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Taiga Park |RCT3| - DOWNLOAD

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Year 1 Construction


More details are beginning to go into the general store.


That should be interesting...


With a new path open you can get a great view of the Taiga Ridge Falls.


I got this shot from Windigo's exit pathway.


The park glows at night with the new lights!


Through the woods...


I received word stating that Ore Cart will most likely not open with the park. They are having serious problems with it now.

More soon.

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Year 1 Construction


The entrance building is nearing completion.


It looks to be pretty big...


Windigo looks stunning from the entrance plaza.


It seems to blend in pretty well with its surroundings.


Here's an overview of the entrance building.


Work has begun on the town at the top landing near Windigo.

More soon.

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Year 1 Construction


Work is coming along nicely on the town square area.


Some of the park offices will be located in that building.


Greenery is now being added.


It's starting to really come to life.


Windigo's 'launch' tunnel is very long.


Work was just completed on Chute de Chute. It's a pretty impressive log flume.


The ride blends in well with the rest of the park.


The drop isn't the largest, but you'll get wet.


Here's a preview of what I'll cover during the next update!

More soon.

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Year 1 Construction


The train has completed. I'm told they might be adding trestles in the near future but not for the grand opening. (the train goes far from the main path so no one would see them anyway).


It's a long ride but you get a scenic view of the surrounding land.


The ride takes you over a river numerous times.


You also go through several long tunnels.


What a sight...


Back in 'town', is the station.


While it might not be much, it gets the job done.

More soon.

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Year 1 Construction


I think dusk at the park is the best time of the day.


The cool mountain breeze comes down and you really get a whole different feel for the park.


The town square area is coming along greatly.


Work is still going on in the Discovery Store.


They will be selling products related to mostly the Taiga biome.


The interior is NOT done.


But it's slowly getting there.


Hopefully they will have more completed in the next update.


A snack bar has been added right outside of the store.


Windigo, trying to show itself as always.


One last look at the town square.

More soon.

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Year 1 Construction


The town square area was completed as of yesterday.


It's the first real park area you'll come to after making the hike up the hill.


In it, you'll find Windigo, Ore Cart, several shops including the Discovery Store, and many eateries.


The Warehouse is a steakhouse restaurant that is right on the banks of the lake.


Inside, you'll find an animal-themed restaurant with good ole' Canadian cooking.


Right across the street you'll find the Discovery Store.


Good news - Ore Cart will be opening with the park!


This is great news.


Next update, you'll see the progress being made on the entrance plaza. This waterfall adds a great backdrop to the plaza along with Windigo.


Favorite shot of Windigo...


More soon.

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Year 1 Construction


We're closer than ever to the grand opening of the park!


The newest ride to be completed, Mining Expedition will take riders back into the caverns of the Canadian mountains.


This, like Ore Cart, was one of the attractions at the park that was here long before we came along.


The ride has had to undergo extensive testing to make sure it was safe to ride again.


The town square - soon to be the center of the park.


"Pay-per-spray" devices have been added near Chute de Chute.


Nice shot of the river from Town Square.


Windigo is still in testing stages, but it is almost done. It will without a doubt open for grand opening.


Several bathrooms have been added around the park.


The final ride to be added for the Year 1 lineup is The Timbermine.


While it is somewhat short, the ride's cables pull you down faster than gravity does - it's gonna be fun.


Yeah, it's shorter than most drop towers, but you go all the way from the top to the bottom.


The queue is back there somewhere...

More soon.

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Year 1 - Grand Opening


Today is the big day! Soon crowds will be pouring in. And by the number of tickets we've sold so far, it's gonna be packed.


We're rushing to get some last-minute details added.


All eight rides will be operating.


The SkyWay was the last ride to be added.


The final touches are still being made... we only have two hours!


Soon this will be packed with (hopefully) happy people.


The walkway to the entrance gates has several seating areas.


It's a long walk, but there will be alot of stuff to look at along the way. We will eventually add a tram that will take guests right to the front gates.


A sandwhich stand has been added right at the front for those of you who are hungry as soon as you arrive.


The Olde Canteen is the first major store you'll come to in the entrance plaza.


Guest services, a juice bar, and tables can be found in this building.


The park opens in an hour!

More soon.

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