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Has a waterslide ever scared you?

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I think I would have to say, waiting in line for my first time on Summit Plummit at Blizzard Beach, I was 12 and terrified. It really wasn't that bad, everything except for the f**king atomic wedgie at the end, that sucked.


Oh, and waterslides with tight enclosures - I'm somewhat claustrophobic and the thought of getting stuck in a waterslide (like during and earthquake or something) FREAKS me out!


Has a waterslide ever scared you? Tell.




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I got somewhat terrified on a waterslide 3 years ago. We all took a trip up to WaterWorld Concord and I was a bit unsure of riding Cliffhanger, their speed slides. The slide has a long enclosed straightaway before it's open sudden drop. I finally got the guts to go on it. As I start my off, everything's going good. Now, normally I do not swear but this ride got it out of me. I'm cruising along the straightaway like nothing's happening and suddenly, I see daylight as everything seemed to drop out from under me. First words out of my mouth: "Oh Sh*t!!!" Some friends heard me echo back through the tube as though I was right next to them saying it. It really wasn't all that scary other than the fact that nothing's holding you down other than gravity. Yes, I got off with a decent wedgie and a stinging back.


Second one, not really scared but was really intense, try riding a double tube slide with a 300 pound person. We were flying down that thing having some major wall time and airtime. We hit the pool going much faster than the tube would have allowed us to go. Pretty much, we hit the pool without the tube and he landed on top of me as I'm stuck under water...that sucked.


I'm really a bit unsure of those enclosed body slides because of my body size and how narrow those tubes are. It's not like I"m overweight but it doesn't look like it's the right size for an adult's bodysize. I'll stick with the innertube enclosed slides...atleast there's space.

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I don't know if it is still there but Wet N Wild in Orlando had those really high steep speed slides and on one side you got in a chamber and it had a trapdoor rather than just sitting on the edge and going over. That was quite nerve racking but at least I didn't have to line up because not many were game.

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At Adventure River (then Wild Water and Wheels) one year they added a water tank to the top of one of the tube slides. It was about the size of an 50-80 gallon water heater w/ transparent plastic. About 5 seconds or so after you started down the slide, the life guard would push a floor pedal releasing the water behind you. This usually caught up with your tube around halfway through the slide where there was a drop, two 90 degree turns, and another drop followed immediatly by another 90 degree turn. There were many times that after hitting the second drop I would find parts of my body ending up outside the slide, or having the tube flip. I was probably 8-11 during the years they used it, and it scared the crap out of me. I wouldn't go down unless they promised not to release the water, or release it as I was taking off....there were a few times they did it anyway.

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Kilimanjaro and Thunder Bay


click to watch a video of Thunder Bay. Watch on the left side wall in the pool and you will really see how big the wave is.



Thunder Bay is 84 feet across at the deep end, and it is more than 400 feet long. Overall, the pool holds about 2 million gallons of water, and the wave itself is 90,000 gallons.


Kilimanjaro on left

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If you ask me, Speed slides scared me the most. Then again, so do drop slides.


Drop slides are those slides that blast you out into a pool thats 20 ft. deep and you fall out from the slide from 10 ft. in the air. Slide isn't scary, the landing part is... you get that "I've been kicked in the nuts!" feeling.

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Liquidator at Wild Rivers (now closed) scared the sh*t out of me mostly because it was dark and the slide was very narrow which made it humid in the slide to the point where you can't breathe. I sighed in relief after the ride that I didn't sufficate. BTW, does anyone know the reason behind the closing of Liquidator? I'm pretty sure it's from complaints on how hard it is to breathe in the slide but whatever.


I actually like speed slides. I went on the one at Raging Waters 7 times in a row but the wedgie factor was very high.

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The looping waterslide at Action Park, now Mountain Creek in Vernon, NJ ... I was like .. HELL NO!


Pics. Please!

I doubt the slide really has a loop. That's just crazy, and it sounds pretty dangerous.


At Nashville Shores, my home water park, I was extremely freaked out by Tsunami, the 50-ft. tall half pipe slide. The fist time I rode it, the person operating it told me I had to push my own raft off the edge of the drop, which really scared me. I went over the huge drop, which was around 70 degrees, and I thought I was about to die. Once I got up on the slope on the other side, it wasn't so bad. My first ride on the Tsunami got me to start riding roller coasters. I have been on that slide more times than I can count, though the first ride of the day still makes me slightly nervous.

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Definitely The Bomb Bay at Wet´n Wild scared me so much. I was 14, and my uncle said: "Come on, don´t be a frog!" I was so scared, but I rode it, and liked it.


Ranked as Florida's greatest thrill ride in Orlando Magazine, the Bomb Bay is designed to operate like the area in the fuselage of a military plane from which bombs are dropped. Enter a bomb-like capsule and feel the floor drop from beneath you as you take a heart-stopping plunge down a 76-foot high, nearly vertical slide.



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I have to go with Summet Plummet. When I was at the bottom, I said no problem. I got to the top, and I though : "Holy S**t. Why the hell am I up here?"

I was sitting there, on the slide, and I just said: "What the heck, I love getting the S**t scared out of me!" So I just did it. I am glad. After, I went on it 3 times. I loved it. But the downside is the mega wedgy. When I came of, I was embarresed because I was fixing it. But I realized I wasnt the only one. Summit Plummet is the best slide ever.


But have you noticed, that when you are scared to do something, you do it, but you love it? That always happens. But the scary thing is that you dont think you are going to make it through the gap. And when you are watching it while you are going up the steps, the part were you come out is extremely small. I always wonder: "How the heck do you fit through that!?!"

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