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What is your next park?

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This coming weekend is the last operating weekend for a bunch of parks, so where is everyone going?


I'm hoping to get over for some last rides on El Toro, looking like Sunday if its not super rainy.

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Most likely will be SFGAdv for Holiday in the Park. Wish I could make it out there this weekend to do the stuff on the west side of the park, but have a wedding to hit on Saturday, and the NYC marathon is on Sunday which means escaping the city is going to be nigh-on impossible. So I'll just have to make do with Nitro and whatever else is open during HITP.

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My next park will either be Cedar Point or Kentucky Kingdom in June 2016. I try to visit parks that are below the 9 hour driving range at this moment as I enjoy driving places. So far I have visited Kings Island (July 2014), Dorney Park (June 2015) and my home park Canada's Wonderland I have been visiting since 2009. So, if anyone has any suggestions for which parks I could/ should visit, that would be greatly appreciated!

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Not sure.


Time will tell.


But definitely nothing until well into next year.


Maybe even past the summer time.




Wait. There is Coaster at Playland in May, but next new coaster may be a while.

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