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My first TR - Hope you enjoy the read. Some PICS at the end....


My 5 year old daughter decided she wanted to spend her birthday at Marineland (we were supposed to be in WDW, but a vehicle breakdown forced us to stay home in Canada). It was a very hot day and it reached 38 degrees (100 F)! The park was hot, the parking lot was full, but it was surprisingly not that busy inside the park.


We started off in the kids section. While my 2 year old daugher and wife rode the viking carousel, the birthday girl and I rode the Orca Screamer. It was a fun ride with some surprising speed (especially for a mini drop tower). After that, we went over to the ladybug coaster.


This was the first rollercoaster for the birthday girl (3 years ago) and it was her 2 year old sister's first credit! She loved it! However, the ride op needed a bit more training. They were letting the coaster do 4 laps each time, but while we were waiting, she let it stop halfway up the lift hill 3 times (giving extra rides until she could park the train in the station). But all in all, the kids loved it. We did a few other kids rides before heading to see the whales. On the ferris wheel - they were using a super soaker to spray people as they wheel turned! It was a bit annoying at first, but welcomed considering the heat!


Friendship Cove and Arctic cove were great! The kids loved being able to see the whales up close! It was also nice to cool off in the underwater viewing area.


We then headed towards the back of the park. I went to ride Dragon Mountain, but the ride op made me leave. Long story short - the gates were closing as I was going through so I jumped over it to prevent being stuck half way through. I sat in the train and they made me leave because I was "Line-jumping" I know they were just doing their job, but they wouldn't even listen to my side of the story (about avoiding being crushed by their gate as they closed them without looking). So instead of going all the way around as they told me to, I chose not to wait (yes, there was a wait and a very slow one train operation) and just left. I'll ride it another day. On my way out though I did notice their Topple Tower was testing! It is supposed to open in 2 weeks! - They still have a fair bit of work to do, but it is looking okay so far.


Finally, we bypassed Sky Screamer (the hill is just a pain) and went to the front of the park to see the Sea Lion and Dolphin show. It was not as cheesy as it was in the past and the kids loved it. We then left and headed towards home. In total, 5 hours in the park and a the family had a lot of fun. Thanks for reading and here are the PICS!!


The new Topple Tower Testing!


"Ain't my pretzel pretty?" Asked the mountain.


A menacing entrance for a not-to-be-ridden-today coaster


Oh, Hello there - I'm a big bad beluga!


The two year old and Daddy on Skyhawk


The birthday girl and Daddy on Skyhawk


Another Whale


Have to see the whales of course

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So it was your turn to get on Dragon Mountain, but because you had to hop over the gate they made you leave? How is it line jumping if it was your turn?


Nice little TR anyways.




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The people in front of me were waiting, so they let me pass. So no, I don't think it was line jumping as it was my turn. But I also wasn't going to argue with the OP, that wouldn't have accomplished anything...

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The people in front of me were waiting, so they let me pass. So no, I don't think it was line jumping as it was my turn. But I also wasn't going to argue with the OP, that wouldn't have accomplished anything...



Wow that would of really pissed me off...I probably would argued until they let me ride or kicked me out of the park. that's total BS but you were there with your kids so in that sitution i'd still be pissed but just deal with it.

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