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I don't believe the location or the park itself had anything to do with its closure. It was all about the financing involved in the daily operation of the park.

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^I do agree that the financing had something to do with it. But IMO, the place itself just wasn't all that great, and it was very expensive. Kids my age kind of felt left out there because there wasn't any big rides. The majority of my friends thought it was a waste of money.

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Here is the buyer's website showing their major rides.


Looks like it is all pretty much carnival rides including the Zyklon Coaster. And they are going to spend about $4.2 million on park improvements which doesn't leave a lot of money left for big attractions. I'm really wondering how this will work out.

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^IDK what's staying, but here is what I can remember that is still ON-SITE (This park is small and there are trees blocking the view of the park from the interstate so its hard to see):


--Prairie Plunge Log Flume

--Wagons Ho Ferris Wheel

--Moser Fiesta Mexicana


--A couple kiddie rides (but I'm not sure about those because they are too small to see)

--And the whole main street is left


Other than that, I'm not sure, but I KNOW that these are gone:


--Crazy Mouse roller coaster

--Moser Sidewinder

--Kanza Kanoe

--Larson Scooters

--El Toro/Diablo

--Bronco Buster kiddie coaster


--Train (I'm not sure about the tracks but I know the actual "train" is gone)


I know all of these are gone, but IDK how many are still left besides the ones above.

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Wild West World is mighty may sold to the Murphy Bros?


I guess they keep the Log Flume, Condor, Track without Train, Ferris Wheel, Canoe, Etc?


Cowboy County Himalaya (Musik Express) is sold to Seabreeze, Sidewinder is sold to Wild Adventure as Rattler.


Flying Scooter, Fiesta Mexicana, Rodeo Trail, Kiddie Train and more are sold to the Forest at Granite Park in Fresno and here my photo www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=42528


I guess the Crazy Mouse maybe sold to Granite Park or somewhere? they i read on fresno news about the three roller coasters, one lightning bolt and other two more that I think maybe the crazy mouse or not?


Bronco Buster, Wave Swinger, Tornado, Bumper Cars, Flipped Arm, Tea Cups, and children rides are sell to somewhere?


Prairie Plunge Log Flume not going to Granite Park. They already have Over the Edge Log Flume was from MGM Grand Adventure.

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The strange tale of Wild West World has taken another interesting twist today.


The Park City Council approved a letter of intent for $5 million in Industrial Revenue Bonds for local businessman Wink Hartman. The Council took the action because the company that bought the failed theme park, Murphy Brothers of Tulsa, has not closed on the deal.


The Industrial Revenue Bonds would go for unspecified development at the park site near I-135 and 77th Street North. Hartman has not talked about his plan for the property.


Wild West World closed in July, 2007 after two months in business. Park owner Tom Etheredge said weather was a major factor in the park's closing.


I'm so confused. I don't even know what's going on anymore.


Here's the same article from another local news station:


PARK CITY, Kansas, June 4, 2008 -- An offer approved by a bankruptcy judge appears to have fallen though and now Wild West World may have a new owner.


The Park City Council voted unanimously to issue up to $5 million in industrial revenue bonds to Wichita businessman Wink Hartman so he can buy Wild West World. The earlier deal with Murphy Brothers had a closing deadline of Wednesday. That deal fell through so Hartman put in his bid at the final hour.


“We want that property developed for something we don't want it to just sit there, it's not in very good shape now and it's not getting better, “ said Park City Mayor Dee Stuart. “That's a big goal to develop that property in some way.”


The council says that at this time, Hartman does not have any plans on what he will do with the land.

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WICHITA, Kansas, June 18, 2008 – The chance of Park City getting a casino took a big step forward Wednesday morning as a result of a bid-off for Wild West World.


As expected, AHG, a multi-billion dollar real estate investment company out of Florida, won the right to purchase Wild West World by offering $2.15 million at Wednesday morning’s bid-off in downtown Wichita.


An AHG representative told KSN there will be no problem closing the deal on or before June 30th as ordered by the judge. They also said AHG would like to get Wild West World operating as an amusement park as soon as possible. But the question on most people’s minds is the possibility of a casino.


AHG has done casino deals in the past with the Wyandotte Tribe, including the tribe’s Kansas City casino. And given that the tribe owns 10 acres right next to Wild West World, and have already actively looked into using the land for a casino, it would seem to be a likely possibility.


"If that's what the market data and the support generates from Park City and the public officials, certainly we could take a look at that,” said Doug Spangler with AGH Development.


Park City Mayor Dee Stuart was elated after the bid-off as she has been very active in trying to get gaming into her city.


I really don't know anything about AHG. Who knows what they're like?

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Sorry about the quadruple posting



The deal is done. As of Monday morning, Wild West World has a new owner.

AHG Development out of Florida bought the park for $2.15 million. If all goes well, owners feel the concert hall should be ready for business by this fall. The rest of the park could be fully operational by the spring of 2009.

"We believe we can attract an operator that can be successful long term and make something that the entire Sedgwick County can be proud of," said AHG Development representative Doug Spangler.

The biggest issue will be cleaning up the park and getting it ready for visitors again.

"The buildings are in very good condition," said Park City Mayor Dee Stuart. "I was afraid we'd see broken windows and graffiti, but it looks good."

Stuart feels once the amusement park returns it should attract more businesses to the area. There's also talk of future gaming at the site.

"We'll wait on that one," Spangler said. "There are a lot of barriers in that line."

For now, owners will just focus on reopening the park.


I really don't know what to think about AHG. I have never heard of them. My dad said that they have amusement park connections. Does anyone know anything about this?

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This story has more twists and turns than a rattle snake tied in a grannie knot.


So to sum up, AHG, known for Casinos, has bought the land, but hasn't given much if any plan other than cleaning up what's on site and putting up a few carnival rides to start. Is this correct?


I get th feeling a resort casino could be the focus with a small park as a bonus. They might see how well the park draws, and, if it proves worthwhile, expand from there. If they follow suit, an indoor waterpark might be in the plans.


Note: This is pure conjecture. There are no announcements or even rumors to back up my guesses. Just musing here.

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^That's pretty much it. Sounds like a redneck magnet to me - a big casino, a western theatre, and a craptacular collection of death trap rides. If murphy's rides fare as well in the new 'park' as they did at the Tulsa State Fair last year, this will put those parks in egypt to shame in the 'how can this place still be open?' category.

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