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The First Kiss


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My first kiss was a funny story but won’t go in to depth about it. It was at a wedding and was with a girl that I had only just met, and we had been drinking some sort of cocktail alcoholic drink, but at the time we didn’t know they were alcoholic. We did a while after when the world was spinning and I had my mum telling me of, but they were giving them out and I didn’t know they were alcoholic, so what was I meant to do!! Lol.


Anyway, I think I was 13, but I have never seen the girl since which is a bit sad. Would love to see here again.

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I was 12 when I had my first kiss.


I was going out with this girl for a while, we were with her cousin when she was babysitting and we like, went upstairs and starting making out... it was nice.


Unfortunatly, she always flirted with my best friend and then dumped me and went out with my best friend in the same day, funny because my best friend was going out with her cousin... wierd, I heard she cheated on me but I don't care.


I don't talk to her anymore, but I'm very good friends with her cousin.


So that's my first kiss story.. like my real first kiss, I had 'other' kisses before but I don't really remember.

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With a girl: 18 after I graduated and I hung out with this girl that summer. Didn't do it for me.


With a guy: 20 in my dorm room. Still didn't do much for me.


First kiss I liked: 21 with a male stripper that thought I was really cute.


Ok, that did it. The story goes straight to the gutter after that.



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First Kiss......late last year On the bus on our way to bakersfield for a Trade fair thing. It was some girl I realy liked, she liked me, but nothing ever happened after that.


First French Kiss was on the bus to Gradnight to Disneyland with my Girlfriend.


I guess I have some good luck on busses..

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