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Hey guys. I always have trouble with RCT2 because I start these huge projects that I never finish. I just started a park that I will focus all my RCT efforts on from now on, because I think I finally got the right combination of scenery and rides that I want.




This park will be divided into 6 themed areas:


1. Midway

2. Splash Acres (Water Park)

3. Ancient Greece (I can't wait to start working on this part, I've got some cool ideas)

4. Western town

5. Kiddy park

6. Jungle themed area



I have started working on the midway and water park. Rides so far:



- Double deck carousel

- Wave swinger

- Dark ride

- Wild mouse coaster

- Wood coaster

- Chairlift

- Old fashioned cars

- Tilt a whirl


Water park:

- 2 water slides

- Splash boats


And some pics.


Hideous entrance building of doom... this will be changed


The park's first coaster, Flyer. The queue is always full. Exciting ride, or poor capacity? You decide.


Here is the park's first woodie, Dipper.




I like the building I made for the tilt a whirl.


Here's the first major ride in the water park, Splashdown.


Nautical themed food court.


I squeezed in a dark ride next to Dipper, called Blaster. It's supposed to be a shooting dark ride.


Comments? Suggestions? I know most of it sucks right now, lol. And I know there's not a lot of scenery, I'm focusing on putting in lots of rides to build up cash.

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I've been making parks since good old RCT1 came out.


And yeah, that skyride has been giving me a lot of problems.


I worked on the park a little more today, but I forgot to take screenshots and I'm too darn lazy to go turn the other computer on again. I did add a lot more scenery though... and the park is no longer owned by Cedar Fair (I added a few trees).

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I did more work on the park yesterday, adding rides and a bit of landscaping throughout the park.


The water park is now home to a swimming pool.


As well as a shoot-the-chutes style coaster (the train is in the water splash, you can't see it).


Here's the old fashioned car ride in the midway area.


I did a little landscaping around Splashdown.


And put in another new food court.


The peeps did NOT like my shoot-the-chutes, so I decided to modify it a bit!


That's better.


I added a small rapids ride behind Twister, one of the slides.


And changed the skyride stations. I didn't know I could make a station that's just four tiles and it would hold all 22 cars! Whoops! lol.


A hint of what's to come in Ancient Greece...


Rides I've added:


Water Park

Swimming Pool

Rapids Ride

Shoot-the-Chutes water coaster


Ancient Greece

The Furies (3-track dueling/racing coaster)

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I've been making parks since good old RCT1 came out.


I remember how I started crying because I thought I wouldn't be allowed to play the game since people threw up in it. Of course I got to play it then.


I like the theming on the car ride! This park is coming along nicely and I can't wait for Ancient Greece to open.

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Wow, I can't wait to next update - want to see how those or this coaster in the Ancient Greece looks like. From what I can see now, it'll be an amazing coaster

And Shoot-the-Chutes looks like a small and fun family ride, but I noticed something:


I think you should put some wooden supports in there - it's a bit unrealistic that it's carrying its own weight - it looks like it's "flying"

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^^^Yeah, I thought about that, but then I wouldn't be able to get it back to the station as quickly. I'll play around with it a little. The peeps still don't like it all that much.


^LOL! That seriously made me laugh! I didn't notice that before! I will definitely fix that!


Thanks for the comments and suggestions, everybody!

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^^I made the center station two squares longer than the two outside ones, on the back end. The front of all three stations line up. Then, I just put the entrance and exit for the center coaster on that last square. The two outside coasters turn right into the station.


I think the coaster is pretty ugly, actually. It's just one big mess of track. But it's really fun to watch the trains interact!

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