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Video & Photo TR - Wes 2.0 does Kings Dominion 7/4

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If you would like to check out all 88 photos in full resolution, visit my photo album.


On July 4, the Whootah.com crew and I headed out for a spur of the moment trip to Kings Dominion! The crowds were very light and the humidity and heat weren't too bad for July in the South!


I have a Maxx Pass so my admission was free (and if you have a Carowinds Maxx Pass you just go straight up to the ticket takers and they scan your pass!) They didn't do that at CP or GL.


Anyway...this was my first trip back to the park since 2005, oh and something about a sale of the park? Anyone know about that?


Ah well...off we go!


The next day....at the North Carolina rest stop...Uh, I think you need an updated Carowinds pic peeps! That's all folks. Hope you enjoyed it. Have a fun and safe summer!


Thanks Kings Dominion for an awesome day! Get a few signs updated and the place will look ok! ;)


Look at my face! That says it all! Worst brakes ever! They used to not be this bad. Photo by: www.whootah.com


We also did Ricohet...and the brakes are like on MASSIVE PAINFUL now....just wait....


This picture has not been changed in any way. The final room really is that crooked! I walked staight into a wall the first time through (we did it twice).


Bear Right...*snickers*


Which way do we go?


Treasure Cave credit ahead! I had never been to this before and the guys showed me the ropes. This is fun, wacked out 70s fun house craziness at its best!


:( :( :( Flight of Fear came up late, but seemingly with only one train. So the line wasn't even moving and we had limited time...no ride this time. :(


Boo! I have only been able to snap the ones at Carowinds...I know Ted, I'm a snapping wimp...yada yada.


Oooh. Pscyhedelic man!


Ahh! Refreshing!


Hello Wes...I am the lonely yellow train. Thank you for taking time to take my picture. Nobody likes me today. *sigh*


Grizzly is still a favorite woodie of mine...still #9 on my list. I think it's supposed to be a copy of the Coney Island Wildcat...I would love to have ridden the original!


Again...huge lines.


Time for my favorite woodie in the park...Grizzly! Alan, we just can't take you anywhere.


Hyper Pain XLC was running most of the day, but as this ride is brutal to me...I skipped it. I hope you get sold oh painful one!


I'm not saying it...I'm not saying it...


Alan and I hit the front row! You can see that I look thrilled. Actually I always seem to look bored on any ride for some reason. Photo by: www.whootah.com


John: Now how do I lock this seat belt thingy? -- KD Crew Guy: Would you like that stappled or stappled so much you'll never have children?


You can see that Hurler had a HUGE wait.


Now THAT's a great place to stop the train and check the restraints!


Alan stop doing the Mr. Six dance...it's just Hurler!


In this exclusive expose, we take you behind the scenes to see where amusement park prizes go to die!


Alan loved his ride so much he broke out into the Wave!!! Our 1 ride on Rebel Yell was actually good! I rode forward and it had a bit of airtime! *shock*


Carowinds take note - This is what is called "Racing a racing coaster"! It's awesome. You should try it!


Probably how dirty her train is! Nice to see them taking care of the trains.


Rebel Yell...what could she be looking at???


Can't pass up any swings...especially when it's a walk on!


Alan has found his true love.


I was right! Anaconda is still head bashing at its "best". I have to ask though...Grizzly is such a better ride, but the park sells Anaconda shirts instead of Grizzly ones! Why!?


I sense great pain nearby.


Alan is either really stoked about his ride experience, or he just sat on a tack.


Whootah! Alan and Phil! Really...go check out www.whootah.com !


I am clearly terrified....Photo by www.whootah.com


Time for my 2nd Italian Job credit. woot.


Oh No!!! UFOs have invaded Smurf Mountain...I mean Volcano!


Uh oh. Maintenance!


Time to feel like cattle and ride Volcano....the queue always reminds me of those ramps they use to herd cattle.


Honestly! The dippin dots guy told me that Carowinds is getting a coaster THIS big next year!


You feeling lucky punk?


Boo! My first ride was today and these things sucked IMO. I couldn't snap them at all. *ducks for fear of comments by the snapping fanboys* AKA Ted...how's it going Ted?


Volcano: The Butter Smooth Intamin Coaster!


Well I'm not going on THAT ride. Actually it was running later in the day, but I'm still not too sure on these things yet after what happend at SFKK.


Yours for only $19.99!!! Call now!


