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All you need is a bottle of bourbon and a good printer.


So I hear.


Makes sense for practice. If you're basically slobbering all over the page, your "girlfriend's" face will magically disappear, therefore giving you your very first sense of loss and rejection.


...And if you're that broken up about it, toss 'er in the shredder. Win-win!

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With a woman?


TPR Spain Trip.


Lmao at Jon..


When I was 15.


Yeah Hi, it wasn't a j0ke... just wait...


Was it good for you, baby? I felt the sparks!



oh honey you know it.

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Mine was when I went to SFGAm during 8th grade and me and my girlfriend, at the time, made out on American Eagles Lift during sunset. And let me tell you making out in 8th grade vs High School is TOTALY different.

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In middle school, relationships are nothing. They are more like "I like you a lot..but not sexually". And in high school, you go for who you think is hot over personality. And be honest, sex comes first to personality for many guys. So kissing/making out is different when you focus on sex appeal vs just liking someone.


In middle school you kiss because you feel like you have to. In High School and when your older, its more because you love each other so much. And for many guys...want to get rid of there "v-card" 8)

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In High School, its more because you love each other so much.


...Because the plethora of one-week-or-less relationships that seem to plague high school involves declaring undying love.


Seriously... I've said from the start that a lot of HS relationships (well, locally at least) don't last longer than 2 months, max. So far I've witnessed only one exception, and they've been going out since Grade 7 (now 4 years) anyway.


...And call me cynical, but unless they both stay home, those that DO make it would probably be separated when college/university rolls around, anyway.

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Mine was on my 20th birthday with a man I'd been in a long distance relationship with for about two months at that point. We both knew that the relationship wasn't working, but we ended up spending the entire night together just talking, laughing, crying...and when he had to leave, I asked if I could kiss him. It was a great moment, even if it was in the middle of some pretty heavy emotional stuff.



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Mine was when I was 12. It was unbelievably romantic...


(Insert loud school bus noises, in a cold school bus coming home from a swim meet, feeling every single bump in the road 'cause school busses don't seem to have suspensions)


Kid: "Hey Scott, truth or dare?"


Me: "Dare"


Kid: "I dare you to kiss Karen"


Me: "Ok"




And that was probably the last time I ever spoke to Karen. Ahhh the one that got away...

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^ Maybe if you stopped wasting your time posting in this thread and actually went out and met girls, you would get what you want.


Just a suggestion (to everyone who has posted they haven't gotten kissed yet).

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Mine was today, it was pretty romantic. This girl Ive had a crush on since like 2nd grade, and we hadnt seen each other since 4th grade, I was just talking to her, and we were like the "best friend" couple, but we were just discussing things, and she just came up to me grabbed my face, and kissed me for what seemed like a minute or so, it was pretty nice, and now I can say I had my "real" first kiss!

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