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Barring any sort of weather-related mishaps, I hope to be at Six Flags America this time tomorrow.


(This may be the first time in history anyone has ever uttered that particular sentence.)


Same here . . . . .

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Disneyland Paris in September. Maaaaaaaaaybe Tusenfryd a couple of days before, but given my experience at the park last year and the year before I'm in no hurry to go back...

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Unless plans drastically change, it's looking like the family and I will be at Hersheypark on the 9th and 10th for the big kiddo's sixth birthday, and then the weekend after that we all MAY also be going to Kennywood. Emphasis on may. It depends on a lot of factors. Namely whether or not our two-year-old can survive a road trip more than double the length of the Hershey one.

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Hopefully Kings Island during Halloween Haunt, Friday/Saturday. Night rides on the Beast and Mystic Timbers! Sadly a bunch of clones there too, but clones I can tolerate, and they'll get me to a final total of over 140 credits, so I can celebrate credit 150 at Cedar Point next year.

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Rest of the year looks like:




Knoebels is absolutely a park worth traveling 1,000 miles to get to. Get Bill to kidnap you for a weekend and go ride the hell out of everything. Every ride there is awesome. Every single ride.

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