EXCLUSIVE SHOT!...uh oh...Maintenance! We got another sign that needs some attention!!!


Yikes! This looks to be a bad day to go...but they hadn't actually opened the gates yet. The crowds were very light (surprisingly).


Strike a pose! Vogue!


Jonathan the point is to spray your FACE not your EYES. ;)


Well well well...another sign to be changed.


Hmmmm... "Paramount's" Kings Dominion??? I thought that place didn't exist anymore.


So we started out early, about 6:00 AM and I had to snap a quick random pic to get started! Carolina Pine...refreshing!

Kings Dominion 07.wmv

The video!

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You gave away the secret of which the Treasure cave strives on, nobody really knows it exists. If too many people do find out about it ... they might actually remove it. It took me two visit to even find it


I know! This was no lie like my 12th visit to the park and I had never seen it!!! Of course it might be due to the fact it's in the kiddie section of the park and since I have no kids, I never go there!


Great Photo TR. I do have to ask, where you guys going all coaster nerd-like in this photo? The reason I ask is, look at the eyes on the girl in the purple shirt behind you. She looks very scared.


Nothing unusual was going on. Ignore what Alan is doing to the camera.


Maybe next time I will show you the ropes.


Ok, you do that. But Kings Island...I mean Carowinds flyers are better. period.

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Okay I don't think I've posted on here in 6 or 7 months, but I have to break my silence to call you out Wesley. See, Kings Dominion's flyers aren't like your beloved Carowinds flyers. Any old Joe can't just get on there and snap them. You've got to have the SKILL. Maybe next time I will show you the ropes.


I also replied to point out that there was an employee counting visitors through the Treasure Cave. We went through twice to add 5 more clicks. I'm a cynic so I can only assume that they are counting visitors and considering taking it out.


This will not stand, this aggression against the Treasure Cave.

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Time to feel like cattle and ride Volcano....the queue always reminds me of those ramps they use to herd cattle.


The Volcano queue kind of smells like that, too. Glad you had a good time. As for the crowds, they were all at Busch Gardems, I think--that place is always a madhouse on the Fourth.


And, hell, I can snap the KD flyers, and I'm not all that skilled. (Of course, the last time I rode them there was a pretty stiff breeze.) I'll check out Carowinds' flyers the next time I'm down there.

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Kings Dominion has a fun house? Crud. Now I have to go back.


Yeah, you would never see it if you weren't in the kiddie section looking for it.


It's kinda towards the front of the park, on the right when you first go by that Nickelodeon splash section.


It's cheesy and out of date theming wise, but it's fun and cooky!

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Kings Dominion has a fun house? Crud. Now I have to go back.


It's more like a musty hole with random crap in it--but there is the wonderful air conditioning.


And during Fearfest it becomes the . . .


. . . or the Curse of the Misused Apostrophe!

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Kings Dominion has a fun house? Crud. Now I have to go back.


It's more like a musty hole with random crap in it--but there is the wonderful air conditioning.


And during Fearfest it becomes the . . .


Yeah, I can't say I'm overly excited to head back to Kings Dominion. We did all the coasters there. It's kind of like what if Kings Island had slightly better coasters.


But, I try to never miss a dark ride or a fun house. Fun houses, especially, are a sadly rare thing these days.


to someone taking the time to paint a sign without taking the time to check their punctuation.

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Yeah, I can't say I'm overly excited to head back to Kings Dominion. We did all the coasters there. It's kind of like what if Kings Island had slightly better coasters.


What you said here is pretty right. Yeah, Kings Island has still got lots of coasters that will make you feel so fun, such as Flight of Fear, The Beast, Kiddie Suspended, and the rest of these thrills would be Racers, and Vortex. Kings Dominion has got lots of big thrills as well.

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I dunno what it is but Carowinds Hurler is a bit rougher than the one at KD.. I thought that after riding it during the Carowinds staff trip up there. Though Ricochet's brakes to me weren't bad.


And Oddly to explain but I can't ride Drop Zone without getting off laughing...



Grizzly is one woody I liked alot . As for the Flyers ..do NOT get me started KD's SUCK! SO! BAD!.

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Light crowds seem to be a theme this year, at least when I went too. I went on a Sunday in late June, and it was dead. I did every coaster at least once in about 3 hours, and was the only one riding Hurler. Anyway, thanks for the picture TR.

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