollo's Chaariot

3. Loch Ness Monster

4. Speed Loop- Funderland Dublin

5. Thunderbolt-SFNE

6. Big Bad Wolf

7. Wild Mouse- Funderland Fair

8. Polar Coaster (Hey, I havn't been on thar many coasters.

9. Gold Mine- Funderland Fair (I included this because I took my camera on it!)

10. Canobie CorkSCREW.


Lol, that list has changed as of today, and I just realized I forgot the Galaxi at Palace Playland on that list:


1. Excalibur at Funtown Splashtown Maine

2. Yankee Cannonball

3. Apollo's Chariot

4. LNM

5. Speed Loop

5 (Tied). Tunderbolt at SFNE

7. Big Bad Wolf

8. Galaxi at Funtown

9. Galaxi at Playland

10. Wild Mouse at Funderland Fair


My list now looks more established than ever before!

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1. Montu

2. Incredible Hulk

3. Kumba

3. Dueling Dragons (Fire)

4. Renegade

5. SheiKra

6. Alpengeist

7. Superman - Krypton Coaster

8. Steel Venom (Valleyfair)

9. Dueling Dragon (Ice)

10. Big Bad Wolf

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I dont get around much so all of my coasters are from Southern California.


1. X (SFMM)

2. Tatsu (SFMM)

3. Xcelerator (KBF)

4. California Screamin' (DCA)

5. Ghostrider (KBF)

6. Matterhorn (DL)

7. Riddler's Revenge (SFMM)

8. Scream! (DL)

9. Silver Bullet (KBF)

10. Space Mountain (DL)


Yeah, its pathetic. I hope to get out some more next year to other places (Cedar Point hopefully)

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10.TTD (CP)

9.Xcellerator (knotts) (its longer and more fun)

8. Goliath (SFMM)

7.Ultra Twister (SFAW at SFA I think now in storage)

6.Texas Cyclone (I Miss that ride)

5. hydra (Dorney)

4. Silver Bullet (Knotts)

3. Ghost Rider (Knotts)

2.Montezooma's Revenge (Knotts) ( The best running Schwarzkopf coaster in my oppinion)

1.Millennium Force (CP)

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  • 1 month later...

I haven't been on so many coasters but here we go..


1: Balder, Liseberg

2: Daemonen, Tivoli Gardens

3: Kanonen, Liseberg

4: Lisebergbanan, Liseberg

5: The Scenic Railway, Linnanmäki

6: Jetline, Gröna Lund

7: Kvasten, Gröna Lund

8: The Mack Coaster, Linnanmäki

9: Mine Train Ulven, Bakken

10: Vilda Musen, Gröna Lund (so evil )

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I hav'nt been on that many coasters yet but anyways after my Spain trip last week here is my new one.


1. Dragon Khan, Port Aventura

2. Furius Baco, Port Aventura

3. Batman: La Fuga, Parque Warner Madrid

4. Nemesis, Alton Towers

5. Abismo, Parque de Atracciones de Madrid

6. Superman (floorless), Parque Warner Madrid

7. Stuntfall, Parque Warner Madrid

8. Rita, Alton Towers

9. Oblivion, Alton Towers

10. I really dont know, it's between AIR and Tornado. I will say Tornado, Parque de Atracciones de Madrid.

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My new list:


1. El Toro-The airtime is simply amazing, and it is even better right before the park closes when it is completely dark out


2. Avalanche-This is an awesome compact wooden coaster, and there are never any lines


3. Chang-An awesome stand-up with some great elements


4. Nitro-Another great B&M with good airtime on all the hills


5. Kingda Ka-The launch on this coaster is amazing, but it is way too short of a ride.(I only like it this much because there was no wait when I went)


6. Viper-A great wooden coaster, and every hill has great airtime


7. Cyclone(Lakeside)-an excellent wooden coaster, and the first drop has some of the best airtime on any of the coasters I've ridden.


8. Raging Bull-A decent hyper, but there isn't much air time due to trim brakes.


9. Deja vu- This is a great inverted coasters, and it is one of the few coasters that still scares me.


10 T2-I actually like this coaster even though many hate it. When I rode it, it was my first (and only still) SLC, it had some good elements, and it was smooth.

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