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Photo TR: Paranormal ship walk on the Queen Mary

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I took the following picture and overexposed it and brightened it up. Can anyone else see the two figures standing side by side looking over the fence of the pool? (In the right of the picture).



I noticed the one in the white in the normal pic, and I just thought to myself that it was a tour person...but WHOA that is so creepy..



This photo trip report really gave me chills...


And that stall photo creeps me out with the dark figure at the end of the hall...

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I went there about a year or two ago. I took both of the tours the special effects and normal I liked the normal one more but did you have to watch that guy on the tv's. I thought that was kinda dumb lol. But yeah it had just a freaky vibe there I took pictures but I don't think I caught anything on camera. I never did look at the pictures closely ill have to find them. Nice pictures that one guy looked freaky. It also looks like they extended the pool part because we didn't get to go into the changing rooms.

Nice Pictures


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^ I really don't think those other three people would sit and look over the edge of the pool knowing there was a ghost behind them. Instead they would of looked around the corner to get their money's worth.


Other then that, it's something I would definitely check out if it was closer.


If your ever in Philadelphia come check out the Eastern State Penitentiary for some orbs.

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Ghosts aren't real FYI


I'd like to see you prove that... I've had run-ins whith ghosts and evil spirits and will do again (love the Ouijaboard parties), so, as someone who has experienced evil forces first hand, I'd love to see you persuade me into thinking it's all part of my mind.



*edit* it's a shame the two leaning over the bannister at the pool weren't ghosts, that would've been insanely scary!!! *shivers*

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Wes really hits the "nail on the head" with this one. His awesome MP drawings are very accurate, crude, but accurate. Im going to have to side with Wes on this one, due to the fact that there are other people from the tour not more then 3 feet away from where this "spirit" is. Why is it that they didnt see him standing there too?


Although I would never question Jon, The picture is just a little "unbelieveable" to me. But Jon is 100 percent right when he says the the Queen Mary has a credible history and IS one of the most haunted places you can ever visit.


Jon, I would suggest you submit your photographs to some websites and see what they have to say about your encounter...

Or just get some second opinions, from "credible" ghost investigators.


Also, im not sure if any of you have ever watched the show "TAPS"before. But i do believe they did a special on the Queen Mary, and turned up many results. One of which being water footprints coming out of any emtpy pool....

Or was it "Most Haunted'? Pah, its all the same.


Anyways... END RANT



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At First I Almost Regretted Entering This Tread Cause Gohst Scare Me And One Time I Woke Up In The Middle Of The Night And Their Was This Gohst Over Me That Turned Around And Screamed At Me Like Frenzy From Transformers And Vanished



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The dude's 25 and goes on dates with his exgirlfriend to the queen mary. Do we really need any more information?


Umm...youre an idiot.

So what if he goes and has fun with his Ex-Girlfriend... Whats it to you bud?

Jons a cool dude, you dont even know the guy.

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^ What the hell does me going on a date with my ex have the slightest thing to do with this. You are an idiot, and I highly suggest you contribute something worthwhile to the thread or just shut up cause believe me, someone will ban you for posting s#*t like that. Just a heads up bud, and i can tell by your username, you must be a genius to begin with

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